I welcome all non-spam commenters (yes, even C*bs fans), even people who disagree with my opinions (yes, I AM a female and surrrrrrrrre my Husband will also be allowed to disagree any time he wants to.) However, I do insist on people using good manners at all times, even when discussing Ed Wade’s latest fit of throwing grotesquely outsized wads of dough at some crappy middle reliever like groupies threw themselves at Tiger Woods. Or did Tiger Woods throw himself at groupies? I get confused there.

Anyway, I won’t allow bad language or gross rudeness, either to myself or another commenter, and absolutely positively NO libel (meaning you can say – “I hate Ed Wade” or “Ed Wade sucks” or “Ed Wade is a lousy GM” but you can’t say Ed Wade commits felony X – or something like that.) NO using a Public Person’s name to post (meaning it is ok to use Edd Waydde as a pen name, not “Ed Wade.”) Also, no politics. I will delete any inappropriate part of any comment, and write an email to the writer. If the writer has an invalid email, I will post a comment about any deletions after the offending post, and if that writer again posts an inappropriate post after a warning, I will block his/her IPA. Basically, the exact same rules I had at MVN, and in those 5 1/2 years, I only had to block 2 commenters.

You can email me if you wish: mslisagray at yahoo dot com