Lou Santangelo Is Dumb And Dumbasser

Well, the Astros Organization now has an identified steroid user, Lou Santangelo of the AA Corpus Christi Hooks, who flunked a drug test.

What a maroon. What a total maroon – the minors are a lot tougher with the tests than the majors. How could you really think it is safe to shoot up?

And as for – well, look at the numbers!!! let’s see here – how much did steroids help his career?
Ol Dumbass was drafted in the 4th round in 04 from Seton Hall (as Biggio, another catcher, was) and started in the Sally League on 04. Here are his numbers: (stats from thebaseballcube.com and milb.com)

04 (NYPL A-):33/164: 21 BB: 5 2B, 2 3B, 6 HR, 58 K, 2 SB, 1 CS in 47 games – .201 BA, .366 SLG, .665 OPS
05 (A) 64/239: 24 BB: 14 2B, 2 3B, 14 HR, 86 K, 4 SB, 3 CS in 70 games – .268 BA, .336 OBP, .519 SLG, .855 OPS (and note he strikes out around one of every 3 AB) also in the field, he had 12 errors and 9 PB
06 (A+) 86/357 + 36 BB: 19 2B, 5 3B, 18 HR, 112 K, 0 SB, 4 CS in 128 games – .241 BA, .310 OBP, .473 SLG, .783 OPS (and believe it or not, this guy was a post season all-star???!!!)

OK so let’s look at him this year – he’s now in AA
17/72: 4 BB: 4 doubles, 0 triples, 0 homers, 12 K in 19 games: .236 BA, .302 OBP, .292 SLG, .505 OPS

So if he used the stuff before the season began or at the beginning of it to give himself a boost, looks like it not only did zero, it made him even worse. (It takes a few weeks to get the samples through the lab then notify the club) Of course, his “competition” on the club, of you wanna call it that, is batting .164 and .111, so he would have been better off if he never used at all.
It will be interesting to see if Drayton will even keep him in the Organization after he finished his 50 game suspension. So much for steroids make you into Jose Canseco – the one guy who credits his career to using roids.

Did he REALLY think he couldn’t get caught?
Yet another el-sucko caught using who proves that roids do not turn you from suck to good.

So WHY was he such a dumbass? John Brattain knows – and he says it better than I ever could. Click here to read his Hardball Times column.


13 Responses to “Lou Santangelo Is Dumb And Dumbasser”

  1. xk3 says:

    If he’s dumb enough to juice, then i for one am damned glad he got caught.

  2. lisa gray says:

    yeh, me too
    i mean, this is now and if you are stupid enuf to use and even stupider enuf to get caught, well, so long and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out

  3. David Hannes says:

    Lisa, I think you answered your own question…the dumb ass had nothing to lose, as he was never going to make it Round Rock, yet alone Houston, with a .236 BA. I bet he got them from Mark Sweeney’s locker or Gary Matthews, Jr.’s mailbox.

  4. sara says:

    you idiot.. u dont even know what you’re talking about. if you did your research you would see that it wasn’t steriods. and you spelled moron wrong u dumbass

  5. eddie says:

    Sara, you are right on! These idiots don’t know what the hell they are blogging about. As far as not having anything to lose, he was only 1-2 steps from the majors, a difference of 3,000/wk to about 300,000/yr.

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    it does not matter exactly WHAT illegal substance he got caught using, it was stupid beyond belief.
    and watch cartoons sometimes, you maroon
    i have edited your comment for rude and foul language. you can’t do that on my blog. you wanna talk like that go somewhere else
    the ML minimum is 380,000
    i DO know what i am talking about

  7. Lisa Gray says:

    – what is so terrible about the whole substance thing is that the media always talks about roids/substances like they will turn ALL ballplayers into barry bonds.
    they REFUSE to point out that almost all guys who take the stuff have been fringe guys or minor leaguers thinking it will make them better even though it HAS NOT MADE THEM BETTER!!!!!
    – i sure DO hope that lou learns his lesson and comes back. it IS supposed to be a time out, not a permanent bad like too many people want
    – truth is that there are so few decent players in the entire astros minor league system that IF lou comes back and does well he WILL be given another chance.

  8. John says:

    i just think he was caught up in the competitive edge of the the game. That kid is a real gamer and seems like the type that will do anything to win. And with the type of season that corpus christi was having was far from winning. What he did was completely wrong and there is no excuse for what he did. It was not steroids that he was taking but that still doesnt change the fact that what he was using was illegal. Lets just hope he learned his lesson and that all of the other minor league players learned there lesson through this. And hopefully he can bounce back. Does anyone think this completely ruined his chances of making it to the show?

  9. John says:

    is lou going to play over towles who is currently in AA?

  10. Lisa Gray says:

    i doubt it.
    towles is the “prospect”

  11. John says:

    so what does this mean for santangelo where does he stand when he comes back? what is your background how do you know all of these things about the organization? i dont see towles being the “prospect” when he was only hitting 200 in advanced A. thats just my opinion though.

  12. Lisa Gray says:

    i have exactly zero insider info – in case that is what you are asking.
    i am talking as a fan who has watched the astros all of her life (and getting input from my mama and a few of her friends who have watched the astros since they started) and i watch what the Organization does.
    i also read what the local beat guys say and although they don’t publish everything they get told, you can get a pretty good idea for what is going on – even by reading who even gets mentioned in any talk about minor leaguers. and several times this year, towles has been mentioned as the astros catcher in waiting.
    towles is on the prospect lists of several large prospect organizations such as BA and Lou is not.
    i also know drayton is obsessed with the “good guy” image and i DO mean obsessed and lou is gonna have to be the repentant prodigal son.
    i will tell you this – lou must have a HUGE fan base because i have gotten more emails + comments about him than about anything/anyone i have written about these past 3 years. i have had to delete over a dozen comments calling me swear words and worse for calling lou a dumbass for taking an illegal substance.
    trust me, i hope lou comes back, talk about how he repents, is grateful for another chance, has changed his ways (etc) then goes and tears up the league. drayton would LOVE that too – makes for good face

  13. Matthew says:

    How bout the chick who wrote the article should check up on her stuff. Lou santagelo was drafted out of Clemson University. Thats why girls ought not to write about sports.