HO HO HO: December 25, 2006

God rest ye merry Astros fans
May nothing ye dismayyyyy
Cuz there are only 3 months left
Till it is Opening Dayyyyyyyyy….
Peace, good will and happiness to your family and friends on this day from me, Husband, kidsss and dogsss.


2 Responses to “HO HO HO: December 25, 2006”

  1. Hey Lisa!
    A Merry Christmas to you too!
    Congrats on Jason Jennings many a time have we as Giants fans been forced to watch him shut us down. Hope he does the same to the Cubbies for you guys!

  2. Steve Schramm says:

    Wow, Lisa, this is the longest I’ve ever seen you go without a post. Will you make it all the way to a month?