12/8/06: Not So Good Buy Andy Pettitte

I don’t guess we will ever be sure what the real story is here, but Andy Pettitte signed a 1 year contract for 16 million to play with the Yankees. Best I understand, Drayton offered him 12 mill and would not budge a penny – this from a guy who happily paid the outrageous sum of 16 mill a year for 6 years for a fat mediocre “slugger.”

Maybe it was personal – he didn’t like Andy pulling a Roger because Andy ain’t no Roger.
But fer sher, we’re either gonna have to pray our kid starters have a much better second year – or we’re going to trade for some gonna #3 or 4 type guy – maybe FA next year like Jason Jennings or 22 mill for 2 years Jon Garland…

Jayson Stark was, um, suggesting???!!! that Buddy Boy chewed a giant hole in Drayton’s butt for signing Carlos Lee – (Bud must be chewing an AWFUL lot these days – can you imagine what he must have said to David Glass for signing Gil Crap Meche???) and maybe Drayton just didn’t wanna hear it from Bud again. I’m sure Bud has long since given up trying to chew Steinbrenner for signing FA to ridiculous contracts.

Now I guess we’ll have to see if all the pundits are right and Roger follows him back Up There… Ida know about that – he IS 44 years old and that is a LOT older than Andy’s 34. But we need to just go on and get ready for next year without all that drama again.

And let’s not forget that Drayton and Tim threw Russ Springer out on his ass (we leave him and the Cards pull up quick to retrieve him) because he can only pitch one inning and so they have replaced him with a really really good cheap long reliever named
well, no plan yet, but there are SO many good cheap long relievers and LOOGYs out there like
well, just because I can’t think of one does not mean we can’t pull some guy from our rich plentiful farm system like
such as

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7 Responses to “12/8/06: Not So Good Buy Andy Pettitte”

  1. Alvin Mullins says:

    Andy isn’t worth $16M. He’s a bona fide #3 at this point in his career. Would I have him at $12? not sure, I think $10 would be more like it. Now the Yanks have his elbow problem.

  2. Wow, am I angry at the Astros over this one. I can kind of understand them not wanting to pony up $14 mil for a guy that made less than $12 mil last year, but who do they think is going to be the number 2 starter on this team? Now, it seems we’re going to have to settle on Woody The Ageless Blunder Williams as a monumental dropoff behind Oswalt in the pitching rotation.
    And with Pettitte gone, you can kiss away any whiff of a chance of re-signing Clemens. Improved bat in Carlos Lee or not, this season is already shaping up to be more infuriating than the last. Unless Buchholz steps up and shows that he has more than I think he has, and unless Hirsh matures quickly, and unless the Astros finally get wise and figure out that Chris Sampson is actually their best prospect at starting pitcher, this is going to be a rough year.

  3. Steve Schramm says:

    Not so fast with the doom and gloom. We paid $31M for Andy and got one good season from him. Everyone forgets, but he was AWFUL the first half of last season — I mean really BAD. And he was hurt the first contract year and basically worthless. So we got 1 1/2 seasons, which nets out to $20M a year and he’s simply not worth the risk — especially that he’s no older and continues to get hurt.
    He’s a #2 starter if he’s healthy, but at this point, you can’t count on that. And when he’s not healthy, well, I’d rather get Sampson or Hirsch in there because he’s about a #5 level. OR worse.
    as for the Rocket, I wouldn’t write him off– Torre has said at least twice that he would not support a half time, half season (is that quarter time?) player on the team, even Rocket.
    And Roger’s old, and doesn’t want to be far from home, and has a long term services contract with us, and his boy’s in our system, and, well, I just don’t think he’s going anywhere. I say he probably doesn’t come back, and the only way is Houston’s in the hunt for the series and needs a pitcher as the one glaring hole. That’s unlikely.
    Overall, I agree that next year doesn’t look so hot, but we’ve got to figure out which of our young guns are really Big Show material and which ones we trade. IF we can pick up one more experienced pitcher, fine, but if not, let’s just grow our local talent and see what we’ve got. I’d rather find a catcher for the future, or a CF. How about Tori Hunter for 2008?
    In 2008, we’re finally rid of Biggio and Burke can play his proper position and we can start setlling into the next generation.

  4. Lisa Gray says:

    hi yall,
    i agree that andy does not seem like a #2 to me neither.
    personally, i am guessing that drayton was seriously pissed that andy didn’t sign after drayton spent all them heaps of dough on carlos lard – there’s the big bat yall wanted… but it might could be that andy wanted to use the yankees to pry as much dough as possible outta drayton – after all if he would pay carlos lard 16.6 mill a year to a guy not worth near that, well, then…
    otherwise, why fuss over 2 mill for goodness sakes?
    it’s not that jon garland is this great starter – we are not exactly talking santana or halliday. but i DO think that by trying to get him, drayton was telling andy flat out – look dude, you are NOT gonna go all carlos the jackal on us. you wanna go Up There, fine. go. now. you wanna stay here, fine. if not, you are NOT using me. period.
    i DO think that it just might could be andy is having a lot more elbow problems than he’ll admit. he SAID he felt fine the beginning of last year, remember? and all the homers and doubles and triples deep into the gaps? and his ERA was over 5 until august?
    well, the ALeast ain’t the NL central and andy is gonna have a time of it.
    i also really don’t think roger is gonna be a full time starter all year for either NY or boston – he IS 10 years oldern andy you know…
    not sure he’s even gonna pitch here neither…

  5. Karen says:

    I’m also anxious to see Chris Burke AND Luke Scott have consistent play time. But to refer to finally being “rid of” Craig Biggio in 2008 is, in my opinion, a failure to give him the respect he has earned in two decades of major league play. He has contributed in many ways to the Astros. Sure, he’s not been a “big bat”, but he certainly has been a clutch hitter in many a game, not to mention the quality image he has displayed as a team player and member of the community. Biggio’s accomplishments are likely to earn him a place in the baseball Hall of Fame, and all those accomplishments were made while in an Astros uniform.
    From comments I heard from some of the broadcasters during the games last year, it sounds like we may have Chris at second sometime in 2007 if Biggio can get his 3000th hit early enough. He has only 70 hits to get to that point.

  6. Steve Schramm says:

    Hey, this has nothing to do with respect. Biggio is HOF. Wonderful. But he shouldn’t be a regular player. Go his stats after the ASB last year. Check his road stats. Watch his lack of fielding range. He has no arm left at all. Craig is a part time role player at best.
    Baseball is a business; for examples, consider Betran, Carlos and Pettitte, Andy. Biggio was great, he’s weak now, and he’s paid way more than he’s worth.
    I honor his accomplishments — he was awesome. But we need Burke at second full time, not Biggio.

  7. Steve Schramm says:

    From ESPN Insider (Rob Neyer)
    Carlos Lee is roughly the same age as Drew; he’ll turn 31 in June 2007. He signed a six-year contract with the Astros for $100 million (AAV of $16.7 million). Lee is not a good defensive outfielder. Which is a little like saying William Shatner is not a good singer. Because he’s so awful in left field, Lee has to really hit to earn his $16.7 million next season: .300 average, 35-40 home runs, 60-70 walks. One obvious problem: Lee has hit 35-plus homers only once in his career, and he’s never drawn 60 walks. He’s never earned more than 22 win shares in a season, and 22 is an absolute minimum for a player who’s going to average nearly $17 million per season. Good luck, Astros.
    I can send you the entire article which analyzes the top ten free agent singings. It’s interesting.