2006 Winter Meetings And Gossip 12/7/06

Well, the Astros have done nothing since signing Lee and Williams except refuse arbitration to Clemens, Pettitte, Bagwell and Springer.

I was quite surprised to read that Purpura doesn’t have much interest in Springer because he isn’t good for more than 1 inning and that they want relievers who can go more than one inning. Not real too many relievers go more than one inning – guys like Borkowski are the exception, not the rule. (By the way, I was wrong about him being a FA – he is arb eligible this year.) This makes me worry a LOT that they will stupidly sign a piece of crap like Gil Meche and waste Chris Sampson in mopup/long relief.

Rumor has it that there was a talk about trading Jason Jennings (his last year before FA) for Jason Hirsh (5 years before FA) plus Chris Burke (4 years before FA). Which would be really really stupid. Jennings refused to negotiate an extension with the Rockies, saying he was going to test FA next year – he would be CRAZY not to since crappy pitchers like Eaton are getting 8 mill a year for 3 years, so why on earth should we just give up 2 good cheap players for one guy who will be gone at the end of the year?

IF Jennings was truly the “final piece of the puzzle” that would be different, but he most certainly is not. I know there are a whole lot of Astros fans out there who really do think we should trade away every single good cheap young player we have for guys in their last year of FA such as Vernon Wells or Jason Jennings, without thinking it is necessary to answer crazy questions like – if we have no cheap young players left at the end of the year and we have all these guys who are FA, exactly how are we going to fill all the holes in the 25 man NEXT year??? This is like getting a paycheck the last day of the month and running out and spending it all on 3 pairs of shoes without even asking how are you gonna pay the rent or food?

And as for trading for Carl Crawford – well, the D-Rays most certainly DO want young pitching, which we DO have.
Let’s take a look at Carl’s contract (he would have been a FA in 09)
(thank you Cot’s)
09:$8.25M club option ($2.5M buyout)
10:$10M club option ($1.25M buyout)
2010 salary may increase to $11.5M with incentives

He’s a great hitter, fielder and runner and can play center and play it well.
Remember that the D-Rays have Gerry Hunsicker and he knows this club and he knows Drayton all too well. So who do you think we would have to give up for Carl? And they don’t want Mo Ensberg because they’re about to sign Iwamura. They don’t want Adam Everett to play short – they already have BJ Upton who has the lead glove and gold bat just starting out. They are drowning in good young OF and they don’t need Willy Taveras neither and aren’t as dumb as Astros fans who think he’s sooooooo great, neither.

So here are our cheap good young pitchers:
Nieve, Hirsh, Sampson, Albers, Buchholz, Wheeler, Qualls, Borkowski, Patton;
and here are cheap young not so good pitchers:
Wandy, Zeke Astacio, Barthmaier, Paul Estrada, Juan Gutierrez, McLemore, Paulino Del Guidice (who is blowing chunks in winter ball, by the way);
and young pitchers not so cheap:
Roy, Lidge, Miller (who is on the untradable list right next to Roy because he’s a LOOGY),

We have 3 good young position players or prospects – Chris Burke, Luke Scott and Hunter Pence (LF). We also have Jason Lane as a backup RH OF who will probably be trade bait, but of course not to the Rays.

In fact, here are the Astros 10 top prospects – from www.TopProspectAlert.com:
#1. Jason Hirsh (25) Pitcher
Houston (MLB) 44.2IP 3-4 6.04ERA 29K
Round Rock (AAA) 137.1IP 13-2 2.10ERA 118K
#2. Hunter Pence (23) Outfield
Corpus Christi (AA) 136 Games .283 28HR 95RBI
#3. Troy Patton (21) Pitcher
Corpus Christi (AA) 45.1IP 2-5 4.37ERA 37K
Salem (High-A) 101.1IP 7-7 2.93ERA 102K
#4. Matt Albers (24) Pitcher
Houston (MLB) 15IP 0-2 6.00ERA 11K
Round Rock (AAA) 25IP 2-1 3.96ERA 26K
Corpus Christi (AA) 116IP 10-2 2.17ERA 95K
#5. Jimmy Barthmaier (23) Pitcher
Salem (High-A) 146.2IP 11-8 3.62ERA 134K
#6. Justin Towles (23) Catcher
Lexington (Low-A) 81 Games .317 12HR 55RBI
#7. Eli Iorg (24) Outfield
Lexington (Low-A) 125 Games .256 15HR 85RBI 42SB
#8. Felipe Paulino (23) Pitcher
Lexington (Low-A) 126.1IP 9-7 4.35ERA 91K
#9. Juan Gutierrez (23) Pitcher
Corpus Christi (AA) 103.2IP 8-4 3.04ERA 106K
#10. Sergio Perez (22) Pitcher
Lexington (Low-A) 16.1IP 3-0 2.20ERA 21K

Now. Seriously, understanding that Lidge, Roy and Miller are not going ANYwhere and that our rotation consists of Roy and a bunch of other guys, exactly WHO is it yall think we got to trade for Carl Crawford???

And please don’t think this means I don’t want Carl Crawford – I would rather have had him than Carlos Lee fer SHER. And now that we have sunk all that dough in him (and yes, I do mean sunk) we can’t afford to get rid of all our cheap players because we can’t afford to run the team on FA, given what they are costing.

And by the way, for all the Astros fans who think Willy Taveras is sooooooo wonderful and untradeable because of his glove and bat and Adam Everett sucks because of his bat and who even cares about his bat, here’s a few stats:
– Adam Everett: last year – .642 OPS, 59 RBIs from the 8 hole and the best glove in the NL no question
– Willy Taveras: last year – .672 OPS, 30 RBIs from the #1 or #2 hole – dude only hits with bases empty, 1 or 2 outs. And he wasn’t even in the top 3 in the NL CF as a fielder by anyone’s measurement.

We need a RF, at least 1 starting pitcher and Phil wants another LOOGY. Jose Guillen just signed with the Mariners (rats) but Craig Wilson is still available. Of course the vocal Stros fans will hate him because he strikes out instead of grounding out like a Real Man like Carlos Lee.

And as for a SP, well, there already aren’t enough of em. When junk like Gil Meche is demanding over 10 mill a year and gonna get it, well, I don’t think real too many teams are looking to trade their few young, good, cheap pitchers for what little the Astros DO have, and trading a few of ours for a cruddy 1 year rental like Freddy Garcia is, well, dumb.

Now I read that a LOT of people think San Diego WANTS to trade Jake Peavy –
here are the pitchers on the Padres’ roster besides Peavy:
Greg Maddux
Mike Adams
Heath Bell
Andrew Brown
Scott Cassidy
Justin Hampson
Clay Hensley
Trevor Hoffman
Ryan Ketchner
Scott Linebrink
Cla Meredith
Royce Ring
Leonel Rosales
Tim Stauffer
Scott Strickland
Mike Thompson
Sean Thompson
Jared Wells
Chris Young
after you get rid of Peavy, you have Chris Young, The Professor, Clay Hensley and and and
They would want to get rid of a guy who had a down year, but had been an ace for 3 years straight WHY?

And if they think that they don’t want him now, we should wonder why…

Good news for people looking for a young cheap catcher who can hit bettern Brad Ausmus – The Giants have signed 32 year old Bengie Molasses to a 3 year contract, so they won’t really have much use for the young whippersnapper gonna be 28 year old Elizier Alfonso – he DOES hit bettern Brad Ausmus (my granma in a wheelchair does too…)
.266 BA; .302 OBP; .465 SLG; .767 OPS
and I would bet we probably could get him for Jason Lane who just might could be old enough for the Giants at age 32. (Yeah I know too many folks out there are demanding a catcher who is Johnny Bench 74/75, but cmon, get real…)

And I DO appreciate not getting any more emails telling me Purpura sucks because he “won’t” trade Lidge, Hirsh, Ensberg and Lane for Cabrera and Willis…

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7 Responses to “2006 Winter Meetings And Gossip 12/7/06”

  1. Tom says:

    they want relievers who can go more than one inning
    They do? Has anybody tried telling Phil this?
    At least if the Astros have spent all their money on free agents, they don’t have albatross contracts to take on in trades. Small favors are still favors, y’know.

  2. James says:

    The Chronicle is reporting Tavares and Buchholtz to ChiSox for John Garland @ $10M.
    Who’s in CF? Burke, Bruntlett, Lane?
    How’s do this deal affect our chance to get Pettitte or Clemens?

  3. Steve Schramm says:

    hey lisa, since i live out here, i hear all the junk from the dugout. they rap on alfonso is that he’s inexperienced (no duh) and didn’t make good pitch selections. this sounds like something that ausmus could school him on, maybe. it’s probably worth it, and the giants are hurting big time — they need people everywhere. it could happen, i s’pose.

  4. Lisa Gray says:

    hi tom!!!
    well you KNOW phil is dying to have another LOOGY. he wouldn’t need so **** many pitchers if he didn’t pull trever after 1 freaking batter. it’s one thing to not have him pitch to uncle albert. but neifi perez???? puhleeeeze…
    hi james!!!
    they’re full of **** – no such deal. they said buchholz flunked a physical and he didn’t even HAVE one. i got NO trouble trading willy and hirsh (who the Organization likes bettern buchholz) for garland.
    as for signing andy IF they got garland, well, i don’t think so unless roger was part of the deal. they SAY they ain’t got no money – horse manure….
    i got no problem with either burke OR bruntlett in center. lane is just too slow and he wasn’t very good in right, which is much easier to play
    hi steve!!!
    well, i’d rather have alfonso who is cheap and ok and anyhow he’d have pitches called from the dugout. he sure COULD use a good teacher like ausmus…
    i just don’t want another slow fatso GIDP all the time…

  5. Michael Hurta says:

    Well, no Peavy. Pads said no (I would, too). But it looks like the Stros are taking a look into Ervin Santana (why? can’t we just use one of our 100 prospects?) And it seems like the Yanks are offering more for Pettite….

  6. Rob Bonter says:

    Gil Meche moved the Mariners up two games in the win column in 2006, comparing the Mariners winning percentage both with him, and subtracting him from the mix, projected over 162 games. That puts him at a low #2 or high #3 rotation starter level, which many MLB teams just don’t have. The new GM in KC looks really sharp. Signing Meche will help lead this team back to mediocrity sooner than most people think. Adding Meche and Bannister to the rotation in the same week speaks volumes for that franchise’s commitment to its own turnaround.