12/6/06: The Daily What Will Andy Pettitte DO??? Astros Or Yankees Soap Opera

Andy Pettitte has decided he will pitch in 2007.

Whereever shall he go?
Stay home (which is what his wife undoubtedly wants) or go back to NY (which is what the media undoubtedly wants.)

Andy’s been spoiled rotten by having a great defensive infield. Would he really want to swap Adam Everett and Mo Ensberg for (gag) “Gold Glovers” Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez? Well, they most certainly DO have better bats, fer SHER. Does Andy want to swap wins for adding 2 points to his ERA? He DID give up a LOT of homers last year and they were not all exactly Crawford Box el-cheapos.

And if he goes back UpThere, he will have to deal with The Media again, which he hasn’t had to do for 3 long years now. He will have the pressure of being the #1 starter, as well.
Tom Verducci says that sources close to the People Who Know say Andy is close to signing a contract with the Yankees – 2 years for 26 mill.

I do not believe there is ANY way the Stros will not match that if it is true. So money won’t be stopping the team that threw 100 million at a mediocre bag of fat like Carlos Lee. If Andy goes to NY, it won’t be for the money or because he wants to get a Ring.

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2 Responses to “12/6/06: The Daily What Will Andy Pettitte DO??? Astros Or Yankees Soap Opera”

  1. gianthinker says:

    Andy will be the #3 in NY.

  2. Alvin Mullins says:

    Is it just me but is Pettite a real #2 any more? I know as a Stros fan I’ve been spoiled pitchingwise but I think he’s definitely slipped and with that elbow??????