8/27/13: The Astros Will Rake In 99 MILLION in Profit This Year And No Reduction Of Ticket Prices Announced

You know how Those Greedy Players are the reason why ticket prices are so high and if only they were paid peanuts, the prices would come right down?

Forbes reported that the Astros Base Ball Club will be making 99 mill in profit this YEAR, approximately the amount that Jim Crane has made his entire CAREER. Naturally, the team denies this and says that surrrrrrre, they will spend money on players some other time. Meanwhile, the money just goes in Crane’s pocket.

But what REALLY grinds my butt is that instead of hearing from media how That Greedy Owner is making more money than the Yankees, and not lowering ticket prices, or any other way using the money to help charities or the community, it is FINE to not spend any money on the team because why spend money on veterans? Just accumulate a lot of cheap minor league players – that way, you can have a good CHEAP team.

Check out Craig Calcaterra , who I’ve known since he started writing Shysterball on the side when he was still a practicing attorney. This is all I hear.

Who thinks that Crane is saving that money and will spend it on player contracts? I will bet that over the next five years, not one cent of that money will be spent on long term contracts or reducing tuicket prices. Anyone else wanna bet?

Only good thing I can say about this year’s team is that a whole lot of guys, with even one day of major league time, will get health care for life. Too bad it doesn’t come out of Crane’s pocket.


8 Responses to “8/27/13: The Astros Will Rake In 99 MILLION in Profit This Year And No Reduction Of Ticket Prices Announced”

  1. sceptor` says:

    well it looks like Jason castro is finally becoming a pretty good hitter. .280 avg. 32 doubles and 18 HRs to date is not too shabby for the 26 old

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    surprises the heck out of me, all right
    and he was the AL player of the week last week, too. he didn’t hit for power like that in the minors. i don’t get comcast, so it is tough to know whether or not he has gotten any better at his defense

  3. Steve says:

    The Astros are Crane’s ATM machine. He’s got more than $2B and that will now increase dramatically thanks to this purchase, which cost him very little of his own money (as usual for the mega-rich). He’s got a couple of hundred million in and the club will be worth well over a billion when he sells. This stuff just ticks me off. Crane is quoted in ESPN as stating in 2011, ““Once our minor league system is filled in, we’ll move up into the top five or 10 in payroll.” That could be never, depending on how you define “filled in”. But if he’s serious, it takes 3-4 years to “fill in” a minor league system, so let’s see the payroll in 2014 and 2015. If it’s not in the top ten, we know he’s a stinking lying exec, as expected. But he’s got more money than anyone could ever need, so whatever.

  4. Lisa Gray says:


    couldn’t have said it better my own self. and i have a very hard time believing his RSN is LOSING money, as crane claims

  5. sceptor` says:

    really havn’t seen much improvement on defense, that is why I think if he continues to hit well he might be moved to lst base or the OF.

  6. Eric says:

    Nowhere for the Astros to go but up after this disaster of a season.

    Oberholzer, Cosart, Hoes, all look promising though. But what happened to Harrell. He was the best Astros pitcher last season..and he’s clearly regressed.

  7. sceptor says:

    please no more about the Astros lets end it here and now

  8. David says:

    Wasn’t this the same Forbes article that was rebuffed and proven completely incorrect based on other writers doing actual research of costs etc?

    I believe Crane still made money this year but it was something like $20mil…not nearly as high as the article claimed it to be.