7/20/2013: Brandon Barnes Hits For The Cycle!!!!!!

First Astros to do so since Luke Scott 2006!!!!!!

Haven’t been able to watch the team, og course, but this deserves an entry.

Brandon went 5 fer 5 , with an extra single, 3 runs scored, 2 batted in. Freaking awesome. And this guy was never, EVER a prospect, and, in fact, I never thought that he would  sniff the majors, especially seeing as how he looked to be not as good as JB Shuck, now playing full time for the Angels.

The Astros boast about how their system is full of prospects, but there are tons of failed prospects and me, I gotta root for the un-pimped.

Speaking of un-pimped, does not look as if the Astros will be able to be viewed on any network except Comcast for quite some time. Uverse, Dish and Direct TV were unmoved by the Rockets signing Dwight Howard – at least not enough to agree to pay $4.00 per subscriber. Not surprised.

But this will give Crane a great excuse to keep the payroll rock bottom and to dump Bud Norris, who is obviously trying to not get traded, seeing as how he stunk in his last gave vs Saint Looey, who he used to cream, before the ASB, and today, he gave up 6 runs in 5.2 innings including 2 two run homers. Bad Bud – and he’s soaking up like 2 million whole dollars of the payroll, the greedy pig.

Oh well, Altuve’s nice, cheap contract will make him dead easy to trade if he continues to be a serviceable second baseman – he’ll make the audacious sum of 12.5 mill over 5 years, the greedy pig.

And they should be able to dump Jose Veras who is now a Certified Closer and Wesley Wright, who usually gets leftys out and is getting expensive.

Wonder if they can get under 21 mill in 2014….


8 Responses to “7/20/2013: Brandon Barnes Hits For The Cycle!!!!!!”

  1. Becky says:

    Lisa, you *KNOW* how I feel about Barnes. This kid is a LEADER, and the club would be very smart to hang onto him for 2014. He can mentor Springer, and
    play ANY and ALL outfield positions. I just love him, he took my heart last year when they brought him up at the end of the season! Just an all round good kid!
    You doing ok??? How’s that cat your dad “adopted”?!!! Becky

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    doing fairly well – too much work, not enough baseball.

    i hear tell that the Organization also thinks that barnes is a Leader, so hopefully, they won’t be in a hurry to dump him like they are everyone else. seriously pissed me off that him hitting for the cycle wasn’t even MENTIONED on sports center.

    wonder if they notice how well JB shuck is doing with the angels….

    maybe i’ll do a post on ex-stros around the majors…

    louis? well, daddy is still wondering when his real owners are gonna turn up and in the meantime, louis goes everywhere with him except the doctor’s office – both daddy and louis are indignant about this, even after i have told daddy that there are people allergic to cats and maybe the doctor doesn’t like cats.

    and, of course, he never shuts up.

    he is, of course, a cards fan along with my mama, who watches them on mlb.tv – around here, you can watch most every baseball game there is EXCEPT the astros.

    unless they are getting incredibly more money than i think they are, the comcast move wasn’t smart.

  3. Eric says:

    Comcast ? Har har..har…Sucks to be the Astros.

    I don’t watch MLB anymore now that the Astros are gone to the AL. And no longer available on TV.

    I do however check the Astros game boxscores to keep up with the team, but that’s about it.

    And tell Louis to find a better MLB team to root for other than the Cards. I really despise the Cards. I really do. Cat-talk to him if you must. Maybe you can threaten him with a visit to the vet..and shots. XD

  4. David says:

    A web page known as youtube for how to get my ex back?? How can I refuse!?!?!?!?

  5. Becky says:

    Brandon Barnes received the Astros “Heart and hustle” award this week!!!
    Could NOT have been given to a better player on this team. I remember
    meeting him at the last game the boys played here in Houston last year.
    I was crying because of the move, and overwhelmed that they were going to
    lose over 100 games AGAIN. I touched his cheek with my hand and told him I wanted to see him in centerfield for 2013……his reply “that’s the plan Ms. Becky”.
    I have followed this kid for 6yrs. and I always believed in him…….he has NOT
    disappointed me. Fondly, Becky :) :) :)

  6. Bruce says:

    Check out the video on the previous post…