6/23/13: Carlos Lee Officially Retires And Roy Oswalt Returns

Seems like yesterday that Clank signed, doesn’t it? 6 years, 100 mill, absolute no trade clause, started in 2007. Drayton wanted a big bat, and Carlos was one of the very few top free agents who would agree to sign with Houston at any price. For $99, 500,000. 00, he provided 9 WAR – his best year being 2011, believe it or not – for some reason, he didn’t have a negative defensive WAR.

Luke Scott, who was essentially unwanted and was traded away, from 07 – 12, had 9.7 WAR at a cost of 19, 612, 000 – AND he was hurt most of 2011 and 2012.

It was the beginning of the end – remember the 07 draft? no players made it, and Derek Dietrich, our 3rd rounder (who was out first pick) did not sign and is now the second baseman for the Marlins, still holding valiantly to last place, 4 games ahead of the Astros.

Anyway, Clank SEZ he retired because wouldn’t nobody give him a 2 year deal. Hermano, please. OPS+ for a 1B/DH over the past 3 years: 90, 117, 90.

Roy-O has been battling back problems since his last days with the Phils –  He had a bad year, what there was of the year – with the Rangers last year – 5.80 ERA over 59 IP. Remember how he said that the 5 year deal he signed in 06 would be his last contract? Guess the boy couldn’t walk away after all – remember what Jim Bouton said about gripping a baseball and it turns out that baseball was gripping you.

Anyway, he couldn’t find real too much this year and ended up finally signing a minor league deal with the Rox about a month ago, got called up the other day. Threw the FB about 93-94, which he hasn’t done in a couple of years, but got hit – 9 hits, 1 HR, 11 K(!!!!) 4 ER/5 IP. That’s his first game with over 10 K since 2008, when he had three 10 K games.

His career high in a game was 12 vs Milwaukee in 01 – came in second in the ROY, to Uncle, natcherilly.

Ah, the Good Ol Days.


13 Responses to “6/23/13: Carlos Lee Officially Retires And Roy Oswalt Returns”

  1. Bruce says:

    I submitted “Ball Four” as a book report in 10th grade many moons ago (Johnny Bench was my hero at the time). Will never forget what my teacher wrote at the top of the page – “Try some classics”. Little did she realize.

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    who knows the truth about derek dietrich and brett eibner, but apparently tim purpura offered only exactly slot and not one penny more and there were absolutely no negotiations whatsoever. both families have said this, and the astros have said words that mean nothing. from what i underestand, purpura was following orders – drayton mclane didn’t understand why any bonus money had to be paid to any player and by that time in his life, had no onterest in building or maintaining minor league pipelines. he wanted major league stars. period.

    ey looks great without clothes, what i can see of him, that is

  3. Susan Murray says:

    A healthy Roy is a CY Young winner. The Astros still need to figure it out though. This AL West made it harder for them in my opinion. I think they can start by building an amazing minor league system. The Angels did that before they won the world series in 2002, when they were one of the worst teams in baseball in the late 90’s.

  4. Bruce says:

    Carter two bombs, 2nd one on tracks. At 17, beat last year’s Lowrie number in half a year. I wuz wrong!

    Going tomorrow for the day game.

  5. Bruce says:

    Wallace’s turn today. Nice to see. Second one almost scraped some paint off of one of the ceiling beams.

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    i think roy’s days of health and cy young quality have been over for a few years now. sadly. every year, there was always someone juuust a little bit better than he was.

    minor league success does not always translate to major league success – see JP arencibia, ian stewart, etc

    carter does hit some home runs, all right, but unfortunately, that is all he can do as he is a complete dud in the field and on the basepaths. lowrie, at least, can field and run – wouldn’t be surprised if he is an all-star this year

    and brett wallace seems to be actually hitting the baseball this time

  7. Bruce says:

    Rough night for Harrell. Bit of a ophomore slump, I guess. Chin up – it will get better!

  8. Neil says:

    Good and Bad this year:

    Norris and Lyles becoming more consistent
    Wallace showing some power and a better bat after an ugly start
    No sophomore (quasi-junior?) slump for Altuve
    Corporan’s offense a pleasant surprise in limited ABs
    Castro’s offense has (finally) been above-average
    Carter’s HR rate staying high as full timer
    Dominguez showing some power

    Batting averages more or less across the board disappointing
    Altuve not drawing more walks
    Pretty much none of the “scrap heap” pitchers have worked out. Calling Dan Schatzeder…
    Added the DH slot to the lineup, but didn’t add a DH (Wallace may become a fixture there once Pena’s gone…?)
    Barnes not showing he has the offense to be a starter after raking in limited AB
    J.D. Martinez’ offense seems to be gone for good
    Maxwell injured / no pop
    Highest paid player sucks
    As expected, no production out of SS spot
    Robbie Grossman

  9. Bruce says:

    Neil, nice summary.

    After abysmal start, pitching went through a pretty good stretch, save for last year’s pleasant surprise, Lucas. I am still optimistic he can turn it around.

    Tear down those awful Community Billboards that block the view, and I will concede the DH.

  10. Bruce says:

    Good: Cosart’s brilliant debut plus signing Altuve for 4 years.

  11. Bruce says:

    Many Tampa Bay fans actually gave Cosart an ovation.

    Class tells.

  12. Lisa Gray says:

    cosart deserved the ovation – he hasn’t had a game that good in AAA

    and neil
    great summary
    no idea why lucas harrell couldn’t stay consistent