8/28/06: Hot September Reign

UPDATE 10:30 PM: St Louis just lost – Jason Marquis pitched BP, gave up 3 BB, 5 H and 6 ER over 2.2 IP and Uncle went ofer.
1/2 game behind….

The players had to wait almost 3 1/2 hours for the rain to stop and fortunately, it did – I hate watching guys playing in the rain – I always think they are going to slip and really hurt themselves, as Reggie Sanders did last year. And you KNOW that unless it was pouring like a hurricane, they were going to start this game…

Of course, the question in everybody’s mind before the game HAD to be, WHO in the bullpen will be able to pitch today if the score is close??? You KNOW Wheeler must feel like overcooked spaghetti today…

Gorzellany came out looking absolutely unhittable. He’s quick worker, like Roy, and induced GB after GB. He’s got great stuff. I was getting that sick feeling, when Chris Burke broke his concentration chopping a GB into left for a base hit. Then Jason Lane broke his bat on a cutter, fisting it into left. Two bad luck sort of hits – what usually happens to Wandy. But THIS time it happened to the other guy. For stat geeks who disbelieve in luck, let me tell you, luck is REAL.

Then, pitching from the stretch, Gorzellany suddenly struggled with his control and next thing you know, Adam Everett singled up the middle, driving in Burke. You know, I sure do hear a whole lot of grumbling about Adam and his limp bat, but the guy has driven in 59 runs from the 8 hole (mostly) and the 7 hole – in fact, he hits best with men on third and less than 2 out, according to yahoo stats – interesting… And, according to the latest defensive stats, he is the best defensive player in MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL and trust me that counts for a LOT – you disbelieve me, you ask Roy how he felt about Adam’s play on Nady’s grounder with bases loaded in the 6th. No way does St. Jeter get NEAR making that play!!!)

Next, the ump incorrectly ruled Ausmus HBP – it was actually a foul off his bat that hit his leg, but hey, on base is on base (see, luck IS coming our way) then Roy walked in his 8th RBI. Of course, with bases full and one out and Willy up, Willy doesn’t squeeze or manage to even get the ball to the SS to drive in any more runs. GRRRRRRRRRRR. I sure never hear complaints about how bad Willy is with driving in runners – he’s MUCH worse than Everett.

Then Mo walks in a run – his swing is STILL late and flat. Amazing – he’s third in win shares on the team, even with his .236 BA, but he has fewer RBIs than Adam hitting 4th most of the year, and somehow, he looks like he’s become afraid of the ball… Then Lance hits a weakass grounder to short with bases loaded (and he did the same with 1 on in the 7th) for easy 6-4 FC. Lately, Lance looks like my granma in a wheelchair batting from the right – I think he just might could need a lil more RH BP.

I want yall to notice that we got ALL our runs with ZERO contribution from the big bats of Berkman and Scott – all the runs were on 1 hit by Adam and walks by Roy and Mo.
Usually 3 runs is enough for Roy, but I’d rather be up 7-0…

Roy -WOW!!! just WOW!!!

Any of yall wanna see a Roy Ace Deluxe performance, this is the game. This is the guy that Peter Angelos doesn’t think is worth 15 mill a year – one of many reasons his team sucks every year. Unlike last Saturday when he didn’t have much, today he had it all – had the FB working, the curve ball going and the slider going. He was back to his usual get the ball throw the ball get em out self. Flat out filthy. Wilson and Bay both hit 2 singles to left off him, but really the only hitter who gave him any trouble was Ryan Doumit, who got him to throw 10 pitches in 1 AB. And you KNOW the Pirates desperately wanted to get Roy out of the game, hoping that our relievers would be too tired to get any pitch over the plate that wasn’t a meatball. Absolutely outstanding start. I’m sure he could have gone 8 innings if not for the Doumit 10 pitch AB running up his pitch count.

Roy now has the second best ERA in the NL (third best in the majors behind only Johan Santana and Brandon Webb,) and the most QS. Unfortunately, he got Clemensed and Francoed too many times this year, so he won’t have the nice win total, but he sure nuff is WAAAYYY outpitching Carpenter down the stretch when the tough had to get going. He hasn’t pitched fewer than 6 innings since July 23 and he has now had 10 QS in a row.

He’s had only one bad game this YEAR – gave up 6 ER over 4.1 IP against San Francisco. His next worse game was 5 ER in 6.1 innings. He had 2 games giving up 4 ER in 5 IP, 1 game with 4 ER in 6.1 IP and 1 game with 4 ER in 8 IP.

And you talk about value down the stretch – we’ve won every game he’s started since the beginning of August except for one game and he gave up just 2 runs over 7 IP.

So here’s his line for this year:
15-8 in 32 GS – 25 QS, 1 in relief, 2 CG: 166 K, 18 HR, 38 BB, 220 hits over 220.2 IP – 2.98 ERA
note that he got a loss or a ND in 11 of those 25 QS
(Carpenter has five games where he gave up 6 ER – both losses in his last 2 stats when his team desperately needed the W – and 1 with 7 ER, 2 games with 5 ER, 4 games with 4 ER, a total of 5 games with fewer than 6 IP.

his final line:
15-8 in 32 GS – 19 QS – 5 CG, 3 SO: 21 HR, 43 BB, 184 K, 194 H over 221.2 IP – 3.09 ERA
note he got a ND in 6 of his 19 QS
note that he has 16 more Ks, but he has more BB and HR too…)

Back to the game –
In the 8th, Trever Miller came in and got Duffy out, then Chad Qualls came in and got 2 outs with 3 pitches for the second night in a row.

Now, would Phil let him finish the game and get the save IF he didn’t get pinch hit for?
Nope. Why not, I wanna know???

Brad Lidge coming in to face Bay, Doumit and Nady.
Nervous stomach time – he threw 2 innings yesterday, 25 pitches, 1 single, 3 Ks, no BB…
Bay – strike 1, foul, FO. OK. One out.
Doumit – ball 1, ball 2, 6-3.

OK, 2 outs. Can Brad get that last out – his biggest problem this year next to getting that 3rd strike on 0-2 has been getting that 3rd out after an easy first 2, just like the Eckstein problem that led to the Pujols problem in Game 5 last year?
cmon boy, I WANT you to succeed SOOOOOOO bad…
Nady – ball 1, foul, ball 2, foul, foul, foul, swinging K!!!

Roy gets his 15th W, Stros get 9th win in a row.
I STILL can’t believe this. I’m liking it, but I am STILL not believing it.

We have to win the last 3, but the Cards only have to win 1 of the last 4. Odds Against….

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4 Responses to “8/28/06: Hot September Reign”

  1. Kim says:

    I love your blog, I love reading the way you describe the games as well as how involved you and your family are. But what’s with all the Yankee/Jeter bashing? They’re not in your division or even in your league, nobody’s running off Jeter’s stats to you or making the claim that he’s a better defensive shortstop than Everett. So why bring him up?

  2. Steve Schramm says:

    wow, you just can’t escape the east coast bias, even in a quiet little midwestern blog. sheesh.
    do you have any idea how much more espn airtime nyy and bosox get than houston? if the nyy and bosox were locked in an epic sequence where bosox were 9 back in the loss column with 13 to play and were now only 1 back, we’d have to listen to 30 minutes of sportscenter dedicated to the entire situation, the history of the clubs, how awesome and historical the collapse/run is, interviews with players and managers, blah blah blah.
    instead, the story isn’t even on the front page of ESPN MLB. at all. amazing. it’s just like the stl-hou nlcs that wasn’t even broadcase. phooey on the east coast. the drama is here.
    oh, Lisa, if the ‘stros sweep, then the Cards have to sweep, also (you said the Cards only have to win 1 of 4). I’m sure it’s just a typo.

  3. Didi says:

    ROY is great.
    I’m rooting for the Astros to dethrone the Cardinals for the NL Central title.
    That would be great.
    Good to see ROY got a win on his last start of the season.
    Now, if only Mo and Lane can start hitting.
    Can’t be counting on Luke Scott all the time, you know?
    Yeah, and Adam is the best defensive SS in the league.

  4. Kim says:

    Mmk, I never said there was no east coast bias on ESPN, I didn’t say anybody had to like Jeter or the Yankees, I never said that anybody there was better than anybody in Houston. Alllllllllllll I asked was why there’s this need to put them down in order to make Everett in this instance look good. He’s a great shortstop, it doesn’t take putting down Jeter’s defensive range to say that.
    I love this story about the bullpen guys changing karma by going to the pen early as well as the rookie hazing. It just sounds like they’re having fun with the streak which is the best way to keep it going. Atlanta’s pretty much playing out the string, they had some good games against the Mets but they’re definitely beatable. By contrast the Cards gotta play Milwaukee and they’ve been pretty hot, good pitching and all.
    Everytime you think they can’t keep this thing going, somebody comes up huge, this is amazing