9/26/06: Astros Win Seventh In A Row

Astros have won 7 in a row.
Cards have LOST 7 in a row.

Suddenly Chris Carpenter is giving up 6 runs a game and Astros hitters are doing things they have NOT done all year – coming back to win after being down or ties in the 7th AND driving runs with MOB. Every single guy in the lineup except Brad Ausmus either got an RBI or scored a run. AND Lance didn’t have a very good game and Luke Scott Kd with bases loaded.

We are also suddenly catching lucky breaks and don’t be thinking that luck got nothin to do with winning games. With Lamb on first, Lance hit into a tailor made 3-6-3 GIDP, which would have gotten Snell out of the inning, but Nady, playing first, didn’t get a good throw, and it hit Lamb’s shoulder, both runners safe. And leter, Lance, who sometimes, um, makes dumb baserunning mistakes, made an outstanding slide to evade the tag and score from second on a single to shallow center.

Andy Pettitte did NOT have good stuff. Remember on Saturday when I said that Roy was not ROY? But somehow he managed to get by on inferior stuff. Same with Andy. He looked nice and sharp the first inning, but in the second, the cutter was, um, not cutting and Jason Bay hit a fat one into the LF stands – a good 390′ too, then Ronny Paulino hit another fat FB to deep left center that Luke Scott didn’t get a good read on (he looked like Biggio out there) and it fell for a double – not sure it was a very catchable ball anyhow, but then Andy left another fat one up middle of the plate and Jose Bautista hit it out. He got lucky because the next hitter swung on a ball and GO and Snell K.

Andy made some adjustments next inning, his motion looked a little different, and he managed to keep the rest of the hitters from getting the ball in the air. He gave up at least one hit every inning, but managed to keep them from scoring. He might have finished the 7th, but Duffy had a broken bat slow grounder up the middle that Andy couldn’t get and Adam got to too late to throw out the speedy Duffy. Then Freddy Sanchez, the batting leader, laid down a bunt single. Pretty clever, bunting for a hit when Jason Bay, who hits Pettitte VERY well, coming up.

Fortunately, Springer, who hits Bay, managed to get Castillo out. Springer was, um, not sharp. Of COURSE he’s tired. The entire bullpen is tired. Nieve mopped up the last 2 innings, giving up 1 run on consecutive doubles. I noticed that some guys in the bullpen warming up – Lidge, Miller and someone else. The guys need to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

Hirsh is pitching tomorrow, and I don’t know if the Jason who no hit the Phils for 5 innings, or the Hirsh who looked like dog doo last week is gonna show up.

Philly lost, The Reds and Dodgers won.

We’re now 79-78 and 1.5 games behind the Cards.
We just can’t keep this up.
Can we?????

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2 Responses to “9/26/06: Astros Win Seventh In A Row”

  1. Dare we hope?!
    This is getting crazy. I’d not want to be a St. Loo fan this week.

  2. Devon says:

    I’m rooting for the ‘stros to take the division. I didn’t care either way earlier in the season…but this is getting exciting!! A historic collapse by St Louis, coupled with the defending NL champs coming on strong….mmmm. That’s just sweet baseball in late september.
    Here’s the problem with you facing Pittsburgh though – their home record is 41-35. Their ERA this month, is better than it’s been at any other point in the season. They’re 35-32 since the All-Star break (only 30-60 before it).
    But there’s a nice stat that could be good for you about them…. they’re 12-11 this month, with 10 saves. 10 Saves means they’re playing close games this month and even tho they’re closing them well, they’re only about .500. The way the Astros are playing, I think they can beat ’em!
    Too bad St Louis has to play San Diego. The Padres have reason to want to win, and not roll over and rest for the playoffs. If they’re not careful, they’ll be left with 1/2 game lead in the Central after tonight. Whoever loses the Central, obviously has no hope of getting the wild card.
    Go Astros!!
    (pssst…I also kinda like them ’cause their ballpark is awesome, their logo is cool, and they have two former Yankee pitchers [i live in NY state])