1/23/13: Let’s Compare New Astro Erik Bedard And Old Astro Mike Hampton

OK, they are both male. They are both left handed. They just finished nice juicy contracts (OK, Hampton’s was bigger) and after being hurt most of the previous like 3 years, were reduced to signing with the Astros for very little money, hoping to make some sort of comeback and get lucky enough to get traded to a contendah at the tradeline.

Bedard claims to be 6-1 and Hampton pretends to be 5-10. Hampton at least had 7 seasons of throwing at least 30 games before he first got hurt at age 32. Bedard has had one year in his career in which he threw at least 30 games – he started 33 and pitched 196 innings. Hampton was too injured to pitch from 06 to 08 (joined the Astros in 09, but Bedard, at least, has pitched SOME over the past 2 years. Bedard has a minor league contract, but Hampton signed a 2 mill ML deal.

He came up with Baltimore, and after his 5th year, in which he threw 182 innings of 146 ERA+ ball, the Orioles traded him to the hard luck Mariners for Adam Jones and George Sherrill (the really fat lefty reliever/LOOGY/closah) and change.

Bedard threw only 15 games over 81 IP with a 116 ERA+ after the Mariners rewarded him with a nice fat contract for 7 mill/year for 2008, 9 and 10. He threw 15 games over 83 innings for a 141 ERA+ in 2009 and missed half of 09 and all of 2010 with a shoulder injury.

They gambled, resigned him in 2011 for a mill and he gave them 16 games, 91 innings of 109 ERA+ ball and got hisself traded to the bad luck Red Sox at the deadline, threw 8 games over 38 innings – yes you read that right – and let’s say he didn’t do them any favors in their infamous September collapse.

He signed as a FA with the Pirates last year for 4.5 mill (their FA signings never work out, do they), was their Opening Day starter, remember? threw 25 games over 129 innings with a 74 ERA+ which, by the way, was his worst showing in the majors (except for his first cup of coffee at age 23.) They released him at the end of August – and at the time, they were short of pitchers and desperately trying not to have another losing season. To no avail.

I guess this means that Dallas Keuchel will be either at AAA or out on his ass. Not that I’m surprised at all this signing of retreads. If you remember, the AAA pitchers were beyond awful last year. Remember Edgar Gonzalez and Armando Galaragga?
Yeh, Ida wanna neither. Here we go again.


8 Responses to “1/23/13: Let’s Compare New Astro Erik Bedard And Old Astro Mike Hampton”

  1. Eric says:

    I loved Mike Hampton but boy did he (like Darryl Kile) ever make a huge mistake signing with Colorado aka the graveyard of good pitchers.

    Kile did recover somewhat after his disastrous Rockies stint…Hampton never really recovered in more ways than one.

    Sure money talks alot but if I was a pitcher nowadays I would NEVAH sign with Colorado…ever unless they offered me Fort Knox’s worth of moolah.

  2. Bruce says:

    Hampton could hit. Course, that wouldn’t matter with the DH. Or maybe it would.

    PS Hope the Melancon signing is the steal of the year for the Bucs!

  3. Bruce says:

    Guess that was a trade, not a FA signing.

  4. Becky says:

    Colorado is where good pitcher’s go to die. There ain’t nuthin in Colorado, but dead air. Ask any one of our pitcher last year……..they ALL became undone
    after that series. I don’t know ONE SINGLE pitcher that likes to pitch there.

  5. Lisa Gray says:

    mike hampton pulled himself together after he went to atlanta, it’s just he didn’t last long before getting hurt. the pre-humidor days were not fun. nobody LIKES to pitch in colorado but after all, there have been TWO no hitters thrown there. and besides tulowitski, they don’t have anyone who can actually hit the ball.

    maybe melancon will be the stud of the year for the bucs seeing as how francisco liriano and his broken arm are the dud

  6. Bruce says:

    I say discount seat prices by team budget divided by average team budget. Re-building and debt repayment goes both ways.

  7. Bruce says:

    I like club seats. Say around $45 or so. If average 2013 payroll is $90 million and the Astro’s payroll is $30 million, I’ll pay $15 for a club seat.

  8. Bruce says:

    “Give me Earl Williams, I’ll win the pennant.”


    Came oh so close, but what a who’s who series!