1/9/13: No Baggy, No Biggio, No Body

Twenty five to none, baby,
None in twenty five
No one gets IN alive

May take a year, no
It may take longer
They got the votes 
Though you got the numbers

Gonna sit, yeah,
Your ballgames are over, boys
Night is drawing near
Shadows of the evening
Crawl across the years

apologies Jim Morrison

Husband told me – go write this entry, get it out of your system. I’ll grill something. Sorry your boys didn’t make it in
(translation: we don’t hafta go to that stupid little town in the middle of nowheresville Yankeeland with nothin to do except for stand there with thumbs up butt while Wife gets all googoo eyed over Bagwell and Biggio and some stupid museum with mostly dead guys don’t even know their NAMES in it- and we get to go back to Galveston and go swimming YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!)

Well, all those smug, self important BBWAA and all those smug, self-important HOFers who wouldn’t NEVAH have done NOTHING immoral or TOUCHED any substance or thing that might could give them any sort of improvement or edge – you think they are gonna do anything to help the museum, which has lost money the last 8 of 10 years, and will get this crowd of dozens for the induction of some guys who have been dead a hundred years that nobody but SABRites have heard of?

HAIL no.

They are too busy crowing about The Sanctity Of The Halls. Not crowing about The Poverty Of The Local Businesspeople who they just deprived of their main business week of the year.

I can’t understand voting a good but not great pitcher like Morris over Bagwell or Biggio. They are not going in, if ever, for a long LONG time, seeing as how the BBWAA’s Declared Perfect Players who could not POSSIBLY have been associated with steroids in any way, shape or form, have managed to stagger themselves every year so they can put in only the perfect. Starting with Maddux next year. I would say Frank Thomas too, but he was very large, hit a LOT of home runs, and therefore MUST be one of those damm dirty roiders. Right?

Next year comes Randy Johnson, who didn’t get to be any good until he was 30 and lasted WELL into his 40s, throwing 90+ MPH sliders – and you know it’s impossible for that to have been due to roids, right?

And so on.

Bagwell, Biggio, Lofton (who fell off the ballot – and that is because he didn’t hit enough homers for a CF, unlike The Sainted Kirby Puckett, who couldn’t possibly have used roids to suddenly increase his HR totals from 4/year to 31/year, the year BEFORE the Juiced Ball in 87) Larry Walker (often mistaken for Dante Bichette), Schilling and his bloody mouth – I mean Sock. Rock Raines, Mike Piazza (acne is like betting on baseball – right?) and Alan Trammell. And Rafe Palmeiro – don’t ask me why people believe Miguel Tejada who was on the Mitchell Report because they had RECEIPTS for his purchase of steroids.

Let alone the 2 best players of the past 50 years who are being kept out for being, uh, jerks. Or as Ken Burns and his hazy shade of Remebrance of Golden Years Past put it – teach those mother, uh, lovers – ahem – a lesson.

IT’s too stupid. it’s really TOO stupid. In the not so distant future, we’re gonna look back at the Salem Steroid Trials and honestly wonder what all the fuss was about. Just like we wonder why, now, that so many folks were so hysterical about not allowing Those Icky Negroes to play on the Nice White Ballpark Grounds For the Regular Season.
The veterans committee gonna put most of them in 20 years from now and unlike Frankie Frisch’s gang, THESE guys will be genuinely great.

You know what? I think that this IS the right year to go to the Cooperstown inductions. No problem finding a hotel room, no crowds, no bloviating Hall of Famers going on about what little choir boys they were Back In The Good Old Days.


Yeh, gonna sockitto Husby-doo. No crowds this time boy, no excuse for YOU.


8 Responses to “1/9/13: No Baggy, No Biggio, No Body”

  1. Eric says:

    If the BBWA are gonna go use the “Character paragraph to keep “suspected but not proven PED users” out of the HOF, they’d better start with shady characters like Ty Cobb – known to have high spiked anyone trying to put him out at the bag. Or Babe Ruth – known alcoholic and womanizer.

    The HOF has quite a few players in it that don’t quite meet the criteria of “I’d take my mom to meet him”

    I’m all for revoking the BBWA’s voting privileges and giving them to the players themselves. At least they know EXACTLY what it’s all about They actually play the game for god-sakes unlike those imbeciles whole sale violating one of the most sacrosanct rules of journalism: DO NOT BECOME THE STORY !

    As I said to that Peterson character: You ain’t a journalist. You’re a yellow journalism hack.

  2. Eric says:

    Although it’s funny to imagine Schilling with his bloody sock stuffed in his mouth chewing and frothing on it like a rabid dog.

  3. Lisa Gray says:


    the wroters who DO comment have made it clear that they have no problem with ANY sort of character problme except one that makes muscles get bigger and breaks The Sacred Home Run Record. They ALL say this. And they think that amphetamines was “part of the game like spitballs” and therefore that kind of cheating is colorful.

    The colorful they do NOT like is barry lamar bonds

  4. wags says:

    Sanctity of the hall.
    Sanctity of the National League.
    Sanctity of the DH.
    Sanctity of tradition.

  5. Joe in Birmingham says:

    Cooperstown has lost its glitter for sure.

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    all gone bybyby


    i’m sure the merchants appreciate the voters keeping All The Cheaters out and they are looking forward to the 58 people descended from deacon blues coming for the induction.
    ah well, it will be a great year for me n husby to go – nobody in front of 5-2 lil ol me so as i will be able to see whoever accepting the trophy for whosis

  7. Eric says:

    If there’s any justice in the world, every inn and motel within 100 miles of Cooperstown will gouge every BBWA affilated person with the world’s highest prices for lodging for the duration of their stay…

    I’d be okay with it if they all exceeded the legal limit for room pricing too by an arm and leg too.

  8. Lisa Gray says:

    eric from what i hear, the hall is going to come up with SOME kind of stunt to attract the crowds seeing as how they aren’t coming for the induction of deacon blues. or whoever.

    and all those already living HOFers who been screaming their mouths off about NO CHEATERS IN THE HALL WHO GOT BETTER DRUGS THAN WE DID!!! had damm well all better freaking BE there and BE accessible all THREE days meaning get hassled by umpty fans and siign umpty autographs all day long to make up for them being complete and total effwads

    the hall is figuring they can weather this year’s slump if they get maddux inducted next year (and maybe a lil $$$ under the table unpublicized donationfrom MLB, seeing as how, as an “independent” museum, they do whatever bud wants). of course, this won’t do a damm thing for all the business folks who are getting screwed.