1/8/13: In Which Michael Bourn Can’t Find A Job And The Hof Won’t Find Visitors In Jluy

Well, so far, it looks as if teams are simply not interested in Michael Bourn. He turned down a 13.3 mill Qualifying Offer from the Braves, who jumped for joy, went out and immediately signed BJ Upton, forfeiting their first round pick (who is, by the way, another Boras client, so it can’t be simply a refusal to sign any Boras client…)

Thing is, apparently no other team is willing to forfeit theirs.  Any except for the Braves, who already have their brand new CF (and honestly, wasting Bourn in LF???) would forfeit their first or second rounder even if they paid Michael a 1 year minimum wage contract. Pretty much any team that is willing to spend any money found themselves some OTHER center fielder, and Arizona is trying to dump Justin Upton as they have already picked Cody Ross to replace him. Really. I swear it.

Trouble is that Justin Upton is 5 years younger than Michael, hits for more power. Michael fields better, runs better, but is no power hitter. And Justin has 3 more already cost controlled years because of the contract he signed 2 years ago, and would be cheaper than Bourn – and won’t cost a draft pick.

I’m a little surprised about the draft pick thing –  so few prospects develop, and there are very few Alex Rodriguez/Evan Longorias. Unless you are really REALLY sure your pick is a super talent, you would refuse a top notch major leaguer? I guess so. So many fans are so delighted about major leaguers getting paid less and less. I just don’t get why they want the billionaire owners to get more, and yes, I know I’ve said it before. But here you have a really excellent major leaguer who apparently isn’t going to be able to get a job, seeing how ANY salary would be too much.

The only team who can sign Bourn without giving up a pick is the Braves. They can offer him minimum wage, he can take it or leave it, and then the Braves can trade him and get a lot for a top CF who is getting minimum wage. I’ll bet the MLBPA didn’t forsee THAT happening. The union has made blunder after blunder for a good 10 years now, starting with their stupidity over the steroids. I mean, not instituting their own testing program like the superb one run by the NFL where nobody dares to touch an illegal drug.


And the screeching anti-steroid zealots who have glorified 105 ERA+ pitchers from BITGOD will get their wish – no one is going to be elected to the HOF this year in spite of the fact that there are a minimum of 10 guys on the ballot who belong. The merchants of the Cooperstown area eagerly anticipate the enormous crowd coming to see whatshisname dead guy who only SABR people who who he is. I’m sure that the actual Hall Of Famers who are screaming about OMG TEH ROIDS!!! us guys didn’t never take NOTHIN stronger than water!!!  and how they won’t have NOTHING to do with the Hall if Those Terrible Evul People get elected, are going to be sure to stay around Cooperstown all weekend, greeting fans, signing autographs, helping the economy instead of doing what the All-Star electees do, which is to come in late, stay for 2 innings, then take off in their private planes.

Way to support the good people of the Cooperstown area, you sanctimonious blowhards.

Baggy and BGO aren’t going in next year neither – that’s the year of Saints Maddux and Glavine, the guys who lived with the called strike at the knees 4 inches off the plate, who wouldn’t NEVAH touch no NOTHIN that wasn’t pure. Then there are whole lot of Pure Untouched Saints coming after them.

Hopefully, in 20 years, the veterans’ committee will have more sense.



11 Responses to “1/8/13: In Which Michael Bourn Can’t Find A Job And The Hof Won’t Find Visitors In Jluy”

  1. Becky says:

    Lisa……you have GOT to be kidding me. I can not BELIEVE these a$$ holes
    will not vote ANYONE in this year. If this is true………..EVERY WRITER who
    votes on the HOF, should get their voting rights YANKED. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    it’s not baggy and BGO are borderline guys neither

    bonds and clemens are 2 of the best major leaguers to play – and look at this idiocy. pretending using steroids (if they did) is the same as throwing/betting on baseball.

    it’s too bad none of the candidates who is accused with no reason other than – he lifted weights – has the guts to tell the writers to stick it up their asses.

  3. Eric says:

    I caught the article of a voter who said he sent back a blank ballot. (on ESPN.com)

    I told him via email that unlike Bagwell or Biggio who played all out for the Astros, he didn’t have what it took to put his nose to the gristmill and actually OH..VOTED.

    It’s slacktards like him who don’t deserve the honor of being a HOF voter. Either vote or get out. He was given a job. He didn’t do it. Now I know if I managed the Astros and gave Bags or Biggio a job to do..they’d go out and do it.

  4. Bruce says:

    Bet Bourn belts baseballs besides Berkman.

  5. Bruce says:

    Beside, not besides.

    Singleton ….. sigh.

  6. Becky says:

    I’m so effin mad……………….my husband had better NOT SAY ONE WORD to me tonight about this, if he wants to live another day.

  7. Lisa Gray says:


    there were more than a few who abstained and worse, who sent in a deliberately blank ballot. i have ZERO respect for clowns like that.

    they don’t care what a player did/didn’t do – if they played in “the steroid era” – disregarding juiced baseballs, chenged ballparks, changed bats, changed strike zones – hey, no votes for Those People.

    i insist on a clean blog, so i am not gonna say what i thnk of them because there aren’t any nice clean words.

    the rangers don’t need a CF, unfortunately for bourn.

    isn’t it TERRIBLE that the astros had a minor leaguer get caught using performance enhancing drugs? i wonder how mary J wanna enhances performance.

    doesn’t say real too much for his brains, gotta say that. MJ stays in the body for a long time. you can have a positive test months after you use

  8. Lisa Gray says:


    yeah. mine was smart enough to grill something for the kidz and leave me be to my computer. kidz are leaving me alone. Dogss are leaving me alone. i’ve been on the computer since like 4 and i’m still not hungry even though Husband made me eat something a while ago. i’m so furious with those swear words voters i could scream. even though i knew it was coming. the cooperstown = ghost town thing i mean

  9. James says:

    Bourn turned down 13.3 million dollars? What an idiot. At least that story got buried in the HOF debacle.

  10. Lisa Gray says:


    bourn wasn’t a TOTAL idiot – the 13.3 mill was for one year and i think he had reasonably good reason to believe that there were at least 4 teams who would want an all-star gold glove CF for a multi year contract. boras has almost always managed to pull contracts out of thin air. the one who i thought/think is an idiot is rafael soriano. of course, youneverknow, it may be me who is the idiot – but i can’t see him getting any 14.4 mill a year to close – let alone for multi years


    bourn ain’t gettin no 13.3 mill a year from the rangers…