1/5/13: Alan Ashby Returns To Astros Broadcasts

First of all, sorry no posts – my last long one about Baggy and BGO almost certainly not making the HOF along with nobody else vanished. Ridiculous – 8 absolutely no doubt superior ballplayers all deserving of the HOF, along with one of the 5 best position players and 5 best pitchers who ever played, left off most ballots.  But the writers, who haven’t needed to make a statement about “steroid era” players like Roberto Alomar and Barry Larkin, suddenly remember that hey – they have to refuse to mail in ballots, or worse, send in BLANK ballots, which count.

What if they gave a WAR and nobody came?

Why, then, the BBWAA, who closed their eyes tightly in the 80s and 90s
Would stay home when the fight over “PEDs” begins 
And let another vote and be blamed
They SHOULD care – whether or not the player rose above his ERA, but no.
He/she who does not take part
In the ballot will share in the defeat.
Even avoiding ballot will not avoid battle.
Since not to fight for your own cause 
Really means
Fighting on behalf of your enemy’s cause.

(apologies Bertold Brecht)

The excuse is that the previously ignored “character” clause is now to be used to mean whatever some voter’s prejudice entails. The pretense that no one can be properly judged against his peers is absurd. The pretense that EVERYONE who excelled should be punished is a repeat of the Salem Witch Trials. Accusation = Proof. Naturally, I have noticed that those who accuse, say, Jeff Bagwell of doing drugs (such as Jeff Pearlman) have never offered the slightest shred of genuine PROOF, merely stated that “Houston clubhouse was full of drugs and everyone knows it.”

This is beyond sorry.

They “know” that Greg Maddux, Junior Griffey and Frank Thomas were clean, like HOW? Especially Thomas, the power hitter who out of nowhere, had a superb age 39 season; the explanation is that Thomas was a vocal anti-roider. I say like beeeg deal – Preacher Ted Haggard was loudly, publically anti-gay and whaddaya know, he himself was a closet gay (and drug user, too.)

And if greenies, as illegal as roids, were so OK for the Old Timers to use because they were just like coffee and not performance enhancing at all, and put in bowls in the clubhouses, why is it that no Old Timer will admit to using them? Besides the old Bill Clinton explanation of how he didn’t inhale.


Husband isn’t real too upset, seeing as how if Baggy and BGO won’t be elected, I won’t have a stronger reason that we have to go to Cooperstown (which he has been promising me since we got married – there is always SOME reason that this year is not the right year.)

Anyway – the FO finally got something right after letting jim Deshaeis walk (he must have wanted money or something unreasonable.) Alan Ashby, who was unceremoniously thrown out on his ass at the request of Milo after the 2004 season (for interrupting Milo’s droning on about nonsense, saying terrible and offensive things like the score, the inning, the pitch count, the name of the hitter/pitcher/team.) Ash is not just a former Astro. He is a really REALLY outstanding play by play/color man who has been working for the Jays, who appreciate him.

I know Brownie will be working with (I now hate that phrase, seeing as how I can’t stop associating it with Ed Wade agreeing to “work with” Tal Smith) Ash, but am not sure who the other person will be. I don’t think it will be Alyson Footer, which is just as well because then Husband would be explaining to me how he has always been this die-hard Astros fan and can’t miss the pre-game or post-game show.

The new radio guys, best I know, will be Steve Sparks and (I think) Kevin Eschenfelter. We better hope it’s not Steve Stone, who has been worse than lousy ever since being fired from the Cubs after criticizing players for playing like garbage and getting in pointless fights etc. I DO know that Mo Ensberg, who has been broadcasting on satellite radio, will not be one of the new guys because he is now the infield coordinator with the Lancaster team.

Amazing how many guys, even guys who have plenty of money, just can’t let go of the game and go do something else with their lives. Even working some crap job in the low minors. As Bouton said – here and you thought you were gripping a baseball and all the time it was the other way around…

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14 Responses to “1/5/13: Alan Ashby Returns To Astros Broadcasts”

  1. Bruce says:

    JD is not replaceable, but glad to have Brownie and Ashby, at least for most games.

  2. Eric says:

    Did JD ever get the one vote he always wanted for the HoF ? I know it was just a joke but I’d laugh if JD ever got ONE vote for the HOF.

    Oh wait, if the HOF doesn’t vote in Biggio and Bags, the HOF is a joke.

  3. Lisa Gray says:


    yes, i think that justice threw him a bone. but am not positive

  4. Becky says:

    Today is my birthday, and hearing this news was a pretty good birthday present!
    I LOVED Ashby on the radio, and *HATED* Drayton for fireing him because Milo
    got his feelings hurt, because Ash would correct him. Loved Ensberg too, and
    I think he has a lot to offer young kids at Lancaster. BUT……*MOST* of all, I’m
    so happy Adam Everett is back with the Astros! He was (still is) my all time
    favorite player! The pitchers KNEW they could count on him to gooble up any
    ball he saw, and THAT is HUGE! He wrote the fielding bible! Soft hands, and
    pin point accuracy was his name. My most prized possesion is a signed Adam Everett baseball, and it sits on top of my computer. So, yeah….this was VERY good news today!
    As for Berkman……….money talks, bull sh!t walks…….he chose the money.

  5. Bruce says:

    If so, Justice’s stock goes up for me. That, and the Earl Weaver stories.

  6. Bruce says:

    Maybe Berkman will like the DH role so much that he will stick around a long time and pad that HR total.

  7. Eric says:

    Here’s what Pearlman said:


    There is no chance in hell either man will receive my vote. Ever. I can promise you—neither man will ever, ever, ever be voted for by me.



    PS: I don’t have a vote. :)

    On Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 7:59 PM, Eric Starrett wrote:

    Eric Starrett () wrote:
    Heard that you oppose voting in Biggio and Bagwell into the HOF (which is MUCH
    deserved as the faces of the Astros). And if so, where’s the proof ?

    And if you insist on not voting for either one even though you have no solid
    proof..I’d strongly suggest that you give your voting priviledges to someone
    else far more capable.

    Page visited 1: http://www.jeffpearlman.com/contact/

    I’d suggest we get him kicked off the HOF voting committment – if only to provide an object lesson to other “voters” who don’t know what the word “proof” means.

  8. Eric says:

    Oops, saw that he doesn’t have a vote. Thank God.

  9. Eric says:

    Berkman…you…you signed with the RANGERS ! How could you ?!!

  10. Lisa Gray says:


    and many more!!!!!!!

    i’ve heard that alan trammell was almost as good as adam with the glove. the ONLY ballplayer i have seen who actually IS as good with the glove as adam is brendan ryan (ex-Card who pissed off TLR and uncle albert and got shipped off to seattle). if he could really teach players to be as good as he was. but barry lamar said – it’s talent, and you can’t teach talent…

    drayton catered to milo like he did to bud selig. never understood why. but he’s gone and ash is back. i just hope he is as good on TV as he was on the radio. not that even HALF of the astros Designated Fan Zone (all of texas, a little of OK, La and NM) can even SEE astros broadcasts, seeing as how there is no comcast there.

    berkman did indeed choose the money. so much for principles. i’m thinking he IS trying to pad his numbers, trying to get nears the HOF.


    jeff pearlman is very VERY fond of accusing people of committing felonies without bothering to offer any sort of proof. if it is true that biggio was shooting drugs, i’d sure like to know exactly HOW pearlman “knows” this. i read his clemens book. which was pure conjecture. he is most certainly one of the most hate filled people i have ever had the displeasure of reading.

  11. Bruce says:

    At least Berkman didn’t go back to the Stankees.

    I sure hope he makes the HOF! Hope he does a Barry Lamar and smashes HR’s for another 8 years.

  12. Bruce says:

    The more I think about it, I might just have become a Rangers fan. In addition to those local guys, of course.

  13. Lisa Gray says:



    you wanna watch DH ball, you can watch shtty DH ball right here in houston and