12/28/12: Astros Escape Jose Lopez And AL West Teams Must Figure Out How To Deal With Astros

HAD to link this goodie from TR Sullivan of mlb: AL West Teams must adjust as Astros Enter Fold. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Really? Adjust to what? Adding 12 – 15 more wins a year to their win total? Mariners selling tickets by telling fans – hey, no need to worry about us being in last place again? (Wonder how season ticket sales are going here – I would guess, not real too good, wouldn’t all yall?)


Half of that article is Mike Scoscia taling about how the DH is great for hitting strategy, how wonderful it is that he can play hitnrun with the crappy hitting #9 hitter instead of having the pitcher bunt.

The rest is explaining how the Astros now have a DH (isn’t that WONderful???) in Carlos Pena, 9whose death struggle with the Mendoza line the past few years is well documented) who gets to be a full time DH just like David Ortiz (yeah, both male, both Latin, both over 35, but I think comparisons end there.) And how the Astros get to do a lot more flying out west 2 time zones away. Tsk tsk.

As for Jose Lopez, in case you want to know anything about him, just type in “Matt Kata” and there you go. Fortunately, he’s gone to Japan or Korea to stink their league up.

Otherwise, no news. I keep hearing about Bud Norris getting traded for something cheaper/younger, but haven’t seen anything yet. Any bets on how many games Jose Veras (Stros new closer – no I am not kidding) blows before he gets replaced? Or how long he lasts?

Hope all yall had a great holiday and have a safe New Year’s Eve.


20 Responses to “12/28/12: Astros Escape Jose Lopez And AL West Teams Must Figure Out How To Deal With Astros”

  1. Becky says:


  2. Lisa Gray says:

    couldn’t have said ot better my own self

  3. Eric says:

    New Year’s Resolution: Have a drink for every Astros loss in 2013. I”ll need to keep my liquor cabinet very well stocked, I guess.

  4. Lisa Gray says:


    if i got mah drank on every time the astros lost, i’d be an alcoholic. i prefer, um, INteresting bets with Husband. who has given up reminding me that the stros and i got divorced.

  5. Ralph says:

    How about the Braves new “screaming indian” bp hats. Bunch of hoopla over nothing.

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    the “screaming” indian looks to me like he’s got this kind of insane laugh goin on. it isn’t exactly warrior like, and i hear tell that many native americans find that particular image offensive. i had thought that particular image was gone for good, but no. money talks i guess…

    on the other hand, i personally find the astros win/loss record and jim crane offensive, but unfortunately, hardly anyone else does…

  7. Eric says:


    That’s the downside of playing in a state where only winning and football really matter.

    Houston isn’t noted for it’s fan base…at least not since the Luv Ya Blue craze while Bum Phillips – now there’s a stereotype of a Texan for ya for all the hometown folk to rally around.

    So based on that, to energize (with all due sarcasm) the Astros fan base, all they gotta do is hire an “aw shucks” kind of manager. Qualifications must require being able to ride the mechanical bull at Gilley’s (if that’s STILL around..) wear a ten gallon hat, cowboy boots and always tuck the fingers in the belt with that big old shiney belt buckle

    Yeah I’ll stop now with the beating of that particular dead horse. Yee haw !

  8. Lisa Gray says:


    we already had phil garner. and now we have bo porter, who LIVES here, but is not a Real Texan. He’s from Noo Joizey, not sure how well he could pull off the Vacquero Look (like Carlos Lee did). But the guys who run the FO don’t appear to be real too concerned about whether the team has fans or not. I mean, who needs fans to make money these days? just keep playing replacement level crap and whatever you get loucky with from your minors until they get expensive and – hey presto – LOTS of profit…

  9. Eric says:

    New Jersey huh ? Any chance that Bo Porter has that “Guido” thing going at all ? (See Joe Piscopo to see what I mean…)

    But anyway..it’s cause profit sharing that makeswhether or not fans show up in the ball park somewhat unimportant to Crane and the Astros cause they’ll be rolling in hay anyway, right ?

    And the money from TV rights ! Any chance they’ll shot shots of the largely empty seats in MMP in 2013 onwards ? Actually there’ll be fans that’ll show up cause the Astros are Astros…baseball knowledge isn’t really necessary maybe just an excuse to drink those $12.00 cups of Shiner Bock. (Gah, you can buy a SIX PACK of those at a grocery store for 8 buckaroos !)

    What a deal ! Overpriced beer and bad baseball !

  10. Lisa Gray says:

    bo porter – uh, no guido thing goin on

    the money from MLBAM/ESPN/Fox/Comcast make it completely unnecessary to have any fans show up (think marlins) as long as the payroll is kept extremely low. there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to try to win. you get well paid for losing and it isn’t even taking a dive.

    i have no idea what they think they are actually gonna do if they happen to develop a giancarlo stanton. trade him – which is what the marlins are gonna do. makes fiscal sense.

    it’s incredible – a new stadium full of emptyy seats – with corporations sponsoring whatever for tax breaks. no fans needed.

    i better stop now. my lawn is too small for kids to went to be on anyhow…

  11. Eric says:

    That’s just wrong on so many levels.


  12. Lisa Gray says:


    it’s how things are set up to make the most money for the owners. and the corporations and their tax breaks. billionaires are not gonna change things – unless, for some odd reason, they want to win more than they want to make money they don’t need.

    and crane doesn’t have THAT much money.

    i would get upset, but really, all it does is give me blood pressure over something i can’t do nothin about.

  13. Bruce says:

    Isn’t there some optimum level where spending more would actually make back a bigger return, and also win?

    Finally, just because Crane is set-up to make money even if losing 120 games, does that mean he is satisfied with that? Who can really know but him? Also, aren’t there actually a large number of minority owners to satisfy?

  14. Ralph says:

    Good to know we circled the wagons and shored everything up. I was beginning to worry for a second that we hadn’t addressed the needs of the team.

  15. Bruce says:

    From Rotoworld…

    Rangers president Nolan Ryan confirmed to Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston that the club has made an offer to free agent Lance Berkman.

    No word on the specifics of the offer, but Ryan said that the Rangers are “looking for a DH” and feel that Berkman “would fill that bill.” Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Friday morning that the Rays and Orioles have “reached out” to Berkman while Astros GM Jeff Luhnow has been in touch with the veteran slugger over the past two days. He still hasn’t made up his mind about whether he’ll play in 2013, but it sounds like a decision could be imminent.

  16. Steve says:

    Veras can’t blow a save unless the ‘stros are leading after 8. So he won’t have hardly any blown in 2013.

  17. Lisa Gray says:


    thing is, once you go over minimum wage, you are gambling that you will get actual live bodies in the ballpark. some teams don’t get fans showing up no matter HOW the team does. crane will be getting a guaranteed 40+ mill – and who knows what he does or doesn’t REALLY want. he may not care even a tiny little bit what the team actually does. He’s got a GOOD 3-5 year grace period because he is “rebuilding” and he will certainly be sure to hire SOME free agent (cheap) to keep the MLBPA off his back. Not sure how long he can keep it up – I mean DOWN. i suppose they will demand he sign SOME player/players to a multi-year deal that will have to pay them more than minimum, but he can trade them as soon as he has to pay any real money – with any excuse. See jeff loria.

    minority owners are there to make money, not to win.

  18. Lisa Gray says:


    that about sums it up
    looks to me as if more and more, teams are not going for Proven Closers, but just some relievers – the Hated Bullpen By Committee has come around. remember all the shtt the redsox got for that back in 03?
    if veras sucks, which is likely, some other warm body will be thrown out there. youneverknow. maybe whatshisname the closer at AA will get the job. youneverknow

  19. Bruce says:

    I still think back to when Lyons blew the save on opening day a few years back. That felt like the beginning of the end.

  20. Lisa Gray says:


    beginning of the end was mclane insisting on continuously trading away ANY decent young player for whatever shtty veteran caught his eye – that, and not agreeing to sign anyone who had boras for an agent (expensive) or over slot. that shtt started the year after chris burke was signed – he freaked over 2 mill for an amateur. he never EVER understood the importance of feeding through the minors as he saw the minors only as a way to get chips to trade for real players.

    then it was the refusal to play luke scott and chris burke in 06 – and this was before burkie poo tore his shoulder a second time. he SHOULD have been playing at second full time. but noooooo. mclane insisting on keeping biggio and keeping him playing full time, home and away in 07 – at the expense of the rest of the team.

    then in 08 – the idiotic wasting of 14 mill a year PLUS 5 young players on miguel GIDP tejada

    and so on. seems to me i remember that valverde blew the Opening Day save in 08, just as lidge had blown it in 07.

    and JD is absolutely NOT replaceable, but i guess ashby was cheaper and you know what is important.

    maybe we could get kevin bass full time. he’s like 55 or something and he’s STILL really REALLY FINE. plus he knows the astros and he knows baseball and is not one of those mccarver cliche idiots