12/4/12: The End Of The End Of The Astros – Goodbye Jim Deshaeis

Brownie had already been fired and JD is now gone to the C*bs.

I don’t know whether or not JD left because he didn’t want anything to do with Crane/Luhnow/the DH league, or whether he was lowballed. I have no idea who is going to replace them, and I think, that like most Astros fans, I really don’t care. Husband is hoping it is Alyson Footer, but I told him that she’d cost too much.

All yall DO know that they are shopping Bud Norris, right? After all, he’s going to make more than 500K.

Luhnow has come out and said, very plainly, that the team will NOT be spending money on free agents (unless they are Phil Humber “quality.”) The team will take in an absolute minimum of 80 mill from TV money, more from MLBAM and they are going to have a 20 million dollar payroll. The excuse is that they are “rebuilding.” Which they will be doing for the next 3 years.

Where is the rest of the money going? They have an el-cheapo manager, el-cheapo coaches, el-cheapo broadcasters both radio and TV (you wait n see) and they can’t spend more than 10 mill on the draft. They certainly aren’t spending more than 10 million in the Dominican and they can’t sign expensive foreign youngster free agents any more.

So if the rest of that money is NOT going into Crane’s personal checking account, where IS it going? It sure as heck isn’t on the team. The Players’ Union will look into the refusal to spend revenue sharing money (which the Astros will now be receiving) on players. They forced Loria to spend on a couple of players, but then he went back to his old tricks and he’s doing business as usual. He won’t be forced out, he CERTAINLY isn’t gonna give the money back to the taxpayers and the local citizens are going to watch a bunch of AAAA guys plus Giancarlo Stanton. I mean, the few local citizens who, for some bizarre reason, still care.

Same thing here. Crane knows very well he can make zillions if the stadium is empty – see Loria. The other owners don’t care because Selig has long since convinced them that they ALL make more money this way. I suppose they think that if the team somehow manages to have a roster of players who are actual major leaguers (and cheap, naturally) in 4-5 years and they manage to get over .500, that the Astros fans will bandwagon on in.


It doesn’t matter whether or not they do. He’ll be plenty rich from losing.

And speaking of losing – too many BBWAA are losing it this year. We now have guys accusing Craig Biggio of doing drugs. I’m not real too clear if

1- he did them because he was friendly with Ken Caminiti in the early 90s – long BEFORE he was traded to San Diego and started shooting up (at which time, Biggio and Cammy weren’t real too particular close friends)
2 – he did them because he and Bagwell were giving each other butt injections in bathroom stalls ala Canseco and McGwire supposedly were
3 – when Roger Clemens came to the Astros in Jan 03, he called up Biggio and suggested that Biggio join him in shooting up and so that is why Biggio managed to hit 26 homers at age 38. Had nothing to do with pulling every single pitch into left.

So I guess the only player on that stacked ballot with 2 of the best players to ever play, who is going to be elected is Jack Morris and his 3.90 ERA/105 ERA+ who has been declared “clean” even though he sure as heck was pitching long after Canseco was shooting up (steroids were certainly around even in the late 80s) and had one famous WS game at age 37 in which he pitched 10 shutout innings.

Fred McGriff, declared CLEAN (don’t ask me why) isn’t gonna sniff the Hall because he doesn’t stand up to his contemporaries, all of whom are accused of shooting drugs.

And other guys who deserve to be in, like Trammell and Raines (how the HECK is he ignored? must be that performance enhancing cocaine he used, like Paul Molitor) , Edgar Martinez, Larry Walker (no it was NOT Coors Field), Palmeiro, Piazza, Sosa – let alone Bonds and Clemens – all no go. It’s really beyond stupid.

And there are a lot of guys for the Hall Of Very Good – Reggie Sanders, Steve Finley (both of whom have 300 homers/300 steals) Bernie Williams, Curt Schilling (you talk about failing the character clause – but the ONLY one the writers care about is steroids), David Wells, Shawn Green – even ex-Stro Woody Williams.

The last really excellent player who was elected was The Rickey and we’re touting Andre Dawson and Jim Ed Rice and Jack Morris as great.

I have ZERO sympathy for all those screeching – ohhhhhh steroids users were these terrible cheaters – ooooh the records!!! writers. If they thought steroids were soooooo terrible, were the heck were they back in the 80s – I didn’t see anyone writing any sort of exposes – and use was rampant. They can go stuff it up their sanctimonious butts.


8 Responses to “12/4/12: The End Of The End Of The Astros – Goodbye Jim Deshaeis”

  1. pg says:

    Biggie & steroids? C’mon!

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    i wish i was kidding. have seen two articles already saying – like, how do we KNOW he was clean? after all, he knew caminiti, he knew clemens, RIGHT? i understand that there really is no telling who did and who did not do steroids, which is one of the many reasons i don’t care about it, but it is absolute and total bullcrap that the media can accuse or state that someone is an unconvicted felon without the slightest need to have any proof.

  3. James says:

    The writers need a reality check. Everyone was doing steriods? Ok, fine. Then in the steriods era, they were all on a level playing field and the best should still be elected into the hall of fame.

  4. Eric says:

    Unless they can prove Biggio was indeed guilty of using steroids, ditto Bagwell, the writers should shut up and elect both into the HOF and be done with it. Both WERE the face of the Astros and they deserve to be in the HOF.

    James has a point. It’s not that much different from the Tour de France…everyone probably was using drugs so the playing field was still level anyway. It’s amusing though seeing as the Tour de France is gonna have a seven year hole in their title holders.

  5. Eric says:

    Besides if Biggio is guilty simply of knowing Clemens and Caminiti, oh yeah, virtually every team that they played on are GUILTY too. That includes the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres.

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    no you got it all wrong. there were some Bad Guys who were doing steroids, and the ones who did were all superstars who became superstars by “cheating” and ruined the records. the rest of the guys were choirboys and goose gossage and all the other suddenly BITGOD guys who most likely were doing illegal amphetamines – oh – but THAT’S just GoodOlBoy type stuff.

    seriously seriously irritates me. cheating, my ass. it was promoted and encouraged at ALL levels of baseball from high school on up. “you need to get bigger” and “you need to get stronger” and trainers/coaches handing the stuff out. cheating, my ass.

    you have to compare ballplayers against peers. and screaming about the successful ones who did the same damm thing that the unsuccessful ones did – that is pure bullstuff. i just wish one of the supposedly “clean” ones like maddux would stand up and say – this is crap. no barry lamar, no clemens, no sosa, no piazza, no me. but in the end, nobody got the guts. i’m also eagerly waiting for someone to FINALLY out one of the big mouths.

  7. Eric says:

    Jose Canseco did indeed out the entire steroid thing in his book “Juiced” At that time he was mocked and riduculed not to mention being ignored.

    He had the last laugh in the end…events vindicated him and his book.

  8. Lisa Gray says:

    interesting that canseco INSISTS that roger clemens did not use steroids – people believe him only when it is convenient to fit their prejudices.