11/26/12: Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Well, the good news is that I ended up cooking only pies and cranberry sauce. Sons 1-3 cooked the cornbread (with a little help, yes) and roasted the turkey legs. The giant feast was held at my Mama and Daddy’s and they are recuperating on life support, as Daddy overdosed on sugared pecans and Mama on coffee. NOW they see why I got tired of doing this every year. And why we are stricter than Carrie Nation about our No Alcohol No Kidding rule (hint: alcohol does NOT make everyone who drinks it more fun, more pleasant and a better conversationalist…)

Remembering 06
remembering 07
remembering 08
remembering last year

And best of all, we are not STILL eating turkey and ham. Although my kidsss would most certainly not complain about getting turkey legs. They are, however, complaining about the end of endless desserts.

And speaking of just desserts,  JB Shuck signed a minor league contract with the Angels – not that he has much of any chance to play on their ML team with Trout, Bourjois and Mark Trumbo in the OF – not to mention the virtually worthless Vernon Wells taking the 4th OF spot on the bench because he costs so much. Brian Bixler (utility IF who is a AAAA guy) signed with the Mets.

We haven’t signed any FA, regardless of cost.

Brian Bogusevic signed a free agent contract (minor league) with the Cubs. I wish him luck. The Astros wasted THREE years of his young life. Stupid player development people. A lot of baseball success isn’t talent – it’s being in the right place at the right time and having the right people like you. And not having stupid player development people screw up your career.

And speaking of players to develop – prospect lists are out.

Here is Marc Hulet (Fangraphs) Top 15 (Singleton is #1) then Correa, DeShields, Springer, McCullers, Cosart, Foltynewicz, Rio Ruiz, Carlos Perez (Brandon Lyon trade), Tropeano. Of those, 6 are Astros draft picks. You notice the absence of Jio Mier. Also Jonathan Villar, Domingo Santana, Ariel Ovando, and a whole bunch of guys who were pimped last year. Hulet’s reports are free, everyone else is subscription only.

Here is Baseball America’s Top 10 (Correa is #1) – then Singleton, Springer, McCullers, Foltynewicz, DeShields, Cosart, Ruiz, Tropeano, Fontana. Note that they don’t list anyone from the Bourn trade, anyone from the Wandy trade, anyone from the Chris Johnson trade, anyone from the Brett Myers or Brandon Lyon trade. Last year’s list had Jonathan Villar (uck), Brett Oberholzer (who the Organization likes, and is pimping and may very well make the ML team at some time this year, of not next) and Telvin Nash (who has incredible power, but strikes out most of the time and has a low BA as well).

Here is Baseball Prospectus’ Top 10 – they have Singleton #1. Then Correa, Springer, DeShields, Cosart, Jonathan Villar (????!!!!!!!), Domingo Santana, Ruiz, McCullers, Foltynewicz.

Here is BP’s Jason Parks’ (Kevin Goldstein’s replacement) scouting report on Carlos Correa (scroll halfway down.)

Nobody lists Paul Clemens, Ariel Ovando, Chia Jen Lo, Ross Seaton, Tanner Bushue (highly pimped, but sank beneath the waves into some kind of permanent Spring Training thing akin to the Yankees and Tampa), Austin Wates (with the minor league Catch Of The Year)

I have never understood how they do these prospect ratings, except that they have a thing about “potential” which is greater the younger the player. You notice they don’t list Jose Cisnero, AAA pitcher, who is more likely to make the ML roster in 2013 than anyone not named Singleton. I guess  having “potential” is more exciting than actually MAKING the major league team, even if it is as the 25th man or the last reliever.

Just a few more days until the non-tender deadline (Nov 30) and then is the Rule V draft on Dec 6.

The last 2 years, the Astros have done well in the Rule V – in 2011 with Aneury Rodriguez, and last year with Marwin Gonzalez. Let’s hope Kevin Goldstein’s scouting expertise will get some good, overlooked guys.

7 Responses to “11/26/12: Happy Thanksgiving 2012”

  1. Ralph says:

    Now the stros are in talks to trade Wilton Lopez to the phillies for more PROSPECTS…..I hate myself for loving the Astros :(

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    the deal hasn’t gone through, but from the way they are talking, wilton IS going to get traded off to SOMEone. And seeing as how the astros are planning to lose “0+ games for the next 4 or so years while being sure to have plenty of great prospects, who needs a closer?

  3. Becky says:

    The deal fell through because Luhnow insisted on getting their #1 catcher in AAA
    Valle. No secret we *NEED* catching prospects……..Amaro wouldn’t part with Valle. Becky

  4. Becky says:

    Someone on the Phillies official MLB blog, said Lopez tested high testosterone,
    “mary jane”, and some other banned substance. I can NOT believe he would test positive for any of this crap. Hard to believe ANYTHING anymore.

  5. Lisa Gray says:


    if wilton really tests positive, we’ll find out right quick because that will get released and he’ll get a 50 game suspension and the astros will nontender him

    wilton is a decent reliever, but he’s not the kind of reliever who is worth your best prospect. the reason he looks so good on the astros speaks volumes about how bad the astros are

  6. Becky says:

    I called the guy out, and told him if he has no “proof” of this, he needs to shut up.
    You’re right………we will find out soon. Mickey Storey got DFA’d today, I wish Luhnow would pick him back up. The kid nearly pitched his arm off, and he was only with the big club about 6 weeks!

  7. Lisa Gray says:


    the yankees grabbed mickey like a week ago – i see they DFAd him. i’d like him back. He’s better than Rhiner Cruz.