11/20/12: Goodbye Mickey Storey; Hopefully, Hello Clint Robinson

To my surprise, the team held onto Fernando Rodriguez and let go of Mickey Storey, who was immediately snapped up by The Evulll Empire. Scott Moore was taken off the 40 man and sent to AAA, which did NOT make him happy, and he’s looking for a ML job, not that I blame him. He’s a reasonable option for a 25th man.

The Astros, not to my surprise, have Paul Clemens, Brett Oberholzer, Jarred Cosart and Ross Seaton on the 40 man, now. To my surprise and delight, they also added Jose Cisnero, who pitched great at AA and had a few games at AAA – 2 lousy, 4 good. Chia-Jen Lo, who was signed all the way back in 08 (!!!!!) has also come back from endless surgery and is back on the 40 man. So is Robbie Grossman, obtained in the Wandy trade. He’s an AA outfielder, 23 years old from Cy-Fair, who had a .786 OPS at AA and has an overall minor league of .769 – not particularly outstanding for an outfielder.


The Rule V draft is coming up – the Astros have 2 spots left and my baseball friend Perry Van Hook (from SABR) thought that since we have the first pick, we should grab Clint Robinson from KC, who has left him unprotected. He’s 27, will be 28 in February, was drafted in the 25th round of the 07 draft. I can’t believe this guy has been left to rot int he minors. He either can’t field/throw/run or they have something personal against him.

Look at these numbers:

Age 22, Rookie League .963 OPS/ 278 PA
Age 23, A ball . 806 OPS/ 424 PA
Age 24, A+ ball, .819 OPS/ 483 PA
Age 25, AA, 1.083 OPS/  548 PA – 58 BB/ 86 K (this is Arkansas, not Coors/Las Vegas
Age 26 AAA,  .932 OPS/ 574 PA – 58 BB/88 K, 18 GIDP (and no ML appearances neither)
Age 27 AAA . .845 OPS/ 570 PA – 79 BB/ 65 K, 17 GIDP (4 ML PA)

WHY??? won’t they play him or trade him? I never understand why guys like this who can hit like this rot in the minors, while they promote first rounders who didn’t hit.

Well, this team is supposed to be statty and Kevin Goldstein, the prospect expert, should be all OVAH this guy. He plays 1B, LF and DH. We, I mean THEY, need hitters like this, seeing as how there isn’t anyone on the ML team who has numbers like this.

We could even go and get Bryan LeHair, as the Cubs have DFAd him and he can hit.

Yes, I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner again. Don’t ask me how I get talked into this every year.


5 Responses to “11/20/12: Goodbye Mickey Storey; Hopefully, Hello Clint Robinson”

  1. Eric says:

    Because they think you’re June Cleaver ? 😛

    Happy Turkey Day all you Astros or ex-Astros fans as the case may be !


  2. Bruce says:

    Bryan LaHair, great idea!

    Somebody to pop a HR or two when the Rangers are in town.

    Low budget, DH….oh, heck, when do P&C’s report?

  3. Bruce says:

    Just read LaHair going to Japan.

  4. Bruce says:

    I hope we, I mean they, read your Clint Robinson report.

  5. Becky says:

    I looked up Robinson’s stats with the Royals, and he looks like a “cheap” FA.
    Cheap being the word of the day, with the budget staying lower than 20 million.