11/18/12: Is Crane Really Dumb Enough To Not Re-Hire Jim Deshaeis?

It’s bad enough they’ve fired Bill Brown, who is a really good play by play man. I shouldn’t say fired, because it’s more correctly said – not re-hired. Here and I thought they’d gotten some sense after getting rid of the 2 radio guys.

But JD is interviewing for the vacant Cubs WGN job and let’s be honest here – Crane isn’t going to find a BETTER color man than JD. Because there isn’t one out there. Now he might could find someone CHEAPER, sure. Maybe he’s gonna hire someone who talks like Keith Law so as he can get rid of the few fans left. But listeners don’t want to be bombarded with an array of stats, we want to hear stuff like what inning it is, what the score is, who is pitching, who is hitting, what pitch was thrown, the action on the field.

Amidst all the “Brand X” call to the bullpen – type ads every few seconds.

But I’m not gonna be surprised if Crane goes for cheaper instead of excellent. After all, he’s just lost the title of Cheapest, Rottenest, Lousiest Creep Of An Owner to Jeffrey Loria, who naturally went back on his word to all those free agents he hired last year and traded them to a very high tax team. Just for fun. He has one guy on the payroll who he has to pay more than minimum wage – Ricky Nolasco, who is getting 11.5 mill, and you KNOW he’s gonna be a goner before Spring Training.

This leaves the Marlins with 3 actual major leaguers on the team – Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison and the new SS, Escobar (the guy who used to be with Atlanta who didn’t get along with any person on the team.)

So they have more actual major leaguers than the Astros, who have 2 1/2 – Altuve, Harrell and Lowrie (who counts as the half because he’s always hurt.) And Lowrie is due for arbitration, so you know he may not last neither.

There is a little media talktalktalk about how icky Samson/Loria are and how they’ve Lost Credibility. Like it matters one little bit to them. They make millions with a completely empty stadium. All the talktalktalk about the Astros can be summed up by – oh, isn’t Luhnow WONderful, he’s doing all this statty stuff and is gonna put these AAAA guys on the field again but he’s acquired all these prospects so that after doing the Billy Beane for years, maybe he’ll manage 1 year like the As did this year when everything clicks – before he tears it down and builds it back up.

Nobody cares about the Astros, relegated to the sub-basement of the DH league. But Miami has a nice new stadium, paid for by taxpayers, after all the crooked politicians (yeah, that’s an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp, I know) gave it up. Gonna cost them suckas 2.4 BILLION. None of which is coming out of Loria’s pocket. Nice work if you can get it. So really, the Media is pissed off because just like the FA, they swallowed Loria’s bullstuff about how he was now gonna have a REAL major league payroll now that he got his new stadium, which he REALLY needed to pay for actual major leaguers. And like all those FA who were unceremoniously dumped on their asses, they are getting sneered at by Loria. Media always get pissed off when they get duped.

They’ve gotten duped by Crane, too, but it’s Houston, some hick town in the middle of nowheres, so who cares. Miami is glamorous. You get Miami Vice. You get Miami Heat. You get Burn Notice. Houston? you get


And looks as if I was wrong about Berkman, too, who is now talking about being a DH for the Astros.

He’s as bad as me. He SHOULD let go, but he can’t just yet…



2 Responses to “11/18/12: Is Crane Really Dumb Enough To Not Re-Hire Jim Deshaeis?”

  1. Becky says:

    *NOTHING* this organization does anymore surprises me. I’m going to give Jeff Luhnow a season under his belt, before I start to hate him. Maybe he will surprise
    all of us, and turn out to be a really GOOD, G.M. As for Berkman, he wants to retire as an Astro. He’s got HIS ring, and now he just wants to put on the Houston uniform one more time, so if he EVER gets a call to the “Hall”……it will be in an Astros uniform. Anyway………the news regarding Jim Deshaies, is BEYOND depressing. Crane is gonna find out he can’t totally SCREW *EVERYTHING* up
    with this club, without paying the piper. Empty seats, and NO ONE watching them on T.V. I’ve resorted to listening to Chrismas music 24/7 just to try and get out of this funk I’m in. Becky

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    we haven’t lost JD, um, YET.

    lance doesn’t have the counting stats for the HOF, unfortunately – not enough years, PA. no awards, neither and only 5 AS games. he had the bad luck to plat OF when there were even better guys and when he switched to 1B there was pujols. not his fault he wasn’t as good as albert – and then again, neither was anyone else. even if he played a year at DH, even if he hit like barry lamar 2001, he still wouldn’t have enough numbers to get it. and then of course, he’d get accused of using drugs.

    he was very clear he isn’t gonna play for ML minimum, not that i blame him. red sox do not need a DH. the one thing they DON’T need. heaven knows where they’d play him – probably first – he’d platoon with rookie jerry sands, unless sands hits like barry lamar 2001.

    he’d play LF on the phils. seeing as how ryan howard will be back.

    naturally he’d hit 3rd with the astros – it’s not like they have anyone who is even a #2 hitter, let alone a 3 or 4.