10/28/12: Tigers TRY To Win But The Riot Beats Coke In The 10th And Giants Sweep And Win Series

I can’t stand the thought of no mo baseball for the rest of the year, so I’m just hoping that the Tigers make a game of it. Even if I can’t actually ROOT for them, if you dig. So in order to kind of encourage them, I headed over to Mama’s, paper catsuit and all. Naturally, Louis The Cat rushes over to miauw all ovah that paper and I tell him that he best not be thinkin of getting petted, let alone sitting with me, unless his team leads. AAAARRRRRROOOOWWWW, MIAOW, he sez, which means, just you wait, sista.

Demi Eff Lovato is in to sing the National Anthem. Naturally, she butchers it. Can someone please PLEASE explain to me why it is now an absolute necessity for female “singers” to refuse to sing the National Anthem as it was written, slowing it was down, changing the key, the phrasing, jazzing it up, dumbing it down? I mean, seriously, WHY is it so important to make fun of the National Anthem? I’m assuming that is the reason behind the butchery. When it first started, with Roseanne Barr, I think, it was supposed to be funny. I had hoped it would end there, but noooooooo…


Mama and I decided to listen to KNBR with McCarver and Joe Uck muted out. Trouble is that the feeds are not coordinated, but that’s OK. We were so late we didn’t get started until the second inning. We didn’t miss much of anything.

Ryan Theriot is the Giants’ DH. This tells you all you need to know about the essentiality of the stupid DH.

1st – Scherzer gets 1,2,3. He is NOT getting any low strikes. Cain gets 1,2,3 with a walk to Miggy Cabrera.

2nd – Posey Ks, then Pence hits a GR double over the left-center fence. Then Brandon Belt hammers his first hit of the Series – a triple to the RF corner (that’s a REAL triple), then Blanco and Theriot strand him at third. The wind is blowing in HARD. It looks misty out there.

They are interviewing some female. NOT an athlete, not stick skinny enough to be a celebrity. Of course, they aren’t showing the, you know, like GAME, and the captions say she stayed in the MLB FanCave all season, watching every single game. Which won her tickets to the WS. I can’t imagine living with those creeps in the FanCave all FREAKING YEAR. I’m getting old, I guess.

Jeezus gawd. I just HATE the way they show the WS. Or don’t show it, I should say. I call home, remind kidz to feed the Dogss and let them out in the back yard.

3rd inning – Matt Cain, who has been hommeriffic this postseason, left a changeup down the middle to Miggy Cabrera, who sent it (barely) over the RF wall (thank you wind) for a 2 run homer. Goobah shutout innings, goobah lead. After Mama and I finish yelling, Louis has magically appeared on top of the couch and next thing I know, I feel whiskers rubbing my neck and a paw patting my paper catsuit and I hear MIAORWWWWW. He gets his chin scratched.

4th inning, both pitchers had settled down,1,2,3 – no problem. It’s raining, not that hard. Fans don’t seem to care and neither do the players. I can’t believe that hurricane is causing rain as far west as Detroit. I mean, I’ve heard it’s huge, but geeez.

Call kidz to make sure they’ve let the Dogss back IN the house.

5th inning – Scherzer is cruising, gets easy 1,2,3. Cain back out. Infante singles, but is stranded when Quinton Berry comes up with 2 out and he grounds weakly to Cain – it goes off his glove and Crawford the SS manages to pick it up and throw to first in time to get Berry. Shades of Adam Everett.

Maybe Brandon Crawford should get the MVP for his glove – he’s made at LEAST 7 WebGem plays along with excellent turning of the DP.

6th – Scherzer is at only 67 pitches. You talk about efficiency. Scutaro singles. Panda fouls off a bunch, looks at 3 balls, then swings at a vicious slider. Then it’s Buster Posey, who has uck-sayed all Series, golfs a changeup juuuuuuust inside the LF foul pole.

Giants re-take the lead 3-2. Scherzer is furious. 345 stinking feet and it’s a homer. Could be worse there boy – only 325 to the LF pole at the Box.

Pence Ks looking on 3 pitches – all in the middle of the zone, too. Belt flies out.

New pitcher is LHP Jeremy Affeldt. PH Avasail Garcia walks and Mr. Triple Crown is up.

Matt Cain back out. Can he hold a lead THIS time? And, no. Miggy Cabrera Ks swinging. Prince pops up to Crawford. Cain hangs a slider to Delmon Young and it’s POW, gone opposite field. Tie game.

Giants 3 Cats 3

AAARRRRRROWWWWWWWRRRR, sez Louis. How that damm cat knows what happens on the TV, I do not know, but he rubs the paper on my ankles and then jumps up on my right side – see, he knows not to bother my scorebook writin hand, settles himself next to me, puts his head on my thigh and purrs. I tell him that I might move or jump, depending on the action. He shrugs. MIAUWRRRRK, RROOOOWWWWRRRR, he sez.

So Dirks singles up the middle (no relievers in sight) then Jhonny Peralto is up. Cain is leaving pitches up and Peralto almost takes one out but Blanco catches it on the warning track.

7th – Scherzer back out, determined he IS gonna win this game if he has to finish the damm thing his own self. We’ll see. Blanco singles to right. DH Theriot grounds out and Blanco is at second. And well, looks like Scherzer AIN’T gonna finish this damm game his own self, because he’s outta there for slugger Brandon Crawford. Really. 90 pitches. I look at Louis – you know, a run scores and you outta here too, I tell him. MIAOWWWW, PPRRRRRRRRKKK, he tells me.

Lefty Drew Smyly in. Crawford lines out to CF. Smyly gone and Dotel is coming in to get Great Hitter Pagan to hit lefty. It’s not like he can’t hit lefty. Reminds me of Phil Garner bringing in John Franco to face Chipper Jones, forgetting that Chipper could hit right. I mean, not that Pagan is any Chipper Jones. And he gets Pagan out.

Matt Cain back out – hey, he outlasted Scherzer. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Infante out, Laird pops out on a FB down the middle, Jackson Ks swinging on 3 pitches.

8th – Dotel back out, and he walks Scutaro on 4 straight pitches. Panda hits into a 3-6-1 DP. Scutaro can’t escape the rundown. Posey fouls off a bunch, but Ks, swinging.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and this game will go 21 innings, set a record and we’ll get the fun of watching position players pitch and pitchers field at short or something.

LHP Jeremy Affeldt in to face PH Avasail Garcia, who walks. He then strikes out Cabrera, Fielder and Young, ALL swinging. Really impressive pitching.

9th – Lefty Phil Coke, Da Closah, in. He strikes out Pence, looking on a FB RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. He then strikes out Belt and Gregor Blanco.

Affeldt back. Dirks Ks swinging. Peralta up – he has got to be the hardest luck guy – he hit a FB right down the middle at least 420 feet to left CF, but it was into the wind and Pagan got it at the wall.  He’s out, Santiago Casilla, RHP in. It’s 10: 20, so I call home to make sure kidz have gone to bed. They haven’t, naturally. I explain the connection between going to bed and video game privileges, and get grumbling, as expected.

Anyway, Casilla hits Infante on the back of the hand and he leaves, heads straight for the dugout – must have broken it. Danny Worth in to pinch hit. Apparently, Alex Avila is hurt and can’t play today. Whoa. Laird grounds out.

And it’s EXTRA INNINGS!!!!

I call home again, to make SURE those kidz are headed for bed. Husband grumbles as I tell him it’s extra innings. He knows the bad news – I’ll be home when it’s ovah and not a minnit sooner. He knows me all too well and I hear the faint sigh.

10th – Coke back in. Riot singles to right. Crawford sac-bunts. Pagan Ks swinging. Scutaro hits a single to center, Jackson plays it on the bounce and Riot beats the throw into home!!! And sorry Phil Coke, Ball three was NOT strike 2 – it was way up and way out. And the ball that Scutaro hit was also up and out and was ALSO a ball, so no complaining. Panda grounds to third and Scutaro is tagged out trying to advance.

Giants 4 Tigers 3

I tell Louis to get down, his team is losing.

Sergio Romo in. Austin Jackson Ks swinging. That slider is FILTHY. Don Kelly in to hit lefty and he strikes out swinging at a FB outside at the knees. No, it wasn’t a slider – too fast. Mr. Triple Crown up.  Slider for a called strike. Slider for a ball. Slider for a swinging strike. Slider for a ball. FB up away fouls it off. “One strike away.” And he strikes out looking on a FB right down the middle. Miggy gets the sombrero tonight. The Giants get the trophy.

At least the Tigers actually made it a game tonight. All the “experts” who said the Tigers were heavy favorites and would win in 5 – well, I guess they all gonna sniff – Small Sample Size. Not, well, I guess I wuz ronggg.

Baseball is now over for 2012. The Giants win the WS again. MVP should be Lincecum or Brandon Crawford. Or even Romo. But no, it’s Pablo Sandoval – it’s those 3 homers. National League keeps winning All Star games and World Series. So much for DH superiority. Yeah – lemmee guess – Small Sample Size.

Marco Scutaro’s postseason heroics reminds me of Cody Ross in 2010, and although he was DFAd by 2 teams before being picked up by SanFran this year, betcha this gets him a contract for next year.

And now, it’s time for me to wash up (get rid of cat hair) and head back home because I have this feeling I need to kick kid asses, get them into bed….



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7 Responses to “10/28/12: Tigers TRY To Win But The Riot Beats Coke In The 10th And Giants Sweep And Win Series”

  1. Becky says:

    Couldn’t be happier for Pence, and Scutaro!! They were both on losing teams, and now they have *THAT RING*!! When Pence was traded, I hoped he would
    stick with the Phillies ( he did too), and when he got traded to the Giants, I thought he wouldn’t get to the big dance……….and his dreams have come true! With all they guys the Astros traded…….Pence was the one I wanted to get to the WS.
    Congrats Hunter, you EARNED IT!!

    p.s. How do you like the “new” logo’s, Lisa??

  2. Eric says:

    You oughta post a picture of your paper “anti-cat” suit.

    So I can laugh. Louis does love you, it seems. Cat suit and all.

    And grats to Hunter Pence for getting a WS ring…he deserves it after being on such mediocre to abysmally awful Astros teams.

    Now that leaves us with Oswalt…

    Hubby must be happy now that his “baseball widowhood” is over now.

  3. Lisa Gray says:


    kind of like this

    and of course that paper cap thingy over my braids. stupid cat. he always gets this expression on his cat face looks like he’s laughing. i can hear him thinkin – yo sista, why dontchu slip outta that thing into something more comfortable… and i hate wearing those stupid paper booties over my bare feet, and he knows it, too. i found out about all that stuff when i went to my brother’s place when he was gone to feed his 2 cats – long haired black she-cats. get hair stuck all over you even if you don’t touch anything.

    only places not covered are my face, neck and hands and louis is always plotting SOME way to rub himself all over what isn’t covered. stupid cat. ESPECIALLY his nose and whiskers so as i get a heapin helpin of cat lick. then he purrs and mrrrwwwwooooowwwws to explain how he REALLY didn’t mean it. honest. yeh. and he’ll respect me in the morning, too.

    at least he likes baseball, he always trots over to the couch, watch with me and Mama, gives him an excuse to caterwaul and he also knows that mccarver and uck are teh sukc (hisses at them when they are introdiced to accompany me n mama booing), which is one of the reasons i tolerate him. since my Daddy is, uh, letting louis stay until the rightful owners come along (yeah, surrrrrre) i’ve checked out a bit about siamese and i guess they ALL talk a lot. but i bet louis is the king of miaow. his ears, nose and tail are unusually red for a red siamese. but he really is a beautiful cat. if cats could be beautiful, that is.

    husby-doo now has to put up with me being all depressed and sulking because it is 108 days until PACR. just because i’m not WATCHING games doesn’t mean i’m not staring out the window and waiting until spring. as a very famous texan once said.

    he hasn’t brought up the subject of what i’m gonna do next year. he’s smart that way and he knows me VERY well….

    i couldn’t be happier for pence, seeing as how he missed that Ring with philly last year. and he hit like barry lamar, too. of course i want wandy to get a Ring before he’s done. he sure won’t get it with the pirates. you hear about their insane stunt of making the minor leaguers do SEAL training? like that is gonna help them play baseball… and i really REALLY hope roy can play long enough to get that Ring – maybe with atlanta, who didn’t have as much pitching as they thought they did… you never do…

  4. Eric says:

    That suit looks like something I’d see at a computer factory. You REALLY are scairt of cat hair aren’t you ? Me…I got that stuff everywhere. And I run the vaccuum every week to get rid of two cat’s worth of hair every week. They shed like crazy and every now and then I wonder if I’d save myself by shaving them Sphinx cat style. Heck I’d even apply strong tape to them and rip off their fur if only to hear them yowl. Noo. I’m not that cruel. Only that I’ve seen one of them completely fur-less with PALE, pasty white skin. (Patches lost all of her fur after being rescued due to stress. I couldn’t believe she was a CAT and not an overgrown rat. . It ain’t pretty to look at. Imagine a bald vaguely albino rat-like appearance without all that fur and a really skinny tail. I’m telling you. a giant albino rat. Except that it’s got pointy ears, long canines and a squarish squashed up nose. And less beady eyes.

    And what the heck is PACR ? I’m not hip to abbreviations or whatever.

    And finally, Louis will respect you in the morning. Honest.

  5. Eric says:

    On a final note about the Pirates. Sending their minor leaguers to SEAL training must have been a cheaper alternative as opposed to paying out actual major league contracts to actual high performing baseball players.

    See Barry Lamar Bonds for instance..

    The Pirates have never been known for signing fat contracts with talented players. Stingy SOB’s.

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    my husband is VERY allergic to cats. the thing that causes allergy is something in their saliva and cats lick themselves all the time so it comes off on their hair and it is REALLY tough to get cat hair offn your clothes and out of your hair. which is why the paper covering my clothes/hair/shoes.

    louis likes to rub any of my exposed skin with his nose and whiskers and that has serious cat lick all over it. he also thinks the paper hat is HILARIOUS and likes to pat it with his paw. he’s never touched it or me with his claws. which is a good thing for him because i got less than zero tolerance for cat claws/cat bites. daddy got him 2 scratching posts and one of those cat climber seat thingys. he also has his nice cat bed/basket. but if there are people around/awake he prefers to converse. or to try to persuade you to throw him the toy mouse things. or do the string thingy. he hates being by his lonesome. i wouldn’t be real too surprised if he miaows to the Dog, too.

    pirates thing that seal training will mentally toughen up the recruits. yeah. it’s too stupid. the seals have to bond WITH EACH OTHER because their lives depend on that bond. baseball players who are minor leaguers/rooks can NOT do that because they are FIGHTING EACH OTHER. only cohesion i can think they are developing is hate for the player development maroons.

    PACR – Pitchers And Catchers Report.

    they DID give a long/”big” contract to andrew mccutchen, but he’s cheap at the price and they can always dump him.

  7. Eric says:

    A pic of you in your paper outfit on this blog would be…priceless so’s we can yuk it up at your expense.