10/24/12: Pablo Sandoval Goes All Reggie Jackson To Shut Up Joe Buck

Sorry, this could NOT wait another 2 hours.

Pablo Sandoval hit TWO homers offn Justin Verlander, channeling his fellow “aces” Lohse and Carpenter.

He then hit one in the 5th offn reliever Al Albuquerque to dead center.

I know it wasn’t 3 consecutive homers offn 3 consecutive pitchers on 3 consecutive pitches, but hey, close enough to shut up Joe EFF Buck, the most tiresome, whiny baseball announcer not named Sterling/Waldman or Brennaman or Harrelson or Milo.

More latah.

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5 Responses to “10/24/12: Pablo Sandoval Goes All Reggie Jackson To Shut Up Joe Buck”

  1. Eric says:

    Anyone else think Tim Lincecum looks like a more grown up Tommy Solomon from “Third Rock from Earth ?”

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    yeh, i’ve heard that a LOT. have seen joseph with long hair – built the same, kind of look the same.

    forgot –
    pat borders was on the blue jays WS winning team – i distinctly remember him in 93 – his ass was FINE. he was also an astro for a short time. spent most of the next like 15 years, mostly in the minors, with seattle a lot

  3. Eric says:

    Timmy seems to be heck ALOT more effective in relief than in starting. I’m surprised Verlander has looked so bad tonight. Sandoval torched him pretty good.

    Valverde..what is it about Astros (and ex Astro relievers) and self immolation in the playoffs. Other than Billy Wagner of course.

    Well here’s your Kewpie doll, Lisa.

    It looks like I will be eating the words of my World Series prediction. Damn Tigers.

  4. Becky says:

    I was SHOCKED to see Verlander get hit so hard tonight! He’s usually “lights out”!
    Hunter is STILL swinging at those low and away balls……….must have had too many 5Hr. energy drinks! And………..PLEASE shave that ugly beard! I’m surprised
    Bumgarner tomorrow night. He hasn’t pitched well at all………..and Tiny Tim looked like the CY Young he was in 2009 tonight! Leyland has just about had it with Valverde, you could see it on his face. Becky :) :) :) :)

  5. Lisa Gray says:

    timmeh HAS been more effective relieving than starting in this postseason, not sure why, it’s not like he’s closing or just throwing an inning of a few pitches.

    hunter isn’t just swinging at low and away – or else i would say it’s just his old habits come back. he’s swinging and missing EVERYTHING, unless he’s hitting a grounder to the left. Needs a different stance, or maybe some Ritalin.

    Verlander didn’t get that nice wide strike zone and he had to throw pitches in the actual strike zone and those got hit and fouled – must not have had his usual movement. and hanging breakers usually get hit. although panda hit fastballs out.