10/22/12: In Which Hunter Pence Leads Giants To The World Series

This entry is short because I’m having endless computer trouble and want at least to post that when it counter, Hunter came through.

He hit the game breaking open double in the 3rd with bases loaded (you can see he really HAS left the Astros) with 2 RBIs and another run scoring on yet another effup by Kozma. And then Hunter scored a run.

Let’s say that Cain wasn’t exactly good, and the ump called the rule book strike zone, but Lohse was really lousy – lots of line drives instead of walks, this time. Let’s say that yesterday, Matheny really should have started Shelby Miller because Carpenter looked as lousy as he did in Game 2.

At least all the folks screaming that the Cards had no right to be here because they were the #5 ranked team in the NL will get SOME comfort, even though the Nats went home.


7 Responses to “10/22/12: In Which Hunter Pence Leads Giants To The World Series”

  1. Becky says:


  2. Eric says:


    What’s wrong with your computer ? I might be able to help. If for no other reason than to get my favorite blogger back in action !

  3. Steve says:

    Hunter Pence gets crazy before each game, Ray Lewis style. Now everyone does:

  4. Lisa Gray says:


    no idea – gave it to one of mama’s friends to deal with and now it’s working.

    i sure wish that besides Hunter Pence and his “hits” that got by a SS who was channelling brooks conrad/dan uggla, that i had a team i was really rooting for.

    of course it won’t be the DH team, although them winning isn’t near as terrible as, say, yankees/redsox/c*bs

  5. Eric says:

    Or for the matter, channeling Pat Borders. A kewpie doll to whoever can name his team and position.

    Even though they’re from the *cough* DH league, the Tigers are actually likeable especially with Leyland helming that team. He’s the anti-LaRussa, anti-Valentine (laughs he threw ANOTHER Sox player under the bus..this time it was Ortiz)

    And Steve, what Hunter Pence really needs to do is shave that goatee off. It just doesn’t look very good on him. Then he might actually hit more often.

    It could be a rough start for the Giants with Detroit’s top two pitchers going against the back end of the Giant rotation. It will not be pretty if Lincecum pitches Game 2 like he’s expected to. But this should be a very low scoring Series with two very good pitching staffs ‘especially with the Giants being such lightweight bats with Melky taking himself out for his PED bust.

    Tigers in five. You heard it here. If they can keep them from getting to Valverde, of course…he’s channeling post Pujols HR Brad Lidge now – can you say “shell shock ?”

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    well the sox certainly lost because of david ortiz. him getting hurt, that is. bobby valentine obviously did NOT have the clubhouse from the beginning and the GM didn’t pick him, but he made chicken shtt out of chicken soup. so to speak. he always came across as a smartass on BBTN, but i guess it had been waay WAYYYY too long since he managed and it showed.

    media sez that the giants players didn’t want melky back. guess he pissed them off by lying to them about him using. and they figure they can get there without his ass.

    looks like no timmeh starting game 2. wonder who is gonna now that timmeh is in in relief.

  7. Lisa Gray says:


    it doesn’t thrill me to have anyone doing ANYTHING ray lewis style. and this is just more fuel for all the media types who keep dragging football into baseball.