10/19/12: Barry Zito Makes Cardinals Look Like Yankees – Well, Maybe Not THAT Bad

Or, in which Hunter Pence is the key to victory. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Yankees basically didn’t hit all ALCS, which is 100% attributable to Alex Rodriguez earning 28 or 35 or whatever it is million dollars, so he must be gotten rid of immediately, which will cure the team’s chemistry problem, especially after they get rid of Joe Girardi and hire Tito Francona. Oh – scratch that. And hire Buck Showalter. Oh – scratch that. And hire Billy Martin. Oh yeah, forgot – make that Jack Morris, because He Knows How To Win, ignoring postseasons not Game 7 1991.

No one to play 3rd base – like so what, that is what money is for. They can sign (giggle) Kevin Youkilis – he’s old enough by now.

Actually, I’m wrong. The Yankees lost because His Captaincy broke his 38 year old ankle and breaking his ankle broke the spirit of the team, which can’t win without His Clutchinesshood. Or something like that.

where was I? Oh yeah.

Cardinals thought they had this here series wrapped up last night, when they thrashed Tim Lincecum, who, as a reliever, had looked like the old Timmeh minus about 8 MPH on his FB. After all, Barry had pitched BP his last game and you’re only as good as your last start, right Adam Wainwright?


I guess not.

This happens. I remember Game 5 NLCS 2005, when it looked like we were Gonna Go All The Way and it was Lidge on the mound, 2 outs, bottom of the 9th – and dead silence. At least it won’t mess up the Cards’ rotation as it did ours back when Houston used to have a baseball team…

Anyway, Lance Lynn got the start tonight, and he did ace for the first 3 innings. Then came the 4th inning. He gave up a single to Scutaro, then Pablo Sandoval, then got Posey swinging on 3 pitches out of the zone, then Hunter Pence hit a GB right back to him for an easy 1-6-3 inning ender, only Lanceie-poo threw the ball at the second base BAG instead of the SS, and you had the beginning of the end. Scutaro scored, Lance couldn’t pull himself together and before you could blink, it was a walk, a 2 run single and Barry Zito hammered the nail in the coffin by hitting a perfect, unfieldable bunt to 3rd, scoring a run and it was 4-0 and the completely discombobulated Cards did nothing useful.

They got FOUR runs on 5 hits and 2 walks. Panda hit a solo job in the 8th offn Mitchell Boggs, like, so what.

Should I mention that Lance Lynn also hit into an inning ending 6-4-3? He could have stood there with bat on shoulder, hoping for a walk (not that Zito was giving any) and let lefty Jon Jay try to be a HEro. But no.

The Giants also fielded like they had a team of 9 Adam Everetts out there, too, which wasn’t real too much help for the Cardinals.

This is giving much happiness to the Nats fans and purists, who feel cheated because the Cards are the 5th WC team. The purists are all Up Set because Togers, AL pennant winners, had the worst record of the 5 teams, and they will be even MORE Up Set if their opponent is the Cards, also the worst of the 5 teams. At least the Giants had 94 wins in the regular season. The days of The Best AL Team vs The Best NL team GUARANTEED, are loonnnnnng gone.

And things are gonna be interesting Sunday afternoon – competing with football for ratings. And Ryan Vogelsong, basically unhittable in the playoffs this year, is gonna face Chris Carpenter, prima donna ultimo, who looked lousy last time out, and is dying for revenge. Not that it means he’ll get it, you know.

Hunter Pence had his worst year EVER, by FAR. He’s hitting .105 in the playoffs, and unless he KILLS the ball Sunday, will be hitting worse than The Hated Arod. Yet, you KNOW he’s gonna get a nice fat contract at the end of the season. Could it be with the MFY, to replace Nick Swisher? The Yanks NEED a RH bat – and you KNOW if Hunter doesn’t hit, he’s gonna get serious hell. He could go the the Red Sox, who need basically everything except a second baseman. I’d say he could go to the Cubs, but they are in serious el-cheapo mode, AKA “rebuilding.” He could stay in San Fran – youneverknow. ESPECIALLY if he is a playoff hero (see Cody Ross, who is now the #1 offseason priority signing of the RedSox.)

They sure look like the 2010 Astros, don’t they?

No baseball tomorrow. How will I live?

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9 Responses to “10/19/12: Barry Zito Makes Cardinals Look Like Yankees – Well, Maybe Not THAT Bad”

  1. Eric says:

    I hope Chris “I said a bad word to a opposing hitter about his mother” Carpenter gets waxed but good in Frisco.

    If Vogelsong is as on as he was in Game 2, it’s going the full seven games.

    You know I can’t help but wonder if A-Fraud’s productivity has dropped off because he knows he’s under the microscope if he uses PED’s again so he can’t quite shoot up like he did before.

    As for Jeter, he might be the only Yankee that I actually like and respect.


  2. Becky says:

    I wondered *who* was that guy in Zito’s uniform last night? Certainly wasn’t the same Barry Zito of the past 3 year’s! He looked “locked” in last night (for once)!
    I hope this series goes down to the last game…..*THAT’S* how much I H A T E
    the Cards! As for ARod…….I’m thinking the Yankees would LOVE to pay the rest of his salary……just to get rid of him. Who knows, a change od scenery might just get him jump started again! GO VOLGELSONG!!! Becky :) :) :) :)
    p.s. what did you think about the new coaches the Astros hired??????

  3. Lisa Gray says:


    well, arod did fine for the first 3 years of testing and had his peak in 2007 at age 30, and then began a normal age expected decline. he didn’t fall offn a cliff, and he has been injured more than a few times and had to get his HIP fixed. i can’t say he hasn’t done drugs and hasn’t got caught, of course, but i can’t agree that he had any problems after he quit shooting up.

    as for jeter
    well, i sure would like to see him stand up for teammates once in a while.

    truth is that the yankees would be OUT OF THEIR MINDS to pay arods 114+ mill just to get him offn the team. he’s still way above average for a 3rd baseman and they don’t exactly have a replacement. he did break his hand earlier in the year, he just might could need to heal up. i sure as heck wouldn’t get rid of him, really, at ALL. he’s not like biggio in 06/07, only more expensive.

    as for the new coaches.
    well, they always say the same thing about hitting coaches – remember the RAVES about mike barnett?
    all i know about dave trembly is that he managed the orioles, unsuccessfully, for 3 years, and like sam perlozzo before him, was a long time Organization man who got on well and was considered to be a good teacher. who knows, he might could be a better coach than manager.
    am surprised they kept brocail and clark. looks like francie poo is headed back to AAA, seeing as how there doesn’t seem to be any position left.

    the interesting person is quinton mccracken, who i actually remember – must be gettin old – as the new head of player development. was previously with the dbax. must check him out.

    i hear tell bo porter was hired because luhnow was impressed (not just because crane chose him) with how he interviewed and his plans for running the AAAA team he’ll be handed.


    youneverknow – maybe he’ll turn into joe madden. or even ron washington, who DOES have his strong points…

  4. Nick says:

    Poor Hunter Pence, I get the feeling he just wants a little security. He just looks like a lost puppy, and his “beard” looks pretty pathetic next to Romo and Wilson.

    Unfortunately, he hasn’t hit too well all year. Maybe he would be a good fit in NY, but do you think they’ll try and keep him in SF? Wouldn’t Sabean be more likely to try and keep Pagan over Pence?

    Anyway, first time on your site. Looks great.


  5. Lisa Gray says:

    hi nick!!!!

    thank you

    hunter pence doesn’t look good with a beard. i guess it’s a team thingy of something. i have NO idea what the yanks are gonna do, but i keep reading that they want to keep the payroll from going over the uh-oh limit in 2014, even though they hardly need to, given THEIR cash flow. pagan is a great glove and baserunner. i don’t know whether or not hunter is having a VERY down year, or has just lost it. but from what i hear, he should easily be able to get 12 – 15 mill a year for at least 4 years. I don’t know about the “easily” part…

  6. Becky says:

    I thought Pence would thrive when we traded him to the Phillies, but the new wore off in Philly. I thought Hunter would continue to thrive out West, but it appears, he probably won’t get a contract there either. Makes me pretty sad, ’cause he was like one of our “own kids”………He was a home grown kid, and I had big dreams for him in the majors. Love that kid……….hate that scruffy beard!

  7. Lisa Gray says:

    hunter did great after being traded and last year. have NO idea why he’s having such a lousy year this year. i expected him to be a solid major leaguer, not a STAR!!@!!!! but even solid major leaguers have unexplained lousy years. and i hate that scruffy beard too – wish he’d shave it – maybe it would bring him good luck

  8. Eric says:

    Boy did Hunter EVER need that bases clearing double..which effectively doubled his post season RBI total. And that hit really, really hurt the Cards.

    Go Giants !

    And just now..he got another hit. Definitely his night that’s for sure.

  9. Lisa Gray says:

    rootrootroot for hunter!!!!!!!!!!