ALL Four 2012 Division Series Last 5 Games And The Cards Win

Orioles lost because CC Sabathia remembered how to pitch.

Giants beat the Reds in 3 away games – amazing how many teams won the away games this year. WHAT home field advantage?

Justin Verlander pitched like Justin Verlander does when he is ON and the Athletics couldn’t do a darn thing about it.  Wonder how much is gonna be left of that team by April 1. Maybe half?

And those darn Cardinals just will NOT die. No Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday “hitting” like a SS, a SS hitting like Matt Holliday, Yadi Molina not hitting anything. And, of course, Carlos the Jackal doing his usual (except for bottom of the 9th 2 out 3 pitch K 2006) postseason thing. By now, he has like THE highest postseason OPS like evah. Too bad it wasn’t with us. Can you imagine how much better we’d have been in 05 with him instead of Willy Taveras?

Where was I?
Oh yeah, the game.

Tonight’s heroes? You’ll nevah guess.

I really should have gone over to Mama’s – Husband was right. I mean, my phone is bout wore out from all the talktalktalk – more than if we were watching the game, I suspect.

Adam Wainwright was not exactly an ace tonight – he started off the game – double, triple, home run. Pitches all up, middle of the plate, curve not curving. He appeared to wright himself, finished the inning with 3 Ks, looked OK in the second, but in the 3rd, there he went again – homer, double, K, homer.  Matheny yanked him, sent in Joe Kelly, who got the outs.

At the end of the 3rd, I said – that’s it, Gio is cruising, the Cards are toast. I don’t THINK so, said my Mama. They aren’t Astros, you know. It’s funny – one of my baseball buddies said something like – I absolutely HATE the (swear words) Cardinals. No matter which washed up pitcher or crappy minor leaguer they pick up or call up, they all suddenly turn into Babe Ruth/Brian Doyle ’77/Pedro 99 and they only have a few wins over .500 and have NO business in the playoffs and here they (swear words) are again.

So even though I felt gloomy, I wasn’t ready to shut off the TV and find something else to do. Husband shrugged – he knows it is October and he KNOWS what is gonna be on TV in October.  He sat down to watch it with me, said – who you gonna root for – Nats or Giants? I told him prolly Giants, because of Hunter Pence. Our guys have to leave Houston in order to get a Ring.

Fourth inning, Gio walks the Jackal, then Matt Holliday hits (for once) a double, and there goes the shutout. Craig, Molina and Freese strand him.

Joe Kelly gets 1,2,3.

Fifth inning, Gio, uh, does not look like any sort of ace. NOT the ump’s fault – actually he did a good job tonight – only 4 missed pitches I can see. Descalso doubles, Kozma singles, pinch hitter Shane Robinson walks. Bases loaded, no outs. Jon Jay pops out. The Jackal is up – Descalso scores on a WP, then the Jackal walks. Matt Holliday grounds out into a 1-2, then Allen Craig walks in a run, and Yadi Molina takes 2 balls, then stupidly swings at ball 3 and flies out. Only 2 more runs, but it’s

Nats 6 Cards 3

Trevor Rosenthal comes out, throws 100 MPH heat, gets 1,2,3. Too bad he can’t/doesn’t throw more than 1 inning.

6th – Craig Stammen gives up a single, gets 2 outs, then Sean Burnett gets the last out. Righty Mujica comes in, gets Morse and Desmond to groundout, gives up a single and a walk, then PH Roger Bernadina Ks.

7th – Edwin Jackson relieves. He walks Jon Jay, then Carlos the Jackal hits a grounder to the RF corner and it’s men on first and third, no out. Matt Holliday grounds 6-3 and Jay scores. Craig Ks (he had a lousy game, yes) Yadi walks, David Freese up for Hero Time, but no, he Ks swinging.

So, says Husband, you think your Mama gonna root for the Tigres, seeing as how the Cards are done for? YOU ask her, I said. I mean, It sure looks like it’s over because it will be Clippard and Storen – maybe they’ll get to Clippard, because he’s looked VERY tired the past few weeks. Youneverknow.

Nats 6 Cards 4

Mitchell Boggs comes in and gets Werth, Harper and Zimmerman.

8th – Sure enough, it’s Clippard and he gives up a leadoff homer to Descalso. But then he gets 3 outs, so it’s

Nats 6 Cards 5

Chipped away a little, but not quiiiiite enough, unfortunately. They should have scored more runs int he 5th – I mean, bases loaded, no outs and only 2 runs??!! And in the 7th, too. Ah well.

Closer Jason Motte is in – no complaints, seeing as how Boggs just got pinch hit for and the other relievers are used up and Eyechart has been teh sukc. So naturally, he gives up 2 straight singles. Then a FC from Desmond and it’s men on first and third for Espinoza, who has had like 1 hit this series, and he pops up. Chad Tracy pinch hits and pops up too. So there is ANOTHER run – just what the Cards didn’t need to give up because they’re now back to 2 runs down and it’s

Nats 7 Cards 5

9th – In comes Drew Storen to slam the door SHUT. He faces the Jackal, who doubles. Holliday grounds out again. Allen Craig Ks. Now – remember how I said that the HP ump had done such a good job? Well – you remember the one strike away thingy from last year, right? Well – THIS time the one strike away is the strike that got away. Storen throw a perfect slider just above the knees down the middle. It gets called ball 1. Yadi swings and fouls one at his shoulders, then takes ball 2 in the same place. He fouls off a good FB, then takes 2 outside pitches for a walk. David Freese is up for Hero Time. But again Storen doesn’t get that strike call on the slider at the knees mid plate and Freese also walks.

Bases loaded again. And, by the way, Storen did have those 2 pitches not called strikes, but in both cases, he threw 2 more pitches waaayyy outside the zone, NOT close.

And Storen is facing the bottom of the lineup, the #7 hitter. Adron Chambers comes in to pinch run for Yadi and ain’t real too much left on the bench. Matheny is pulling out ALL the stops.

So Descalso comes in, swings at the first pitch and hits a ball into the 5.5 hole – Desmond can’t get hold of it in time to prevent 2 runs from scoring and WE HAVE A TIE GAME!!!!!!

It’s Pete Kozma, the #8 guy. Descalso takes off for second on the first pitch – which is a slider at the knees, mid plate, only this time it’s called a strike. Kozma takes strike 2. He lets 2 balls go by, then hits a FB belt high on the outside corner into right and 2 runs are in


Jason Motte hits for himself and strikes out swinging on ball 3, which is neck high.

Jayson Werth flies out. Bryce Harper Ks, swinging at a pitch at his neck. Perfect climb the ladder sequence. Ryan Zimmerman pops out and

THUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH Cardinals are going to the NLCS to face the Giants and Mike Rizzo is going to face an absolutely relentless press who is going to blame the whole failure on the shutdown on Strasburg and not on Werth hitting .238, Harper hitting .130, Adam LaRoche hitting .176 and Espinoza hitting .067. Also, wasn’t Strasburg who made all starting pitchers not named Detweiler uck-say. Gio Gonzalez is probably going to win the Cy Young and he threw 2 not ace quality games. To be nice about it.

AND, youneverknow, maybe Strasburg would have stunk it up in the playoffs – he didn’t look real too good by the end of his season. But Rizzo just might could be a leeeeetle bit overconfident about the team winning all these playoffs with Strasburg in the future. I COULD point out the 90s Braves, who won ONE WS. I could point out the Phils, who won ONE WS. I could point out ALL those Billy Beane Athletics teams which can’t nevah seem to get past round 1.

It’s baseball and youneverknow.


And Giants and Cards – well, I’m rooting for Hunter Pence to get a Ring. Lance already has his.

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10 Responses to “ALL Four 2012 Division Series Last 5 Games And The Cards Win”

  1. Becky says:

    I saw the game also, and when Gio FINALLY got outta his last inning……he was so mad at the Umpire he was spitting fire! Not sure, if he thought the Ump was squeezing him or not, but he sure wasn’t happy with the calls! Too bad, cause
    he really *IS* a good pitcher. Maybe he was alittle “amped” up, but he was cussing and fumming when he got to the dugout! Have I mentioned before how
    I * H A T E* THE CARDINALS??????? It’s like the ghost of Tony LaRussa won’t DIE! If they get to the WS, the Tigers will take it, cause there ain’t NO body got a Justin Verlander on their team but the Tigers!! Oh yeah, I HATE that little trouble maker Molina TOO. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Becky

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    he might could have been cussin and fumin with himself – he didn’t get screwed on balls/strikes that i could tell live – or on gameday.

    molina is like AJ pierzinski – you only like him if he’s on your own team.

    i’m rooting for the giants this go-round. and hopefully the next. even though Mama is NOT gonna like that real too much…

  3. Becky says:

    Not sure you read about this, but Carlos Corporan’s little 16 month old baby died last night. I lost my oldest child to a drunk driver on Dec.12th. 1996, and I will NEVER get past that pain. I know I don’t have to ask, but his family would really appreciate it if you remember them in prayer. This was the baby that was born the summer of 2011, and had heart surgery the next day. He had 4 surgeries, but passed away from the complications. Thanks Lisa. Becky

  4. Eric says:

    Go Tigers ! And NOT looking good for the Yankees going up against Verlander and Scherzer in Games 3 and 4 especially in cavernous Comerica Park. I loved the old Tiger Stadium though.

    And A-Fraud lives up to his billing. The best part of it all is that the Yanks are stuck with his contract for FIVE MORE YEARS.

    I caught the article about Carlos Corporan’s baby. My sincerest condolences go out to him and his wife.

  5. Eric says:

    Oct 4, 1987 – On the last day of the regular season‚ Detroit beats 2nd-place Toronto 1-0 at Tiger Stadium to win the AL East title. The Tigers were one game behind the Blue Jays entering their 3-game season-ending showdown‚ and won each game by a single run (4-3‚ 3-2‚ and 1-0). Frank Tanana outduels Jimmy Key in the finale‚ and Larry Herndon’s 2nd-inning home run provides the game’s only run.

    I remember that game..I watched it on TV. It’s definitely one of the all time pitcher’s duels…Tanana had gone from being a power pitcher to being a junkball pitcher and did it very well that day.

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    poor little baby – so many operations, endless hospital needles tubes, so much pain. i know he is at peace with the Lord now, and that we can be thankful for. I feel for his parents, losing a child is – i don’t even have a word for that awful.

    i didn’t know that one of your children was murdered by a drunk driver – how terrible. my sympathies for your loss. i lost a friend that way when i was a teenager that was bad enough. i can’t imagine your child. i’m so sorry for your loss.

  7. Lisa Gray says:


    i vaguely remember that year – the doyle alexander trade (for john smoltz) and doyle couldn’t lose – kind of like when we got randy johnson 10 years later. for some reason, i think i vaguely remember that final game. maybe i saw it – there weren’t that many games televised back then.

    steinbrenners were out of their effing minds to give arod a contract like they did. shrug – it’s their $$$

    GO KITTIES!!!!

    my Mama sez it’s gonna be saint looey vs los tigres – you know, Red Cat

  8. Eric says:

    Louis is gonna have a difficult time rooting between those two. Root for his fellow felines or root for his name sake ? Decisions, decisions. It might be by a cat’s whiskers that he makes his decision.


  9. Eric says:

    The fact that the entire Yankee team have a culmative BA under the Mendoza line in the AL LCS warms the cockles of my heart. I’m all for a sweep of the Yankees.

    Except for one extra inning game, the Yankees have not scored more than 3 runs in any game since their LDS series opener. That’s a serious scoring outage for them.

    Go Scherzer ! Go Tigers !

  10. Lisa Gray says:

    far as i’m concerned, any yankees loss is a good thing. i’m just sorry baltimore lost their mojo last game because i’d rather see tham than the stupid yankees again.

    of course, MLB disagrees with me. yankee fans appear not to – the stadium looked 1/3 empty. especially in front of the camera. i noticed that during the astros games, the cameramen tried like heck to not show any shots of the stands – unavoidable for any homers, of course, but entire sections of stands were empty. i never thought i’d see that in NYC, but there you go.