9/28/12: Jason Castro Hits TWO Homers And Jose Altuve Hits The Game Winning Homer

Well, it did turn out to be the game winner, although it seemed to be just some icing on the cake at the time.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Yo Gallardo looked like some Astros pitcher. Really.

1st inning – Yo has piss poor control – takes him 22 pitches to get through 4 batters, has 3 ball counts to 3 of the 4 guys. Not like him.

2nd: Yo STILL doesn’t look like Yo, although he gets Brett Wallace on a good slider – the first good one he’s thrown all night. He walks Castro, who goes to secondon a Fernando Martinez groundout, then scores on a single to center by Dominguez, who is dead meat at second when Gomez smartly throws to Hart, the cutoff man, who knows darn well he can’t get Castro, who took off with the crack of the bat, and DOminguez is out by 10 feet. Good thing for Yo, because he hasn’t had much of anything. Bad thing for Astros, but it was a reasonable gamble because Gomez often overthrows the cutoff man to get gundown glory at home. Edgar Gonzalez gets 1,2,3,out.

Astros 1 Crew 0

3rd: Yo gives up 2 singles, has men on first and third, 2 out, and Jason Maxwell Ks, swinging. He got himself the Golden Sombrero tonight. He’s reminding me of Preston Wilson lately. Edgar gives up a solo homer to Carlos Gomez on a slider that didn’t, then gets 1,2,3 out.

Tie game

4th: Wallace singles, Castro flies out to left. And by the way, Braun has most positively made himself into a 5 tool player. Really excellent glove, VERY good baserunning – smart, good basestealer – too bad he’s gonna get all that hating from last year’s tossed test, because he should be second in MVP voting behind Andrew McCutchen, who won’t win because the rest of his team sucked MUCHO from Aug 1 on – looks as if they are headed for their 20th straight losing season again – and they just got no-hit tonight by Homer Bailey and the Reds, 1-0.

Where was I? Oh yeah – Fernando Martinez hits a double just inside the LF foul line which bounces into the stands and it’s men on first and third. Then Yo runs into bad luck. SS Jean Segura screws up an easy grounder by Dominguez, makes a crappy throw to Maldonado, then misses the return throw, so Martinez is on third. So instead of runners don’t move, 2 outs, another run is in. Then Edgar bunts the ball on the left side of the mound. Hart slips going to get it, Yo forgets to cover first, so everyone is safe and Martinez scores.

Crew are lookin like Astros, not a good thing for their desperate last minute playoff run. Yo gets Altuve and Moore, but the damage is done. Edgar gets 1,2,3 in 11 pitches

Stros 3 Crew 1

5th: Yo gets 2 outs, then gives up a massive upper deck homer to Brett Wallace, then an opposite field homer to Jason Castro – no, I am NOT kidding. Fernando Martinez grounds out, then Edgar comes back on and gets 1,2,3 out.

Stros 5 Crew 1

6th: Yo’s first 1,2,3 inning – groundout, walk GIDP. Edgar is at 60 pitches, but his luck has run out. He gives up a single, WP, single, so it’s men on first and third, no out. He then gets a popup, and a 5-2 FC – nice to get the out at home. Good play, too. But then Ryan Braun is up and he golfs a slider into the LF gap, splitting the outfielders and 2 runs are in and Edgar is out.

Hector Ambriz comes in, gives up a stolen base to Braun, who just made the 30-30 club again, with his 30th SB. He walks Aramis, then gets Corey Hart swinging.

Stros 5 Crew 3

Without looking it up – too tired to go through every I)&*%! year game log – I think this is one of Yovani’s worst outings vs the Astros, if not THE worst. Not a real too good sign for the Crew’s faint playoff hopes with only 5 games left.

7th: New pitcher Jim Henderson gets 1,2,3. Ambriz gets 1,2, single, SB, 3.

8th: In comes the remnants of Francisco K-Rod Rodriguez who gets an out, gives up Jason Castro’s second homer – STILL can’t believe I’m writing that, gets an out, gives up a single to DOminguez, then Aramis makes a really good play on Bogusevic’s grounder and it’s 3 out.

Astros 6 Crew 3.

Wesley Wright comes in and it’s our best fielding OF with Maxwell in left, Barnes in center and Bogu in right. Or it SHOULD be. Aoki walks. Wesley is left in to face rightys!!! imagine that, and Weeks Ks, then Braun grounds to third, but they can’t turn a double play.

Then for some reason I do NOT get, Wesley is yanked and replaced with – get this – Rhiner Cruz!!! to face Aramis Ramirez. Wesley can pitch to Braun but not Aramis? WHY????? So Cruz gives up a fly ball to right and Bogu slides a little late, the ball goes by him, Braun scores and Aramis is on third with a “triple” – and why those are not scored as errors, I never have understood, except that MLB wants scoring high and errors low.

Cruz is immediately yanked, in comes The Closah, Wilton Lopez, and he gets the third out.

Astros 6 Crew 4

9th: Righty Kameron Loe in. Jose Altuve homers into what would be the Crawford Boxes – second game in a row he homers. Second wind. Also his 52nd multi-hit game. But Loe gets the next 3 and Wilton-ie is back in to Seal The Deal and he’s got a 3 run lead – no prob, right?

Lefty Logan Schafer (their 3rd round pick of the 08 draft) in to pinch hit, and he singles to left. Carlos Gomez flies out, but then Segura sends a rope into the LF corner and Schafer scores while Segura trots into second. Lucroy and his .330 BA in to PH – he grounds to Dominguez, who makes a rare error, boots the ball, Segura scores, and it’s 2 runs in already, man on first. Then Aoki obliges by grounding into a rare (for him) DP to end it.

So you see, Altuve DID hit the game winner, he just didn’t know it at the time.

Oh – gossip tidbit – I hear tell that Bo Porter was Crane’s pick, NOT Luhnow’s pick. Shades of Drayton McLane. And just to save relocation expenses? Not surprised. Especially after even Maury Brown wrote about Crane spending the money from next year’s increased income on, coughcough, “the debt.”

Count me not surprised even a teensy weensy bit. It’s almost fer SHER a lot of the reason so many guys turned down offers to interview for manager…

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9 Responses to “9/28/12: Jason Castro Hits TWO Homers And Jose Altuve Hits The Game Winning Homer”

  1. Becky says:

    GREAT game, and…… ..WHO are these guys hitting home runs??!!! The look on Luhnow’s face at the press release said it all. He didn’t actually GRIN, when Crane was falling all over himself about Porter. All the articles I’ve read about the guy, he seems to be a pretty good pick. We’ll see next year, if he can hold up under the stress of moving to the AL, with a bunch of AAA talent.

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    everyone thought mills was a pretty good pick, too – given the quality of candidates who would interview. manny acta chose cleveland, not that it did him any good THERE neither.

    i STILL can’t believe jason castro hit TWO homers in 1 game. wallace has power when he’s not striking out – sounds like maxwell. and altuve’s juuuuuuuust got over the LF fence.

    at least, to my knowledge, bud selig didn’t “suggest” to crane that he pick bo. i knew, right along with the ballplayers, by at LEAST may, that cecil cooper had been a big BIG mistake. drayton couldn’t bear to fix it, or eat any $$$ and it will be intersting to see what crane does if it is obvious that porter doesn’t work out. he could always re-instate francie-poo

  3. Becky says:

    LORD, I hope Porter works out. It would send some pretty clear signals that NO
    one would want to manage this team, if they canned him too quick. As for Manny Acta, I would be V E R Y surprised if he got another chance to manage in the majors for a loooooong time. I *LOVE* beating up on the Brewers……Ryan Braun
    might be a good player, but he’s got a BIG MOUTH, and thinks his (stuff) doesn’t
    smell. I’m still pissed of because Selig would NEVER tell his daughter (who owns the Brewers) to move back to the AL. I hope the Astros take ALL three games!

  4. Lisa Gray says:

    wendy selig hasn’t owned the brewers for like 7 years – sold the team to mark attanasio.

    but you right that selig wanted his FAVORITE team in the NL. and he also wanted to throw nolan ryan a bone. and what is ridiculousis that they didn’t just put the DBax, lowest on the totem pole, in the DH league if they HAD to have interleague every day.

    it’s all about nolan ryan

    it’s hardly manny acta’s fault he had the worst pitching staff in the DH league. and i would guess it just might could be a while before he manages again, IF he ever does. but youneverknow. i was POSITIVE that terry collins would never EVER get another managing gig and i was dead wrong.

  5. Becky says:

    I heard Selig’s daughter still has some ownership………my source must be wrong.
    How about that 9th. inning tonight! THREE homeruns back, to back off Livan Hernandez= NOT getting shut out! The other side is…..we get another 106 loss.
    I just hope the Cards win tonight, and eleminate the Brewers.Manny Acta would
    be a better manager than Bobby Valentine! Whew buddy, the Red Sox have their hands full with THAT guy! I wish you weren’t going to quick this blog………you’re SOOOOO much smarter than ANY of the guys at the Chronicle.

  6. wags says:

    From Wikipedia: “Now living in Arizona, Selig-Prieb runs a business that sells women’s clothing through trunk shows, does other business consulting, is involved in community and philanthropic work (much of it around women’s issues), and enjoys being home for her twelve-year-old daughter.”

    And here’s Wikipedia’s reference: http://law.marquette.edu/facultyblog/2010/04/14/wendy-selig-prieb-im-still-a-brewers-fan-through-and-through/

  7. wags says:

    (cool justification!)

  8. Lisa Gray says:

    wendy selig doesn’t have any shares in the brewers, to my knowledge.

    if livan’s curve hangs at all, it gets banged. bobby valentine doesn’t have what it takes to deal with boston players/fans/press. My Dog woulda been a better manager. And ALL the players woulda liked her, too. She’s a sweet Doggie. Then again, she’d have a tough time with the lineup because she’d want ALL the boys to play. Mostly with her, and she’d want the ball a whole lot, but still, better than bobby v.

    i’m not quitting anything except astros fan-hood. i hear tell zachary levine is leaving. wonder if they’ll give jose ortiz his old job back…

  9. J. F. Allain says:

    Please tell me you will still be doing this next year. I do not think I could go through a year in the AL without your daily blog on my favorite team.