9/21/12: Fernando Rodriguez Pitches 3.1 Shutout Innings Of Relief For A Win

Froddy really came through – deserved this one all the way. When he’s on, he’s on.

Edgar Gonzalez pitched a 1,2,3 first, then Jed Lowrie hit a 3 run homer in the bottom of the second to give him a lead. Edgar came back out to stat the second – got Garrett Jones on a grounder, and ran over to tag him. I thought he was kind of walking funny afterwards, when he walked back to the mound, but he pitched the next few batters anyway.

He got a K, then gave up a 7 pitch single and a 7 pitch walk and next thing you know, Francie-poo and the trainer were out – saw something they didn’t like, and he got pulled.

Froddy came in, got an easy grounder to short, but Altuve wasn’t anywhere nears second, and by the time Lowrie’s throw got to first, it was late. Stuff like this has been going on all year. Bases loaded. But Froddy gets the pitcher to K, and so Lowrie’s late throw, fortunately didn’t matter.

Problem with me is that I watched Adam Everett for too many years and my expectations are kind of unrealistic, although I have gotten to the point where I say that they just have to be better than Mark Loretta/Miggy Tejada. Barmes was pretty good last year.

Saint Biggio was up in the booth and did his usual magnificent job of managing to say lots of Bull Durham stuff about The Process. He made it VERy clear that he had NO interest in being manager, was liking “helping” out Jeff Luhnow, who is this great and smart guy who just made this incredible draft this year, which was, of course, responsible for the success of all the minor league clubs, including the draftees/tradees of Ed Wade. I like it. Sounds just like Biggio.

Also, he made it clear that Brad Ausmus was not in the running for manager. Toldja so. Brad is a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them.

I also liked how Biggio explained that the team now has “money to spend” and they are gonna spend on the draft (like they have a choice – the CBA dictates that) and they are looking for just the “right” free agent at the “right” time. And until then, we are gonna not block blahblahblah. Translation – we are gonna get some on his last legs Veteran Presence like Darin Erstad/Jason Michaels to take ABs away from young players.

Back to the game: Froddy pitched 3 more scoreless innings, giving up only 1 single, which was erased on a caught stealing – they pitched out and got Sterling Marte, supposed to be the fastest guy in the league, now that Dee Gordon is out for the year. He struck out 3, including a staring strike 3 to Andrew McCutchenon the lower inside corner – a real beauty.

Didn’t get to see any great glove work from Brandon Barnes, starting in center again – YAYYYY, but Altuve made 2 really excellent plays – a stop on what looked like a sure single up the middle – threw a dribbler over his head to Lowrie at second to force a runner. He also made a great glove n throw.

It sure was nice to get to see Froddy pitch so well. Francie-poo did the lefty/righty thingy in the 6th, but since the Astros were ahead 6-0 by the 7th, let Mickey Storey pitch the entire 7th, Rhiner Cruz the entire 8th and Wilton-ie the 9th in a non-save.

Astros left bases loaded in the 6th – as usual, but fortunately, it didn’t matter as Maxwell hit a cheapo solo homer into the Crawford Boxes – barely populated, Lowrie was HBP – on  his injured knee – hit his brace, fortunately, then Brettsie-poo tripled him home. Tripled???? you ask? Yes, he hit a ball to the RF corner and the ball kind of hit the padding and didn’t move and by the time Garrett Jones chased it down, Lowrie had managed to get home and Wallace to third – and without a throw. Then Bogu, pinch hitting, walked and stole second – without a throw. He really is a GOOD baserunner. Then PH Scott Moore walked and Altuve was HBP, driving in a run. But the next 2 hitters left bases loaded. Can’t understand why on earth the Astros can’t seem to hit for spit with bases loaded.

Brett Wallace also hit a solo homer in the 7th offn a LEFTY!!!! into the RF bullpen.

So the Astros remain stuck at 102 losses, but that’s OK since the Cubs also managed to pull off a W and the Astros continue to lead the ML by 10 games. In losses, that is.

Tomorrow, it’s Kevin Correia, who kicks Astro butt vs Dallas Keuchel, who had better get his sinker ready to sink and not throw so darn many pitches out of the strike zone.

Sunday afternoon, rubber game – AJ Burnett, suffering from Bud Norris Syndrome since Aug 21 – his past 7 games – can’t buy a W no matter how well he pitches, and he’s had 3 QS with no cigar. Jorday Lyles hasn’t had a really BAD start since Aug 1 at Milwaukee, and the Astros appear to be limiting him to 5 innings/90 pitches thereabouts, which makes good sense. He’s pitched VERY badly vs the Bucs in the past, has a 7.71 ERA.

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8 Responses to “9/21/12: Fernando Rodriguez Pitches 3.1 Shutout Innings Of Relief For A Win”

  1. Becky says:

    I’ve been saying this for a while now, but I don’t know WHY the Astros don’t move
    F Rod into a starting pitcher. At the VERY least, he could come out of the pen to be the long guy……..since Fick can’t seem to get outs. Fernando was VERY good
    last year, but this year…..not so much. I’d hate to be in Luhnow’s shoes, he has to completely remake this team, and bull pen, with no money to do it with. Lisa, we gonna get KILLT next year:( :( :( :( :(

  2. Becky says:

    And another thing……..if Crane thought Ausmus would take this managers job
    he must have been smoking the same Wacky Weed Shafer got caught with.
    NO ONE in their right mind would want THIS team……Becky

  3. Lisa Gray says:


    froddy WAS a starter way back when, but starters HAVE to be stretched out. he’s usually good at stranding runners – and he’s been better at that than at pitching an inning from the start, which is unusual. for whatever reason, teams don’t believe in long relievers any more. last time i heard anything about “long relievers” was back when some idiot thought rick white!!! could come in and pitch multiple innings. after not haveing done so for years and at HIS age!!!!!

    but there aren’t any teams with a long reliever. i guess the Conventional Wisdom now says that relief is more effective if each guy goes an inning and you use the lefty/righty thingy as often as possible.

    ausmus doesn’t want this team because they are gonna be very VERY bad for years and he doesn’t want to get alan trammelled. the few guys who want this job are guys who have been bench coaches and minor league managers and know darn well what they are getting themselves into.

    oh yeah

    saint biggio said something about the team “having money to spend” but then bull durhamed the team PR stuff about The Right People or some such crap – like they are gonna spend to get anyone really good or that anyone really good would come here.

    i like how he said that the team was gonna spend money on the draft – yeah, that’s right, they are because it’s in the CBA…

  4. Becky says:

    Good thoughts Lisa. I agree……thank GOD for CBA, or NONE of the first round picks the Astros pick would get any money. Makes me physically ill, to know this is our last few games in the NL. *sigh* :( :( :( :( :(

  5. Mike Fast says:

    The CBA does not require us to spend any minimum amount on the draft. It sets upper limits beyond which certain taxes and loss of future picks and pool money apply.

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    i knew about the upper limits and penalties, but i thought there were consequences for not spending the slot money either. so a team can’t just forfeit its first rounder (pick out some nobody and pay him a pittance) and pocket the $$$

  7. Mike Fast says:

    Lisa, there’s no penalty for not spending the slot money. A team could just pocket the money if they want to. Since the draft is the cheapest way to accumulate talent, and every team is trying to win, no team does that.

    I sent you an email with a few more details about how different teams moved the pool money around between rounds this year.

  8. Lisa Gray says: