8/30/12: Hunter Pence Beats The Astros 2 Nights In A Row

I would have titled it Froddy Loses Lyles’ Game To Preserve Astros Losing Streak, but I think I’ve already used it 8 times this year.

Lessee – Dallas Keuchel gives up 4 runs in the first – Hunter Pence hits a 3 run bomb to put the Giants ahead for good and the Astros give up the rest of the game in spite of knocking Barry Zito out in the third. Dallas is punished by getting sent down to AAA to sit on the bench for the final few games of the season. Matt Dominguez in called up – see, he’s hit really well in his last 10 games, raising his average from .240 to .255 and they’re gonna start him at 3rd next year anyway because they traded for him so now’s as good a time as any to get started, right?

Meanwhile, they’re gonna call up Edgar Gonzalez (see Armando Galarraga) to take Keuchel’s place in the rotation until they go to a 6 man rotation to protect the young arms. OKayyyyy.

Tonight, the Astros took a 4-0 lead. I had this feeling it wouldn’t last real too long – I was right. Altuve led off with a single, Jason Castro doubled him in, then Jimmy Paredes got his first hit this year, singling Castro in. Fernando Martinez stranded Paredes. Fernando is making Julio Daniel Martinez look like Matt Kemp – and him not getting anywheres near Marco Scutaro’s double in the 6th led to the 3 run demise of Froddy, but hey, we knew he couldn’t field.

Second inning, Lyles loads the bases on 3 straight singles, then gets a K, a 3-2 forceout, then he catches a liner to leave bases loaded. Meanwhile, Matt Dominguez hits a triple and Bogu sac-flies him home.

Third inning, Jordan gets 1,2,3 out. Tyler Greene hits yet another homer, this one juuuust barely over the RF wall near the foul pole, but a 340′ homer is still a homer.

4th inning, Jordan gets 1,2,3 out. Dominguez doubles, then Bogu hits a liner to second, Dominguez is doubled off, and really, that’s IT for the Astros.

5th inning, Jordan gives up a single to left, an out, then a single to the pitcher (a BAD omen) then d RBI double down the 3rd base line that Dominguez doesn’t get, then one of those stupid choppy IF singles that Lyles tries to get and Greene gets too late to make a play on, then a sac fly to shallow left that Fernando can’t get a throw home in time to prevent an out, then a groundout.

6th inning – Xavier Cedeno gets 2 outs and a single, Froddy comes in and gets the third out. Castro walks, Paredes singles to center, tries to take second but is thrown out (and yes he WAS out) and naturally, Fernando Martinez strikes out for the 3rd out, stranding Castro at third. I suppose they are playing Fernando so much because Maxwell has a finger owie – hasn’t played in 10 days and you can’t do stuff like send him to the DL and call up someone else because there is an off chance that OKC might could win in spite of no pitching. Or something. Which is why you call up their only 3rd baseman.

7th inning – Froddy goes back out, gets 2 outs, then gives up a double to that nasty corner by the CBoxes that Martinez doesn’t get to, then a single that just gets by Altuve, who almost stops it, and stops 10 feet away so that Paredes can’t get it home in time to stop the tying run. Then a wild pitch/IBB to Posey, then Hunter Pence (yeah, him again) singles home the 2 runs.

Game over.


Bogu walks, steals second, is stranded.

8th – Rhiner Cruz gives up a solo homer.  Sgtros go 1,2,3

9th – Pence walks and Brandon Belt (who just lives to hit Astros pitching) doubles him home. Blanco singles to right and Paredes throws out Belt at home. I’m absolutely paralyzed with shock – first time I’ve ever seen Paredes make a good throw. Well, Pearce made one the other day, why not Paredes? I mean, sometimes the pitcher gets a hit. It’s baseball, youneverknow.

Javier Lopez comes in to finish (4 run lead – no Closah) and gets 2 outs, gives up a single to Matt Dominguez, then Bogu, so Sergio Romo has to come in to Close and gets Jason Maxwell swinging on 3 pitches.

So the Astros are managing to keep wins at bay and have clung to 40 wins now for 7 games. They have to cling for dear life because they failed to lsoe FIVE times this month, unable to repeat July’s masterful 3 win performance. Tomorrow night, Reds are comin to town and Abad is facing someone – doesn’t matter who, does it?

Oh yeah – Da Rojah is pitching for the Skeeters again in 8 days, and the Astros are “monitoring” the situation.

Announced attendence was 12,835 (translation – 1,234 Giants/Pence fans in the stands – the Crawford Boxes had maybe 10 people in them) and the Astros are desperate for any publicity and therefore, they are “monitoring” Rojah. Who would most pikely outpitch anyone on the Astros not named Harrell…

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8 Responses to “8/30/12: Hunter Pence Beats The Astros 2 Nights In A Row”

  1. Eric says:

    For a brief glorious moment, the Astros led 4-0. Then the earth’s maw gaped and the Astros fell in for a rude dash of reality of How Bad They Really Are

    Still hangin’ onto that 1 game lead.

  2. Robert says:

    Well another loss. Looking good for that 1st pick next year. Ok – who are the callups going to be when rosters expand tomorrow. Not sure there is much to bring up. No pitching down at OKC, and not much hitting. The only one i can think of is maybe Singleton at AA, but i am not sure if you call them up if it starts the arbitration clock. I know that the Stros will not do much this winter as far as FA’s are concerned, but i would sure like to see them be agressive to show the fans that they are trying to build a competitive team.

  3. Peabo says:

    I don’t normally get to watch much of the games, but I turned on this series for a little bit. What I saw was a whole lot of Fernando Martinez suckage. Yeah, he was nowhere close to that Scutaro ball, and his throw home looked pathetic, but to me, the real offender was the triple he gave up in game 2. I think it was Arias maybe, with men on 1st and 3rd. Martinez lays out for the ball (completely wiffed it) and rolls over holding his empty glove in the air. Then he sits up and looks into his glove before fianlly realizing that he doesn’t have it. Pence is crossing the plate and the hitter is jogging into 3rd as Marinez gets up and chases the ball into the corner. Ugh. Can we have JD back please?

  4. Danny says:

    Well, So much for this so called WINNING atmosphere that Luhnow said was lacking on this club during the Brad Mills reign. New skipper and still the guys find ways to lose. Nothing ‘s changed. Feel sorry for DeFrancesco going 1-10 and likley not considered for a full time manager next season.
    I vision Mills sitting at a bar watching astros broadcast and grinning.

  5. Becky says:

    These guys are playing as hard as they can……..they don’t need Tony D to call them out. If anyone thinks they don’t care………you are mistaken. I feel so bad for them, they didn’t create this mess but they are taking the “heat” for it. Becky

  6. Lisa Gray says:


    yeah, i should have mentioned that “triple” and why that’s not an error i do NOT get.


    you can have all the “winning atmosphere” you want, but there is a reason that “major league” is a movie – in real life, when you have to actually play real major leaguers, if you are a AAA/AAAA player you are almost always gonna lose. the guys ARE/WERE playing hard – they just aren’t good and you can’t make chicken soup from chicken poopoo.

    we have the worst record almost in history over the past 60 games and i sure don’t see any reason to think it’s about to change soon.

  7. Eric says:

    They brought in Biggio to talk to the players about the “Astros Way” of the late 90’s to early 2000’s. To quote a certain orc in “Return of the King”: “The team is rank with desperation”

    I hope Biggio talked about how it was like losing in the divisional playoffs every year to the Braves (mostly) until their breakout seasons of 2004 and 2005. Ah memories.

  8. Lisa Gray says:

    the astro way???

    you mean, biggio and bagwell running the team and running dierker out? you mean biggio and bagwell collapsing in EVERY SINGLE PLAYOFF? you mean, not beating the braves until maddux and glavine left and they didn’t have anyone near as good left? and then, it took until game FIVE to beat em