8/28/12: What If They Had A Baseball Game And Nobody Went?

The announced attendance was 13, 600. There couldn’t have been more than a few thousand people scattered throughout the stands. No wonder Crane wants 50 year old Roger Clemens. There were more Giants fans in the stands than Astros fans, and there were more than a few people welcoming Hunter Pence back home.

Bud Norris pitched great – he now has a 2.10 ERA at home this year and basically nothing to show for it – 3 wins in 9 games. Actually, he has only 4 really bad games all year, but it’s been enough to play heck with his ERA, and he’s had lousy run support when he has pitched well. Tonight, he gave up only a solo homer to Angel Pagan (remember when he was gonna be the next great Cub? Or was that Felix Pie? I get so confused…) Where was I? Oh yeah. He left in the 7th, was facing Angel Pagan again – threw a nice FB, a strike at the knees called Ball 1 (the ump had a zone the size of a stamp), then looked as if he lost the ball out of his hand, then he left with a blister on his finger.

Ball 2, Froddy comes in, gives up a walk, then gets the last out. Francie-poo leaves him in  in the 8th to face the meat of the Giants’ lineup and he gets em out 1,2,3. That was impressive.

Meanwhile, Matt Cain, who didn’t give up a hit until Brett Wallace’s double to the LF wall in the 4th, was left in to pitch the 8th after he was clearly tired out. That’s funny – the Astros tiring out Matt Cain. Jimmy Paredes, our new RF, who, by the way, looks to be having a little trouble getting jumps and reading balls off the bat (although he did make one nice running grab on Posey’s liner in the 8th), drew a 9 pitch walk – Paredes hardly ever walks, which should tell you that Cain wasn’t making pitches, then Brett Wallace hit a pitch a foot outside opposite field for a single.  Then Jason Castro, hitting cleanup, sac-bunts.


When’s the last time you saw a cleanup hitter putting down a sac-bunt? Mickey Mantle back in the 50s?

Then Tyler Greene is up, swings wildly at 2 curves out of the zone, and Matt Cain’t finish him off – and in fact, the Ball 4 is a WP and Paredes comes in to score the go ahead run. Froddy has the foolish idea that the guys are actually gonna give him a W for once. Cain is yanked, Santaigo Casilla, RHP is in to relieve, and it’s Greene on first, Wallace at third, Scott Moore PH, and Greene gets caught stealing – it isn’t a missed hit n run, neither. He’s thrown out by the PITCHER.  Roll eyes. Moore walks, Marwin grounds out to second – and if Greene had stayed put, it would have been another run on the groundout.


So it’s The Closer time, and to my shock, Wesley Wright is going out to get Belt, the lefty. Is it a case of the Loogy or is Wesley gonna close out the inning? It’s LOOGY-itis, but Belt singles, and Wesley is out and Wilton-ie is in. He can’t be trusted to get leftys out, I guess. And Wilton-ie immediately gives up a double down the LF line which rolls into the corner and bounces around. Bogusevic, replacing Fernando Martinez in left (when Bud had to come out) hits Greene, the cutoff man, who sends a weak-ass throw to the plate and Belt scores the tying run.

Same old, same old.

Crawford Ks, then PH Hector Sanchez hits a single to shallow center, but Barnes has to come in to get it and the go ahead run scores.

My oh my, this is like the third game in a row that Wiltie=poo has come through with a blown save/loss. Who does he think he is, Coco Cordero? Astros always find a way to lose, don’t they?

Giants’ closer Sergio Romo (they haven’t missed Brian Wilson at ALL) gets 3 outs on 6 pitches.

Should I talk about all the Astros missed scoring opportunities, I mean, besides Greene’s stupid out in the 8th? Nah, why bother, it’s the same old story.

The Organization says they plan to move Jimmy Paredes to play center field. I say, are you KIDDING??? But the good news is that this means no more Jordan Schafer. They expect Jimmy to hit for average and power in the majors because he had a .823 OPS at AAA. Well, Moore hit better, as did Fernando Martinez, Brian Bixler and Brandon Barnes. We’ll just have to see. I’m sorry Barnes isn’t doing better – he’s an Original Astro and I was hoping he’d do well. But he’s comfortably fit into the morass of suckage, so he’ll be gone or back in AAA next year. At least he’ll have lifetime health insurance now.

Tomorrow, it’s lefty Barry Zito vs Dallas Keuchel. Will be interesting to see if Brett Wallace is gonna be playing.

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7 Responses to “8/28/12: What If They Had A Baseball Game And Nobody Went?”

  1. Eric says:

    Wilton DA MAN ! And Norris was so heinously trying to WIN ! Winning of all things ! What’s the world coming to ?

    ((Bronx razz))

  2. Becky says:

    Out of that 13 thousand at the game last night……..12,999 were Giants fans.
    Crane will have to redecorate the ENTIRE park with those “signs” just to pay the electric bill. No matter what happens in the off season………this team will lose
    at LEAST 110 games next year. Mark my words…….this is gonna take a LOT longer than 2-3yrs. to build back up to where they were in 2005. Sad, sad, sad.:( :(

  3. Peabo says:

    “Then Jason Castro, hitting cleanup, sac-bunts.
    When’s the last time you saw a cleanup hitter putting down a sac-bunt?”

    When’s the last time we had a real cleanup hitter? When you have your 8-hole guy batting fourth because you have 4 guys that are worse than an 8-hole guy, you sacrifice in that situation. Greene wasn’t going to do much, so you might as well get yourself in a situation where even a decent flyball would give you the lead. Of course, that didn’t happen. And his cuaght stealing was pretty embarassing, the way he gave up and stuttered around, then turned back to first about halfway, not even making the giants make a second throw in a rundown.

    We need to be done with this Martinez guy. His .180 average is not an illusion, he’s really just that bad. I was hoping Barnes would do better, but it is obvious that he can’t figure out ML pitching either. Hopefully J.D. will be back next week. I’m sick of this crappy outfield.

  4. Lisa Gray says:


    it’s gonna take longer than 2-3 years to build back up to where they were in 1993 when Mcmullen originally sold the team. and when the only fans that show up are the opposition, you have a problem. when patti smith is having trouble finding a “progressive fan of the game” to give a backpack to, you know tehre is a problem. the place is reminding me of the old marlins stadium. the skeeters are drawing bigger crowds even without Da Rojah.

    but crane won’t have to do anything to make money – all he has to do is have a minimum wage payroll with a few shtty free agents sprinkled in to shut up the MLBPA and collect from the TV contract, MLBAM and the RSN and he’ll be absolutely fine – see jeffrey loria. and FA worth anything more than jason michaels aren’t coming here, THAT’S fer sher.


    i should have said – when’s the last time a team’s cleanup hitter was such a lousy hitter that putting down a sac bunt was a better plan than him swinging away.

    and we’ll have to see how much longer the FO’s fernandomania continues, in spite of his upper deck shot. he looks like yet another AAAA guy, like the rest of the team. the Mets fans all told me this, just like the braves fans all told me that schafer is teh crappy.

    i guess wilton just Don’t Have What It Takes To Pitch The 9th

  5. sceptor says:

    Wallace’s double was almost to dead CF just a little left way up the left part of the hill about 420 to 425 ft in the air. A home run in most any stadium.

  6. Eric says:

    The good news: Wandy Rodriguez won a crucial game against St. Louis (and a shutout 6 innings no less !) giving the Pirates the tiebreaker advantage over St. Louis should they ever be tied. Today Wandy gave the Pirates the pitcher they thought he was.

    The bad: Astros lost again. Nothing new there. Hunter Pence killed them again. 4 HR in 7 games against the Astros.

    Hold fast to that one game lead guys ! Fight the good fight for the Not NL Playoffs No.1 seed !

  7. Neil says:

    Ex-Stros: Oswalt, Berkman, Wandy, Chris Johnson (cooled off big time after a good start), Pence (with the Giants), Lee all injured or crappy.

    Myers has been decent and Keppinger has been very good in part-time play. Lyon is also doing great (small sample size). Happ is doing surprisingly OK. Bourgeois doing well, again not much playing time. Bourn is having a very solid year, not quite as good as his first half though.