8/6/12: The Astros Lose Because Of 2 Fielders Making Errors On A Bunt

I swear to GAWD they find more ways to lose every DAY!!!

Dallas Keuchel kept giving up these piddly singles, 12 of em, in fact, but you CAN get singled to death – he lasted 6 innings, more than Edwin Jackson did, in fact, and gave up 4 runs, 3 earned, because Brett Wallace dropped the popup that shoulda been the first out.

Marwin had hit a homer in the first, so the surprise of being shutout or no hit had gone, and in the middle of the 6th, the Nats led 4-1, which pretty much means game OVAH.

But then Altuve led off with a single, stole second, Marwin grounded him to third and Edwin Jackson was pulled for lefty Gorzellany (who we know from years with the Pirates/Cubs) who gave up a sac fly to Brett Wallace – making up a little for the out that wasn’t made. Then Silvah Hammah (Justin Maxwell) Hi Yo Silvah, AWAYYYYYYYY, tripled to the RF bullpen and Steven Pearce, pinch hitting for lefty Scott Moore, singled him in.

Suddenly, it’s 4-3 and Julio Daniel is up and I don’t know whether or not to root for him to drive in the run, or at least get a hit, or remember that the Astros have to stick to the game plan of 3 or fewer wins/month to break the all time record. And he grounds out and I don’t know whether to feel disgust or relief.

But then, as usual, after Xavier Cedeno gets 2 leftys out and Mickey Storey gets his righty after walking his first righty), Millsie-poo sends up righty Ben Francisco to PH for Mary Jane Schafer, so the Nats manager naturally sends up a righty, who gets him, Corporan, and pinch hitter Bogu out. I think we now clean out of pinch hitters, so we’ll have to beat Drew Storen/Tyler Clippard with the lineup already there – which I seriously doubt.

I just absolutely HATE all this platoon crap. ESPECIALLY with the younger players who aren’t AAAA filler guys.

And holy moly, Froddy gets 1,2,3 out when he starts an inning – second day in a row. WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND HERE?

Next inning, Stros load the bases, 2 out, and sure enough, no runs as Julio Daniel lines out to center.

Wesley Wright gets 3 outs (with a HBP in the middle.) NOW the bullpen is working?

In comes Tyler Clippard, The Closer. He gets Downsie-doo swinging. I’ve given up asking why he’s on the roster – just like Jason Useless Michaels the past few years. So he hits Corporan with a pitch and Lucas Harrell pinch runs. Don’t you like it when our best starting pitcher gets sent in to pinch run? Bogu walks – it’s not HIS fault Clippard hasn’t thrown a strike. Then Jose Altuve DOUBLES OFFN THE SCOREBOARD and it’s a tie game. Marwin Ks. And it’s Brett Wallace. It’s hero/goat time.

And naturally, being a good Astro he Ks swinging, leaving men on second and third.

So it’s extra innings time and you DO know what happens to this team in extra innings this year, right?

10th – Wilton Lopez gets 1,2,3 out. Craig Stammen gets Maxwell, Pearce and Julio Daniel. Oh man, you know who is left, right? hahahahaha

11th – Wilton Lopez comes back out and then I miss the fun because I hear #2 son, in the kitchen, suddenly yell a Word He’s Not Supposed To Yell and out I go to find out that Jana Brattain Dog has had diarrhea all over the floor and I have to take her outside and wash her off – (and she’s staying out, too) and clean the floor and next thing I know, Roger Bernadina has singled and then Kurt Suzuki, who hits like Matt Downs, has bunted and somehow, Steve Pearce has screwed it up and the ball is in right and somehow Bogu, normally a great fielder has screwed it up and Bernadina has scored the go ahead run so by the time that Wilton has gotten the other 3 outs, Stammen has come back out and all we’ve got left is Downsie-doo, who naturally gets out, and Snyder, who swings after fouling off a bunch.

So it’s Bogusevic, the Goat. Who I wanted so much to succeed this year, and like everyone else, hasn’t. And it ends up being Altuve who makes the final out as the Astros, as usual, lose an extra inning game – the 11th this year.


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6 Responses to “8/6/12: The Astros Lose Because Of 2 Fielders Making Errors On A Bunt”

  1. Eric says:

    I’m glad I’m a cat person, not a dog person. That sounds gross. I think you could option your dog to Triple AAA and call up Louis the Cat. *laughs*

    Anyway..Chipper Jones is a HOF’er in my ever so humble opinion. The Astros weren’t the only keep he killed.

    It would be cool if he went in at the same time as Bigs and Bags…the Astros and the Braves of that era certainly butted heads often in the post season with Astros being on the short end of the stick nearly every time. Bobby Cox belongs in Cooperstown too. Maddux without question, maybe Glavine as well.

    Some silver linings on the Astros’ future…Maxwell is a find..I just hope he’s not a flash in the pan.


  2. Steve says:

    The Nats’ announcer declares this “one of the worst plays you’ll ever see.” And he’s correct.


  3. Lisa Gray says:


    can’t option the Dog, but she’s sick and vets are expensive and am hoping against hope that Dog Pappas doesn’t get it too.

    Daddy is still trying to find Louis’ REAL owner but in the meantime, he’s going everywhere with daddy.


    that little play really sums up the entire astros season – they can’t handle a *(%*@! sac-bunt and bogu can’t even throw any more. i was going to make some pointed comment about how steve pearce couldn’t throw out a slow runner from RF and that at least Bogu can throw well, but it looks as if he can’t even do THAT any more.

    that wasn’t even MINOR league – that was 8 year olds at LITTLE league

  4. Neil says:

    In las vegas this week. Remembered Lisa’s comment about betting on atros suckitude. I put some money on tonight’s game.

  5. Steve says:

    Jim Rome had a lot of fun with that play today, playing the Benny Hill theme (yakety sax) in the background. It fit so well. Play that tune while watching the replay. It’s perfect.

  6. Bruce says:

    In a bygone era, that video would have been misplaced )”software malfunciton” as a professional courtesy.