4/30/12: Jordan Lyles Beats Mat Latos But Jay Bruce Beats Astros

Jordan Lyles got sent back down after his start, which was actually pretty good – 5 H, 1 HR, 2 walks, 5 K over 6 IP because Marwin Gonzalez is back. They can’t call him back up for the next time the #5 guy’s turn would roll around, which is May 8, so I would guess Paul Clemens will get called up, seeing as how Aneury Rodriguez is pitching lousy (only 3.2 innings in each of his last 2 starts) and Henry Sosa isn’t on the 40 man. But I have been surprised before…

Clemens right now has pitched 4 games, given up 1-2 runs/game, gone 5-6 innings/game.

Let’s hope Bud stops it with the gopher balls tonight and let’s hope that RA Dickey has one of his bad nights.


8 Responses to “4/30/12: Jordan Lyles Beats Mat Latos But Jay Bruce Beats Astros”

  1. Eric says:

    Half of your wishes was granted. No gopher balls for Bud. And RA Dickey had a decent game. Unfortunately for him, it was his offense and bullpen that failed him. And fortunately for us Astros faithful.

  2. Harry says:

    Did it puzzle anyone else last night that with Schafer on first–a threat to steal against any catcher–and their best hitter, Altuve, at the plate, Mills has Altuve bunt TWICE??? It’s not like it was Pudge Rodriguez behind the plate.

    It worked out the first time–they got Schafer around–but it still seemed like it would have been better (especially in the 6th) to have MJ steal and have him in scoring position with the bat still in Altuve’s hands.

  3. Harry says:

    with no outs.

  4. Becky says:

    Schafer is hurting, and not telling Mills about it. I saw him grab at his left side more than once last night, and on Sunday afternoon too. He took a HUGE hit
    off the wall in Cincinnati, and I believe he has some cracked ribs because of it.
    Mills continues to make some of the WORST moves I’ve ever seen for a manager.
    I’m hoping he will be gone next year, since there isn’t a quality manager out of work any where. Bud was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde last night. Whoever came back to pitch the 7th. wasn’t Bud……..Becky:) :)

  5. Eric says:

    Two nights ago, Mills sent out Abad (a lefty) against right handed batters and promptly got torched.

    Just citing an example of Millsie-poo’s “management style” I thought he was a guru of lefty-lefty and righty-righty matchups ?

    While it’s early in 2012, Abad’s numbers have gotten worse since his debut in 2010.which he was great. 2011, he sank to putrid. And in 2012 he’s headed for godawful bad. Last year he had a 1.881 WHIP which is ghastly. Now it’s an eye popping 2.400 WHIP in 2012. That’s to go with 7.32 ERA in 2011 (yick) and currently sitting at 16.20 ERA..yeah I know it’s EARLY…but those aren’t promising numbers.

    Looking at the entire roster, it’s safe to say that Abad is gonna get sent down to the minors.

    But I digress. I was on Millsie-poo’s management style…

  6. sceptor says:

    About that Happ and Myers

  7. Lisa Gray says:


    i am not getting why the guy with the 3rd most hits in the NL, a guy with an over ,.400 OBP, a guy with the 3rd best BA in the NL is being asked to sac bunt. Well, yes i am – it’s because he’s hitting in the 2-hole and he’s short.


    yeah, i also think schafer is hurting, and i’m not even sure that’s why millsie-poo sent in a righty CF to face the lefty. and yeah, it was like bud had been replaced by someone else in the 7th inning – but he does that – ace bud vanishes and is replaced by bud suck and sometimes it happens in the same inning.

  8. Lisa Gray says:


    happ is at least consistent – 6 IP, 2-3 ER. Not greatness, but nothing near as horrid as he was last year.

    the ol WB is mowin em down and should be comfortably pitching for, say, the red sox in a month or 2.