4/18/12: Goodbye Collin DeLome: Checking Out Draftees from 05 – 08

Yes, I know.


DeLome, who was just released, was the only guy left from the infamous 2007 Astros Draft – you know, the one in which Drayton told Timmy Purp to stick strictly to Bud Selig’s slots, and therefore none of the guys they picked were signed. Oh – and there were no first or second round picks or compensation picks because Drayton and Tal Smith made it a policy to not offer arb to FA who were leaving.

Anyway, Collin was a not very good left fielder who was the 5th rounder – and the highest pick to sign – who made it all the way to AAA last year, where he posted a .737 OPS. This year, he had 17 AB with 3 hits before being released.

He’s the only guy who signed who made it to AAA and lasted there a full year. And actually, there were only 4 other guys picked and signed that year who continued playing for non-indy teams through the end of last year.

And Drayton McLane thought he was this GREAT GM who understood that minor leaguers were of no importance and that money spent on unproven players in the draft was a complete waste of money. And the best part is that he got to blame the failure on Purpura who, the year before, when he had a little leeway, managed to choose 2 solid major leaguers in Chris Johnson and Bud Norris (round 2 pick Sergio Perez and his multiple trips to the DL is still hanging in there at AAA).

From 2005, we got Bogusevic, who is already apparently finished after not hitting .300 in his first 10 games as a starter this year, Tommy Manzella, who had the bad luck to break his finger in 09 just when he was figuring out how to hit ML pitching – and that was the last trial he ever got – and OF Brandon Barnes, who is still hanging in there after being demoted from AAA last year to AA this year. But hey, at least he got some ST ABs this year and did pretty well. Which shows you that ST ABs don’t necessarily show you real too much.

No other (signed) draftees from those 3 years have done anything for any other club, neither.

Just unbelieveable, how many years in a row the Astros have had little to nothing from their drafts.

In case yall curious about the 08 draft – 3 guys have made the majors with the Astros – Jason Castro, Jordan Lyles and JB Shuck. Castro all yall know about, Lyles has a decent chance to make it back and so does Jack Shuck. Will be interesting to see how much time they give Castro to not hit and not play good defense before they do something about it – I mean, compared to, say, JR Towles…

5 other guys who were signed still remain in the minors at all, and are still in the Astros system: pitcher Ross Seaton and CF TJ Steele are at AA, pitcher Chris Hicks is at A ball/AA, pitcher Luis Cruz is at high A Lancaster and utility guy Andy Simunic is at AA.

Pimpees second rounder Jay Austin (CF) and 10th rounder Jonny Gaston(CF) appear to have crapped out at AA, pitcher Brad Dydalewicz (8th rounder) at Lancaster.

And, sorry to say, looks like 48th rounder Danny Meszaros, who actually made it all the way to AAA, albeit briefly, has crapped out at AA. Too bad – I love it when 48th rounders make it to the Bigs…


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