4/13/12: Justin Maxwell Beats Out Justin Ruggiano for the 5th OF Spot

Millsie-poo wants another righty bat, seeing as how Matt Downs seems to be carrying overcooked spaghetti out there.

Maxwell was a 4th rouner for th Nationls in 05, was called up in 2007, posted decent numbers in 07 and 09, a .794 OPS over 129 PA, but fell ofn a cliff in 2010, posting a .594 OPS over 144 PA . He was traded to the Yankees for some worthless low minor leaguer at the end of the season, and never played in 1 ML game.

He had a .954 over 204 PA appearances at AAA last year and this spring, had an .832 OPS over 42 AB, but he was out of options, and he couldn’t get passed through waivers, so now he’s ours and he gets the chance all the other guys Down There who have options don’t get.

He supposedly can play all 3 OF positions, so that’s something that Ruggiano can’t do. We’ll see how long he lasts. Will be interesting to see if he’s a better fielding CF than Jordan Schafer.


3 Responses to “4/13/12: Justin Maxwell Beats Out Justin Ruggiano for the 5th OF Spot”

  1. Lisa Gray says:


    oh i know he HAS but he’s like jason michaels out there…

  2. Brandon Jordan says:

    Good first impression, right? I’m bothered by how negative you seem to be. It must be terrible being miserable because of your “favorite team.” I hope the Astros surprise you this year. I would be happy with 70 wins. You?