4/8/12: Astros Take Opening Series From Rockies

Be still my beating heart.

I’m trying, and failing, to remember the last time we had a series win to open the season.

Lucas Harrell pitched 7 innings of 3 hit 2 walk shutout ball. Bud Norris pitched 7 innings of 4 hit 3 walk 2 run ball. Millsie-poo figured out that you don’t let LOOGYs pitch to Tulowitzki.

Altuve got his butt benched after all his scewups Opening Day, in favor of Brian Bixles, who is doing very well and so today,Altuve was back out there and he had a stellar game. Went 2 fer 3 with a walk and 2 runs scored – Clank, Bogu each drove in a run and Altuve scored on a throwing error.

The ol WB posted save #1, after allowing a single and a walk.

I see that there were maybe 7000 fans in the stands and yes I know what the “official” number was.

Bad news is that because of family stuff, I didn’t watch the games live and completely forgot to record them. Even worse news is that Gameday no longer shows pitch fx, just an empty pic of the stadium, so I can no longer check up on stuff like pitch location. I guess that MLB didn’t want icky sorts like me to be able to see where the pitches landed in relation to the strike zone. Which really sucks, but what can we do?

Hotlanta comes in tomorrow and it’s J Happless vs Brandon Beachy, RHP, age 25. He was signed by the Braves in 08 as an undrafted FA – the boy succeeded beyond all expectations – guys like him almost never do. I’m impressed.

He has an outstanding minor league record. He had been both a reliever and spot startere all through the minors. His minor league totals show a 2.54 ERA over 213 IP with a .20 WHIP, 7.8 H/9, 0.4 HR/9. 2.2 BB/9 and 10 K/9. Yes, I know that some of those gaudy numbers have come as a reliever and he has exactly 15 big league innings, but hopefully, this will be fun.

He threw 3 games over 15 IP in 2010 and last year thhrew 25 games started over 141.2 IP with  a 3.68 ERA (103 ERA+) and friends, you ever think you’d see an ERA that low being essentially league average? 7 H/9, 1 HR/9, 10 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9.

He’s never faced Houston.

It took this guy 2 years to reach the Bigs and not even ONE team thought enough of him to take him in even the 40th round – makes me wonder WHY, seeing as how he’s a lot better than a whole lot of Big Name pitchers picked in the first round of that draft.

It’s baseball and most definitely, youneverknow.

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3 Responses to “4/8/12: Astros Take Opening Series From Rockies”

  1. Mike Fast says:

    Lisa, Gameday showed the pitch locations live. I wonder if they were missing from the archived game for some reason? In any case, you can always access them at BrooksBaseball.Net, too. E.g.:


  2. Lisa Gray says:


    brooks shows the results of the game. He doesn’t show each AB so I don’t know where the pitch that was called a strike/ball to player x actually crossed the plate.

    this is brand new – gameday showed pitch locations all the way through the end of string training.

    and it’s a shame because now i can’t go back and look it up and really check, as i used to.

  3. Mike Fast says:

    Dan Brooks has everything on his site. I linked to the whole game, but he has each individual at bat, too. If you go to the “PitchFX Tool” and select the date, game, and pitcher, then there is a Matchup Selector where you can pick the specific plate appearance you want to see.

    Also, Gameday was showing the pitch locations live during the Rockies series because I was watching them during the game on Gameday. I don’t know why they don’t show up in the main Gameday window in the archived game. It’s possible it’s just a glitch. The pitch locations are available in the archived game if you click on Gameday Mini.