7/7/11: Happ Give Marlins A Hand And They Shut Out Astros

1st inning – Hand looked VERY good – struck out Bourn on 3 pitches. Walked Sanchez on 4, then struck out Bourn and Pence swinging on a GOOD breaker.

Happ walked 2 and got 3 FB outs – he was, in fact, lucky that Hanley Ramirez’ flyout wasn’t at the Box because it would have been into the CBoxes. 21 pitches

2nd inning – Hand got 1,2,3 outs. Happ struck out the side. Of course, he started off the second with his THIRD walk of the game to Astro killer Mike Cameron. He then, of course, gave up a massive homer like 450′ to Mike Stanton. And another double, but stranded the runner.

3rd inning: Hand got Bourn and Quintero, back from ther DL out on 3 pitches. At least Happ himsef managed to get Hand to waste 8 pitches. Happ started the inning with ANOTHER walk. Naturally. I have NO idea how he ever strikes anyone out. Hanley Ramirez outran a 4-6-3. Logan Morrison then hit a liner to Clank to double off Ramirez.

4th inning: Pence walks, but Clank pops up and Kepp flies out. Hand has 4 no hit innings so far on 61 pitches. Happ came back out – Cameron struck out, Stanton walked on 4 pitches and Happ picked him off – very kewl. He gave up a 19 pitch walk to John Buck, not hitting his weight, then struck out Hand on 3 pitches. Thank goodness for ONE person in the lineup who can’t hit or walk. 4 innings, five walks, 86 pitches.


5th inning: Barmes broke up the nono with a clean single, but he got stranded. At least we won’t get no hit. Maybe that’s bad – a nono would be more interesting. Happ came out – more suckage. Single, sac-bunt, strikeout, intentional walk to Hanley (I hate IBB – and this is his SEVENTH walk) to pitch to Logan Morrison. The lefty lefty thingy, as usual. Only it backfires bcause Morrison hits a smash off the left center wall and both runners trot home. Sigh.

Sanchez singles but is stranded. At least it took 22 pitches.

6th – Happ goes back out although he’s at 108 pitches. Stanton struck out this time, then Buck singled and Hand sac bunted him over.

In comes Del Rosario – Bonifacio singles – Sanchez, playing 3rd again, can’t get a chopper. Then Infante singles in the run before getting the out. Del Rosario is the guy who has let half his inherited runners score. So WHY??? is he being sent in?

Not that it matters because we’re already down 5.

7th – Hand gave up a walk – yes, the Astros have managed THREE walks, but they’ve all been stranded.

And that was all he needed, really. The hitters had returned to their pre-closed doors listlessness and Randy Choate and Cjsnek wiped the floor with them the other 2 innings. Ending with Clank on first with 1 out and forgetting that there was only 2 out – running on contact when Kepp hit a flyout to shallow left and getting doubled off – he was already on 3rd when the ball was caught. And that is really the quick summary of the Astros 2011 season.

Like the old song goes – it makes a grrrrl ashamed to be a Stros fannnnnnn…. (you know, to – it makes a fella proud to be an Astro)

Only the 4th time this year that the Astos have been shutout. Happ is now 3-11. He’s REALLY bad – last time he threw a decent game was June 15th vs the Pirates – 2 runs in 5 innings. Last time he had a QS was June 3 vs the Pads – 4 ER/6 IP. He had a no run support loss. And the start before that he had a ND vs the Dbax – 2 H, 4 W, 1 run/6 IP – poor run support and no bullpen. The usual.


Oh yeah – remember Felipe Paulino, ;ast year’s hard luck loser? Well, he’s starting for KC – another losing team – but he’s started 7 games and has a 3.38 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP – of course, he has a bad record there, but he’s done a LOT better than Happ-less.

Tomorrow, it’s Javy Vazquez who has been one of the worst starters in the NL. He’s pitched really lousy at home – 7 GS over 19 IP with a 6.89 ERA. The guys have just GOT to do something with a Figgy quality pitcher.

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12 Responses to “7/7/11: Happ Give Marlins A Hand And They Shut Out Astros”

  1. Well, Paulino may be throwing ok, but if the Astros hadn’t traded him, they wouldn’t have the great Clint Barmes. I have to give Ed Wade credit for that deal because Barmes is really tearing up the league with that great power stroke and high batting average.

    I think that now would be a good time to try to send Happ to OKC to see if Burt Hooton could do anything for him. I’d just as soon see A-Rod get a few starts anyway.

  2. Becky says:

    Lisa……..I think I’ve said this before, but JA Happ has a mental “thing” going on.
    He doesn’t trust his stuff anymore, and it’s starting to eat him alive. The guy CAN
    PITCH, but I think some gremlins have weaseled themselves in his head, and now
    he can’t throw a strike if his life depended on it. Time to do something different.
    This club is soooooo dang bad, they can’t afford to give away every start Happ has. Fish, or cut bait. Becky:( :( :( :(

  3. Elmer says:

    Yeah I also said we should keep Paulino, a rebuilding team doesn’t need veterans but should let the young guys develop. But nevermind, glad to see Paulino pitching well as a starter. He doesn’t belong to the bullpen, but he got switched between the rotation and the BP back here in Houston and didn’t get a constant starting job before 2009, then comes the injury.

    Oh by the way, I thought firing Arnsberg would solve everything. It sure does, since the management obviously no longer has trouble with those philosophical incongruity crap and that’s more important than winning games or bringing Happ back to his old self.

  4. Bruce says:

    We could have picked Paulino back up as easily as KC did and had both Barmes and Paulino (I posted here 2 days before his release from COL that it was coming imminently, and I’m just a rank amateur), but having said that, I think Happ will be back. I watched his after-game interview last night, and the guy has fight.

  5. Lisa Gray says:


    i like fight, but i REALLY like strikes not down the middle even better

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Chronicle reported earlier today (Friday) that the MLB vote on the sale of the Astros likely won’t occur until at least the mid-August owners meetings in Cooperstown. There’s almost no chance MLB’s court battle with McCourt will be resolved by then, so it will be interesting to see if MLB tries to approve Crane while going after McCourt.

  7. Lisa Gray says:


    i hear tell that drayton was really trying hard to get bud to let the sale go thru BEFORE all the mccourt stuff became a problem and bud keeps putting him off

    we got hope

  8. Becky says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, well that just shows ya how much “love” Bud Selig has for
    Daryton. I can’t WAIT until Selig retires. Becky :) :)

  9. Lisa Gray says:

    bud selig luuuuvs bud selig a LOT more than he luuuuuvs drayton.

    which for ONCE just might could possibly help the astros even if bud would be doing it to decrease noise from any future scandal

  10. Becky says:

    Lisa- Think Bob Costas would be a candidate for Commissioner??? I really like
    him! B:)

  11. Charlie says:

    When is everyone gonna quit coddling Brad Mills? Leaves a guy in after walking in a run and then ge next batter triples in three runs. Is his rule that you pitch until the lead becomes too much for the Astros pitiful offense to overcome? Mills needs to be fired now!

  12. Lisa Gray says:


    no because costas is a baseball FAN. the commissioner is basically the owners’ rep – his job is to make the owners as much money as possible while trying to make sure the players get as little as possible (emphasis on the latter). bob costas is also kind of a fan of BITGOD – meaning he doesn’t think that fox should tell MLB how/when to play, no endless playoffs, no november baseball, etc


    myers sucks. he also wants to pitch 6 innings every time cuz it’s his thing. and he’s fast eddie’s pet. that said, what’s the point of getting rid of mills when fast eddie/tal are gonna tell the new guy who to play – and it won’t be young guys unless they are the ones fast eddie wants to showcase to show off his supposed wonderful minor league building skillz

    oh – and yeah, millsie-poo leaves pitchers who have nothing left or had nothing to start with in too long