7/6/11: In The Big Inning Pittsburgh Fielders Help Bud Norris Win

Yes, you 16 remaining Astros fans, it is true that the Astros have managed to win 30 games before the All Star Break. And avoid yet another sweep.

Bud Norris pitched well, as usual – 2 ER – 7 singles, 2 walks and only 3 K over 7 IP. Only THIS time, he got run support AND the bullpen didn’t cough it up.

Brad Mills n the boyz had a meetin today – no media, no batting practive – hmmmmm

Wonder what Millsie-poo was singin…

Mah players make me frown
oooooooh don’t they make me frown
They nevah make the scene
By sendin em deep in the crowd

And fans they gonna talk
LAWD how they gonna talk
And when they turn out the lights
The fans they won’t be comin back

So Ah took em all behind closed doors
And Ah kicked their sorry butts
For makin me sick Ah took this job
And the media don’t know
What goes on behind closed doorsssssss

Apologies Charlie Rich

And we’re off to Miami – see what it’s like to play in a stadium with 5ooo people watching – where JA Hopeless will face lefty Brad Hand: 0-3 in 4 GS over 19 IP: 13 H, 6 HR!!!!, 12 BB, 8 ER/10 R. 3.19 ERA/1.32 WHIP and 0.197 BAA. The guy should pitch a no-hitter, seeing as how the Astros don’t homer or walk….

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4 Responses to “7/6/11: In The Big Inning Pittsburgh Fielders Help Bud Norris Win”

  1. rs davis says:

    Great substitute lyrics to an oldie but a goodie…guess I’m showing my age

  2. Bruce says:

    “Five-run Innings, Five-run innings, fans have loved you so.
    So elusive like the lady’s mystic smile….”

    (Apologies to Nat King Cole)

  3. Charlie says:

    The girls must have forgotten what the meeting was about yesterday. Mills out-thunk himself definitely. He needs to just treat every starting pitcher the same and say any lead you give the other team is in-surmountable with these hitters that the Astros have. Let’s hope Mills is toast. He must have learned managing from Grady Little

  4. Lisa Gray says:


    i seriously disbelieve that even billy martin coulda done better with THIS group – mills does lots of dumb stuff but he usually doesn’t lose because of a dumb strategy, he loses because hitters don’t hit and because bullpen don’t save


    happ is throwing like he’s always thrown – too many pitches too far out of the zone. he always walked WAAAAYYY too many guys but he got away with it because he gave up very few hits. he is now giving up enough hits and fly ball hits at that – that the walks are coming in. he ALSO doesn’t have the phils offense behind him any more and like every other astros pitcher, knows he doesn’t have THAT cushion or even a decent bullpen cushion


    paulino’s “problem” is that he was judged by his win/loss – and he pitched many good games in which he got pretty much no run support. he had a high ERA because he also had a few games in which he gave up a huge number of runs. but overall, he showed that he shouldn’t have been tossed out.

    but of course, he was competing against a phillies product and well that’s NO contest