Happ-y Astros Shut Out Happ-Less Cards

JA Happ pitched the 3rd Astros complete game this year, a 3-0 shutout of the Cards. Unlike his previous starts, he threw mostly strikes, going to only three 3 ball counts. One walk, 2 singles, 1 GIDP (from Uncle). And that was really all she wrote.

It was a nice quick Roy-O style game – 2 hrs, 1 min, first pitch to last – probably because there was exactly 1 mound conference – the Cards in the 7th. And only 1 pitching change, and that was to start an inning.  I LIKEY!!!! It’s true that all the running out to the mound, stepping out, stepping on, stepping off makes games incredibly more boring and I wish the time limits were enforced (yeah, they are ALREADY ML rules, but not enforced…)

Jake Westbrook wasn’t bad – 9 hits, 1 walk, FOUR GIDP (Castro had 2, Clank had 1, Sanchez had 1) and gave up only 3 hard hit balls (only 1 was an out – Manzella’s flyout to the wall at the RF bullpen) and the other 2, both singles, drove in runs. Pence singled and Clank drove him in with a double down the RF line that had some funny bouncing after it hit just inside the line.

CJ broke his ofer 9 with a single in the 7th, then Brett Wallace, who went 3 fer 3 – yeah, he DID, and now he’s hitting about 20 points under his weight!!! drove him in with a double to the LF bullpen wall.

Oh yeah – and we had our all rookie infield tonight – Wallace, Sanchez, Manzella, Johnson, Castro. Manzella made awesome plays all night long, Sanchez made a fabulous catch of Miles’ pop fly into shallow right center, Wallace made a nice DP when he caught Rasmus’ liner and doubled off Yadi Molina in the 8th. Castro called a great game and Happ shook him off once.

Manzella hustled BIG time to beat out a crucial infield single in the 8th. And speaking of hustle, Carlos Lee, yes, CARLOS LEE hustled in the 4th – when Wallace was up, he had second easily stolen, only it was a foul and then on the next pitch, he ran HARD from first to third when Wallace singled. In fact, this August was the first month this year that he hit his usual career numbers – .295/.339/.514/.854. He SAYS he’s worked out his troubles with his swing, seeing the ball, etc. OK, but he’s got to do it for more than 1 month, seeing as how we’re prolly stuck with him for 2 more years, unless Drayton wants to eat more dough.

Tomorrow, it’s the Wand Man vs Chris Carpenter. Root root root for the Wand Man. Especially because I don’t like Carpenter…

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3 Responses to “Happ-y Astros Shut Out Happ-Less Cards”

  1. Neil Sorens says:

    You don’t think any team will be desperate enough to get the resurgent (and versatile!) Lee in a waiver trade before the playoff roster cutoff date?

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    THIS year, no, because lee can veto any trade. and he HAS vetoed every trade so far.

    not sure if he’ll get traded next year before the deadline – and i doubt that any team is gonna pick him up on waivers like the white sox did manny, because they have to pay him his NEXT year’s 19 mill salary. i would guess his getting trade mid-year will depend on how the astros are doing. if we’re winning, AND he’s hitting, he’s not going.

  3. sceptor says:

    I thought that there were really about 6 balls struck well and fairly hard . Bourns single into center was pretty hard hit, as was Pence’s second single. Wallace hit 2 hard hits his double and first single to center were both hit hard, and Castro hit a very well struck linen drive that was caught in deep right center for an out and of course Manzella’s deep drive to left center that was caught.

    Also sanchez made one outstanding play on a grounder way too his right that was headed to center for a base hit in addition to his great catch of the fly ball into short right.

    tonite lets go Wandy and just pitch like you have been for the last couple of months and we can beat Carpenter and the cards one more time.