Brandon Lyon Has A 2 Inning Save To Back Happ’s Win Over Halliday

Well, I know he dood it, but I don’t know HOW he dood it. He doesn’t have awesome stuff, he went to 5 three ball counts, but somehow he gave up only 5 hits, 2 walks 1 homer, 2 runs over 6.1 IP.  He got a little lucky and unlucky in the 6th, when with Halliday on second and Victorino on first, Polanco hit a ball to the LF wall that Clank misplayed – it really SHOULD have been caught, but he took a bad route, let it hit the ground and bounce off the wall, and Halliday scored, and for some reason I do NOT get, they held Victorino, who is almost Bourn fast, at third. It is absolutely ridiculous that not getting a very catchable ball isn’t called an error, but even Roy Oswalt would have made that play in left. But then Happ then got out Utley and Werth. Amazing.

And when the game first started, I thought that fer SHER Halliday was gonna throw a nono. 11 hitters, 34 pitches, then Pence came to bat, Halliday threw a FB up and in and Pence sent it over the left center wall. SUCH a relief – no  perfect game, no shutout. CJ singled to lead off the 5th, then Wallace GIDP. (The boy is having some trouble adjusting to ML pitching, just like Castro and Manzella and NO, I most positively do NOT want any of those guys sent down. And, in fact, I would like to see Anderson Hernandez and his long ML history of suckage kept mostly on the bench – he’s just Matt Kata all over again.) And Manzella is most definitely exponentially better with the glove than Sanchez. Even though he’s apparently forgotten all his Baggy lessons and is again mostly hitting the ball to short.

Oh yes – so in the 6th, Happ grounded out to lead off, then Michael Bourn, yes, MICHAEL “Mr. Infield Singles” Bourn golfed a pitch like a GOOD 380-400′ into the RF stands. Roy “Ace-Man” Halliday has just given up TWO homers to Astros hitters. I mean, we are talking about the guy who has given up no runs at ALL in 9 of his 26 starts.

In the 7th, CJ doubled to right, then Quintero drove him in with a single to left. And Quintero was most DEFINITELY the game’s hero. No question – not only did he drive in the winning run, but he saved the game before Brandon Lyon picked up a baseball. And this is the story.

Happ, to my surprise, comes out to start the 7th – Wilton Lopez was all warmed up and ready, but no. So Sweeney singles, Ben Francisco hits what SHOULD have been a GIDP ball to 3rd, but Hernandez can’t turn the play in time and it’s a FC.

Then Mills plays musical relievers. He pulls Happ and sends in Lopez, our best reliever, to face Ruiz. Good job, I woulda done the same. Ruiz singles to left, and then Manuel sends lefty Ibanez up to pinch hit for Halliday. But Mills pulls Lopez, HIS BEST RELIEVER, and sends in Byrdak, who gets Ibanez out. Then, Mills pulls Byrdak because he doesn’t want him to face Jimmy Rollins. So he sends in Melancon. (Mills REALLY thinks that Lopez can’t get out either Ibanez or Rollins? Are you KIDDING me????) And Rollins takes a strike, swings and misses, takes a ball, fouls one off, then there’s another ball in the dirt, which Q blocks, then he sees that Francisco has wandered off third, and he fires down to CJ and PICKS OFF FRANCISCO!!!


And then, of course, Brandon Lyon comes in and slams the door – 2 innings, 22 pitches. Gave up a single to Ryan Howard, who poked a ball through the 5.5 hole to beat the shift.

And tomorrow afternoon, it’s Wandy vs Kyle Kendrick. Would be very nice to sweep there Wand-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to “Brandon Lyon Has A 2 Inning Save To Back Happ’s Win Over Halliday”

  1. Steve says:

    I never thought I’d say this in 2010, especially with Roy traded, but our starting pitching is stunningly solid right now. It almost seems like we can win every game. Amazing. Certainly fun while it lasts.

  2. Crystal says:

    Lopez was taken out because the Astros said before the game that he would only face one or two batters due to how many innings he has thrown lately.

  3. Lisa Gray says:

    thanks crystal – i missed that