8/25/10: Michael Bourn Hits A Home Run Off Roy Halliday!!!

This deserves its own entry, dontcha think?

It didn’t go 565′

it wasn’t helped by wind

it wasn’t off a mistake pitch – was down and in, as a matter of fact.

But Michael Bourn homering off an ultra ace like Halliday – all I can say is that ah LUUUUVVVVVS baseball…

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17 Responses to “8/25/10: Michael Bourn Hits A Home Run Off Roy Halliday!!!”

  1. Elmer W. says:

    And the Astros beat Roy Halliday, how about that.

    I hope the Stros will finally give Wandy some run support tomorrow.

  2. sceptor says:

    Well if we get wandy 2 or 3 runs tomorrow that should be enough, seeing thats all we are getting our other starters, right.

  3. Bruce says:


  4. Lisa Gray says:

    i sure hope that is enough

    interestingly enough, wandy has only faced the phils twice as a starter, twice as a reliever

    he beat them last year – 7 hits, no runs no walks 7 K over 7 IP
    hadn’t faced them since 06 – gave up 4 ER (3 HR) over 5 IP
    had 1 relief appearance 2 er/0.2 IP
    had 1 relief appearance in 05 – 1 scoreless IP

  5. F. Allain says:

    My coment asking how long it took you to do a blog was because when you review a game, it is a very indepth review, whether or not the umps were calling stirkes balls or not, fielding plays that had an impact on the game, etc.

    I do not find that kind of insight in the other blogs or on the Astros homepage or at Chron.com. They use to have a play by play of the game, and that had every play, but none of your insignt.

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    thank you francois,

    i try. i mean, anyone can read the box scores or the play by play… one of the chron’s beat guys just quit, so they are kind of short staffed…

  7. sceptor says:

    It amazes me that a Player like Bourn doesen’t hit more Homers. He certainly is strong and big enough. Take Willie Mays, i mean he was exactly the same size that Bourn is 5’11” and weighed 180 lbs Hank Aaron was 1 inch taller at 6′ but also weighed 180 lbs. There have been many players in the history of the game that were even smaller, but still hit quite a few homers. That was not a cheap homer bourn it either as it was measured at 379ft.

  8. Lisa Gray says:


    bourn is not any 5-11. they LIE about most guys who are under 6′ – you know that wandy isn’t any 5-11 195 (like he put on 35 pounds between last year and this one) and neither is wesley wright or jason bourgeois. (they are all shorter than my mother who is 5-11 in sandals – and unlike these guys she is not afraid to stand up and get measured). michael isn’t any 180 neither – i’ve seen all these guys from 15-20 feet away, sometimes closer and they are pretty small guys. and actually, yeah, i Do think that michael is bout the same size as willie, who is a small guy. hank was significantly larger than willie by a couple of inches and a GOOD 25 lbs.
    – not sure why michael doesn’t hit more homers, but there is most certainly a LOT more to hitting homers than just size. plenty of large men don’t hit homers and lots of small guys do (see kirby puckett)
    – and i thought that homer went farther than 379 – and last year michael hitone into the upper deck – guess it really is a question of timing

    ah know you was joking, but i was suddenly remembering 08 when until IKE i started wondering if maybe, well, you know…

  9. sceptor says:


    First of all I know that there is much more to hitting homers than just size.

    Secondly i stood no further than 6ft. away from Bourn for 30 minutes in Florida in march of this year and he was every bit as tall as i am if not a hair taller. Thou not fat he is well built and could easily weigh 180 or very close to it. I am 5’10 and a half inches. The truth of the matter is that Bourn is just not a very good hitter.

  10. Lisa Gray says:


    don’t laugh but did you look at his shoes? some shoes, especially athletic shoes can add a good inch of height

    i am making my height judgements by relative heights – looking at someone standing next to someone of known height. you can look at michael standing next to blum and see that he is more than 4″ shorter (same thing with biggio who ain’t no 5-11 neither. bourgeois and wesley are shorter than wandy who is shorter than michael.

    guys lie about their height (just like about their weight) – us grrrls aren’t the only ones

    if i ever brought a stadiometer (those sticks attached to the wall pediatricians use to measure kids height) to the clubhouse, a whole lot of guys be runnin scared (and i got my mama’s height in shoes at the pediatricians office so i KNOW that is accurate. she is seriously pissed at the stick because she has lost a good inch of height since she was 21 years old – prolly more, but she doesn’t like to admit it.)

    and yeah, bourn is not a very good hitter. he’s brett butler with flava and he has GOT to bunt for more hits because the homers aren’t gonna be his bread and butter…

  11. sceptor says:

    you never give up do you, next your going to tell me these 4 guys are really much closer in height and weight to Wee Willie Keeler who was 5’4″ and 140 lbs. HaHa
    I digress or regress or whatever it suppossed to be. In other words i give UP.

  12. Lisa Gray says:


    i hear all the height stories from my 6′ (ahem, cough cough) husband (the asthma doctor gots one of those stadiometers, too – he told me that maybe 5 of 100 people tells the truth about their height, so he personally measures them)
    and it would be teh absolutest KEWL if there was a wee willie keeler size ballplayer these days. there is a pitcher who 5-6 named danny ray herrera with the reds and of course there is david eckstein who says he is 5-6 even though he is listed as 5-8. i missed out on 5-5 freddie patek, but wee willie would IMMEDIATELY be my very very fave player.

  13. sceptor says:

    SO HOW DO “BASEBALL ALMANAC” AND “BASEBALL REFERENCE” AND people get these vitals on all individual ballplayers. They must call all individual players and ask them for there vital measurements and go by what the player tells them I guess, with 95 out of 100 lying to them. SMILING.

  14. sceptor says:

    on that question earlier when you ask me if i looked at michael’s shoes; no i didn’t i was to busy looking at his Butt, he had a nice one. smiling

  15. sceptor says:

    Baseball Almanac has David Eckstien listed as 5’6 and 1/2″ and 170 lbs.

  16. Lisa Gray says:

    the teams give out the height and weight – at least in modern days. they lie. don’t ask me why. it’s not like any opposing player looks at wandy and says – whoa, he’s 5-11, 195. man he BADDDDDDDD. that 35 lb weight gain must be all muscle

    i don’t know how anyone knows how tall ty cobb was – i do know that he was larger than most other guys and bbref has him at 6-1, 175.

    i remember reading somewheres that willie stargell was considered a really large man for his time and he was 6-2 188 (according to bbref)

    – and you are most definitely right about michael – he has an awesome butt
    ah like fine butts and i can NOT lie
    ahm hooked and i can’t stop staring…

    maybe if i raised my eyeballs a little higher i might could think he’s taller…..


  17. sceptor says:

    tu she