Merry Christmas 2009, Astros Fans!!!

And Happy Day-off-from-work Day to all yall who are not Christian.

I wanted to (re)write a lil song today (apologies to the Irish Rovers)

Astros got runover by a Drayton,
Coming back from playoffs in 04.
He thought he could out do his own GM,
And shoved Gerry Hunsicker on out the door.

Drayt had been not drinkin’ champagne,
And he told Ger he’d have to go.
Cuz he’d thought since he’d signed Clemens,
Wasn’t nothin bout baseball he didn’t know…

But, all yall tired of that ol song and dance.

So, bolstered by the fact that my children went to bed last night seeing no presents under the tree, and in spite of the fact that they VOWED to stay up/wake up to see this supposed Santa, AND in spite of the fact that they thought they had THOROUGHLY searched both house and garage and found nothing, they awakened this morning to find out that Santa had, indeed, come by and dropped off loads of presents. And oh yes, their surprise and disbelief was quickly overcome with squeals of joy and barks of dogss.

So perhaps, even though we all went to bed on Christmas Eve, seeing nothing but coal in out Astros’ stockings, we may open belated Christmas presents and find that Drayton/Tal/Fast Eddie somehow traded off some spare middle reliever for a GOOD 3rd baseman who can, you know, like hit and swindled the Yankees (PLEEEEEZE God, let it be the Yankees) out of some good pitcher, like the scorned Phil Hughes.

It IS baseball, and youneverknow, perhaps Santa DID have something good in his stocking for us poor Astros fans…

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5 Responses to “Merry Christmas 2009, Astros Fans!!!”

  1. Bruce says:

    A baseball moment, as we wait for P&C’s to report.

  2. Steve Schramm says:

    Jason Bay gets 5-yr $80M from the Mets, since he will almost certainly reach those incentives. And this makes me feel a little better about being saddled (so to speak) with El Caballo’s 3-yr $55M remaining contract.

    Why, you ask? Well, it shows that we’re not overpaying too much. Bay is two years younger, and has slightly better offensive numbers. But not that much.

    The market price for three years of Carlos is probably around $45M or so. Yes, Jason is much better in the field. Okay. But people pay for offense, not defense. So I’d say that having Carlos is not a huge problem. We need the offense, and if Lance, Carlos and Hunter have a solid 2010, that’s going to be a pretty nice middle of the order.

    If we didn’t have his salary, we’d have some money to get a starter, or a catcher and 3b perhaps, but we’d lose his production and that’s no good. So it’s an annoying contract and it’s annoying to watch him play LF and run the bases, but let’s just see what happens.

  3. Lisa Gray says:


    you da man!!!

    sure we’ll see what happens. and bay is not exactly mr. gold glove out there neither, especially after he got hurt a couple years bck, and yes i know that fenway makes bout any LF look bad…


    and it IS baseball and youneverknow….

  4. Bruce says:

    July 31, 2002

    New York Mets traded Josh Reynolds (minors), Jason Bay and Bobby Jones to the San Diego Padres. Received Jason Middlebrook and Steve Reed.

  5. Paul says:

    “We need the offense, and if Lance, Carlos and Hunter have a solid 2010, that’s going to be a pretty nice middle of the order.”

    Indeed it would, however, aside from Bourn, it’s pretty pathetic.