Is Drayton REALLY Going To Sell The Astros?

Well, this has been quite the week.

All the work getting this here blog set up and getting my player comments written for The Hardball Times Season Preview 2010 (yes, I certainly WILL tell you when it is finished and available) and getting ready for Christmas.

And now, I find out that all the rumors I have been hearing for the past couple of years are true – Drayton actually really DID have a deal in place to sell 51% of the Astros, but the buyer backed out. I heard about him “trying” to sell the Astros from a few people last year, but because Buddy Boy has to approve all sales, and there was nothing about this, AND because I couldn’t get any proof, I didn’t say anything.

Richard Justice heard those self same rumors and ASKED Drayton, and got his face lied to.

Drayton threw Gerry Hunsicker out on his ass after the end of the 04 season, thinking he could do a better job all by himself, and installed Tim Pur-puppet. Drayton was wrong, and in just a few short years, he turned the Organization from a good one with a good reputation (for a non-media darling) into a laughingstock. I would guess he knows very well what the national baseball guys are saying about him, NOT behind his back. Whether or not he admits it, he knows that all the rest of the baseball men talk about his bad reputation, that good baseball men don’t want to work here in Houston.

He sees a bad team in front of him, in spite of all that blather about “being a champion” and he knows the decisions were his (except Brandon Lyons – that one is on Ed Wade, and we all know it.) Does Drayton want out of the mess he made?

Who knows? He said he was approached by the man who offered him a lot of money, but he sure nuff didn’t say – NO WAY. He would have back in 2005 or 2006, before things completely fell apart. Perhaps it was his making a national fool of himself by refusing to evacuate the team with Hurricane Ike approaching – it made national news that he wanted to make the Friday night game a doubleheader, skip the Saturday game (day of hurricane), then play the Sunday game as if nothing had happened.  After the fiasco of playing the games at Wrigley North (thank you friend Bud), the rest of the baseball world didn’t stop laughing and that must have been when the buyer caught him at a low point.

I know that lots of fans WANT Drayton to sell the team. They dream of Mark Cuban (who will ever get near a baseball franchise over Bud Selig’s dead body.) They live in the fantasy world that this new owner will WANT to spend his OWN money on the team. Bud Selig wouldn’t ALLOW an owner in who would do something like that – it would set a BAD precedent. But I keep saying, you know, it COULD be worse.

We could just get another David Glass/Bob Nutting – owners who are more than content to have bad teams year after year and take home their 20-30 mill profit. They have exactly zero reason to change the status quo, especially as the networks have less than zero interest in seeing, say, a Royals/Pirates World Series. Can you imagine having a World Series with a team like the Pirates? Or Royals? I mean, what kind of “story” can you get with Kansas City after saying 100 times that it is not in Kansas, how weird?

Honestly, where do people GET these strange notions…

What Drayton actually NEEDS to do is something he doesn’t WANT to do – hire a GOOD baseball man/woman and step back and let them run the ball club without interference. It would also behoove him to hire some stat people to, you know, bring the club into the 21st century.  Perhaps after this year, which is going to be another bad BAD losing year (unless something changes which I don’t see happening) and rapidly declining attendence with long time season ticket holders like my mother refusing to re-up, AND watching the Astros rapidly losing media relevance IN HOUSTON, he might could just possibly do what he needs to do.

Either hire a good management team, or sell out.

We’ll see…

And last, but not least, I am going to try to change the Astros Pic Of The Month to show an Astro in the retro uni. And no, I am NOT gonna change my mind on NO ICKY BRICK RED!!!!

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5 Responses to “Is Drayton REALLY Going To Sell The Astros?”

  1. Paul says:

    I hate when I like an idea Richard Justice has, but I’d LOVE to see Mark Cuban buy the Astros. Yeah, he’s kind of an ass but man is he passionate about the Mavericks, I have no doubt he’d do everything within his power to make them perennial contenders.

    Not that Selig would ever let him in.

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    the part about – selig would never let him in – is key.
    selig is MOST interested in getting owners who will be as obedient as drayton

    that and screwing the players and taxpayers…

  3. Austin says:

    I like your comments about the Royals-Pirates World Series. I get annoyed every time the NBA or MLB doesn’t get the matchup it wants in the World Series, and then everyone whines about how bad the ratings are. It’s in how they promote it. The White Sox-Astros series, for example, had about the lowest ratings ever. And there was no reason for it. There were all kinds of intriguing story lines. White Sox trying to break their curse the year after the Red Sox broke theirs. The Astros making one of the most unlikely runs ever to the World Series, shaking off the “Disastros” moniker to make their first ever World Series appearance. Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Roy Oswalt, Bobby Jenks, Mark Buehrle…Great, great players and great pitching matchups. That MLB couldn’t market that as a good game shows how much they suck at marketing. It was their fault that they couldn’t get up off the matt when they didn’t get a Los Angeles-Boston World Series and actually make something of small market teams with great stories.

    Selig just makes me mad.

  4. lisa gray says:


    i screeeeemmmmed about that during the whole post-season

    buck and mccarver were too up set about no derek “the perfect” jeter to endlessly drool ovah

    if you as a network keep pimping only a couple of teams and put down all the others, then, yeah, sure, you will have only bored and disinterested fans who think there is nothini worth watching

    it’s like, you know, like, DUHHHHHH

  5. Austin says:

    Agreed. They need to take some lessons from the NFL, which doesn’t have significant dropoff when, say, the Cardinals or Panthers make the Super Bowl. Certainly, the ratings go up when they get their dream matchups or get something like the Patriots and Giants. But, unlike with the NBA and the MLB, their ratings don’t completely fall off the map just because it’s not the big teams in the big game.