The Astros Dugout Is Moving To A New Home

As I have mentioned before, MVN will be closing down permanently in a few short weeks.

I want to take this opportunity to thank David Pinto of Baseball Musings for urging me to blog and to Evan Brunell for giving me the opportunity to do so on his fledgling network way back in June of 2004. I was one of the first dozen or so bloggers to join MVN and am proud to have stayed on until the end. It has been a great experience.

My dear Husband also would like to thank all of my readers and commenters over the years for giving him a much needed break so that he didn’t have to hear quite as much about my baseball team.

I have decided to have my own website; thanks to John, the wonderful web designer at, I now will be posting at and expect to have my first post up Monday or Tuesday.

I have re-named the blog “Astros-holic Synonymous” as these days, those of us who continue to root for the Astros, uh, can relate.

Hopefully, the transition will be smooth.

Commenting rules will be the same: no bad language (even about Fast Eddie/Tal/Drayton, and yes, I know it will be tough, trust me on this) and please use good manners toward me and other posters at all times. I welcome all views and tolerate dissention, but not rudeness (or libel.)

There is an RSS feed click so that you can easily subscribe, because as you know, posting will be somewhat sporadic until spring training.

Hope to see all of you there, and again, thanks to Evan Brunell and best wishes to him in all his future endeavors.

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3 Responses to “The Astros Dugout Is Moving To A New Home”

  1. Steve Schramm says:

    Lisa, congratulations on your new, independent site!

  2. Steve Schramm says:

    Oh no! We pay $800K for another year of Jason (#$%# career .754OPS) Michaels. They are just giving up on 2010.

  3. Lisa Gray says:

    thank you steve, and welcome!!!!!

    and it is VERY important to re-up michaels because as an ex-phillie, he knows all about being a Winner and taking the team to the WS and



    but anyhow, we HAD to have him back or we would have had to sign someone else or even (shudder) promote one of our own minor leaguers!!!