11/18/09: Astros 2009 Minor League Free Agents: Any Keepers?

From Baseball America, here’s the list:

RHP: Kenny Baugh (AA), T.J. Burton (AA), Jose Capellan (AAA), Casey Daigle (AAA), Tip Fairchild (Hi A), Abraham Gonzalez (R), Ryan McKeller (AAA), Billy Sadler (AAA) – I’ll talk about this guy because for some unknown reason, Fast Eddie picked him up offn the scrap heap – was a reliever most of his minor league career, was pretty decent. Made into a starter at Round Rock, had a 5.12 ERA, 1.64 WHIP, didn’t even average 4 IP/Gs; Charlie Weatherby (AA): the rest of the guys can be summarized as – um, massive suckage.
LHP: SP Mark McLemore (AAA) – injured a LOT, missed all last year, half of this year, unusually low K rate for him; SP Josh Muecke (AAA) – low K, high BB, WHIP 1.59 – as bad as last year at AAA; SP/RP Andy Van Hekken (AAA) – age 30, spent most of the year at AA, unremarkable except for low walk rate
1B: John Gall (AAA) ; LH Mark Saccomanno (AAA) – age 30, local boy, lead glove, minimal power for a 1B, .765 OPS his 3rd year at AAA
2B: Drew Meyer (AA) – age 28, a well paid 1st rounder, has a minor league OPS of .682 and had a .757 OPS at AA after 3 straight years at AAA. What is called a “bust.” Felix Molina (AA) – age 25, very little power, won’t walk, minor league OPS .699
3B: Chad Spann (AA) – age 25 – don’t know how his glove is, but I can tell you that Michael Bourn has more power
SS: Ronald Ramirez (Hi A) age 22 – pitcher turned SS who hits like a pitcher
OF: RH Reggie Abercrombie (AAA) age 28 – would have produced with glove and bat better than Erstad fer SHER, at 1/4 the price, but unfortunately, Reggie’s to Black to supply needed Grittiness; RH Ray Sadler (AA)- age 29, had 845 OPS at AAA last year, had no place to go with the ML club seeing as how we got Jason Useless Michaels, was let go, went to the Rays, sucked, came back, spent a few weeks at AA, sucked

How can I put this – any AAA guys who are allowed to become minor league FA very very seldom go on to become useful major leaguers. I mean, it’s possible, but hey, let’s be real. THIS Organization doesn’t have ANY useful AAA guys. And don’t hand me Reggie Abercrombie unless you have a lineup like the Phillies and need a PR/DR in the OF. He does hit some homers, but he strikes out more than Mark Reynolds. And while I am usually not real too upset about strikeouts, there IS a time and place to point out that poor strike zone judgement is not a good thing.

I’m going to check out the list from other teams, see if there just might could be anything good among the scraps.

And no, I don’t want Elizardo Ramirez.


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