12/14/09: Ed Wade Killed My Mother……….’s Love Of The Astros

I know that most of you either typed in or linked to www.theastrosdugout.com and saw a different title. I have posted at the soon to be vanished mvn.com since June 1, 2004 under the blog name The Astros Dugout, and thought that keeping the familiar name as the domain title would help people find me.

However, I thought that a new, fresh start deserved a new, fresh blog title. I chose Astros-holic Synonymous partly to explain why I am still blogging in spite of the fact that I should just go on the wagon as this team seems determined to flush itself deeper into the sewer of suckage; but I can quit being an Astros fan ANY ol time I want to. Yep, just walk away. But in the meantime, I need a support system (and I thought that naming the blog “I Wanna Go All Shawn Chacon On Ed Wade’s Cruddy Middle Reliever Obsessed Pea Brain When He Does Idiotic Stuff Like Sign Brandon Mediocre Lyons To A Contract Three Years Too Long And 15 Million Too Much” was a bit cumbersome, you know what I’m sayin…)

I also picked a punny name to honor my late friend and mentor, the great baseball writer and human being, John Brattain, who had a superlative sense of humor and dearly loved a good pun.

I want to thank my friend and fellow Primate, Coot Veal And Cot Deal, for sparing me the time from running his web design firm, www.unrepentant-design.com  to help me set up this wonderful new site. He’s an especially awesome male human being, because he did what I wanted, not what HE wanted (he must be married, dontcha think?) I welcome any comments/suggestions you have for me about the appearance of my blog, as I am learning what works and what doesn’t, but understand right here and now that I am NOT changing my mind about no Astros icky brick red on the header. If you want to see an Astros player up there near the title, you have a choice between Kevin Bass and Jimmy Wynn. If Wandy isn’t traded this off-season, he can go up there, too.  Forget Bagwell/Biggio/Mike Scott/Nolan Ryan – I prefer the underappreciated.

Also, the rules about no bad language, no libel and use of good manners at all times still stands.  One of my Giants fans friends warned me, “Once Astro fans watch Pedro Feliz ‘hit’, they may increase the pressure to waive the bad language limit” and trust me, I understand. But if I held that limit in force for Dan EFF Miceli all the way up to Cecil (Worst Manager EVAH) Cooper, I will be able to keep it in place these days.

And thanks right now to Dan Szymborski, inventor of ZIPS prediction system, co-owner of Primer, for helping me get pub to launch this blog and to Matt H. for its clever entry title.

Speaking of the title, it refers to the fact that many fans are enraged by the ineptness of Astros ownership and management since the day that Drayton McLane talked Roger Clemens into un-retiring. Houstonians talked about (almost) nothing but the Astros all winter and spring and season ticket sales sky, um, rocket ed. This year, with Ed Wade’s obtaining Matt Lindstrom and his 100 MPH straight FB for a couple of low minor leaguers and Brandon Lyon, a middle reliever, for 5 MEELYUN dollars a year for THREE years and Pedro Feliz and his vanishing bat for 4.5 mill, furious Astros fans are refusing to re-up their season tickets to fuel Ed Wade’s lust for overpaying for relievers and obtaining Ex-Phillies.

Let alone re-upping Jason Michaels – ex-Phillie, natch, (-) 1 RCAA over 152 PA: 12 doubles, 1 triple, 4 HR, 16 BB, 38 K, 2 GIDP: .237/.322/.430/.752 for a 98 OPS+ to accompany a glove that is only slightly better than Clank’s. And, by the way, I should note that Michaels is supposed to be primarily a pinch hitter, and his numbers with men on base are .231/.286/.385 and with men in scoring position are .216/.293/.378/.671. You see, we needed Michaels back because this team is SOOOOO sorely lacking in Veteran Presence, seeing as how he is a 33 year old journeyman and the youngest position player is the wet behind the ears Tommy Manzella, age 27.


Anyway, back to the subject of even MORE wasteful expenditures (yes it IS possible) Ed Wade obtained Miguel Tejada, a suspected steroids user, the DAY before the Mitchell Report was made public. Had he waited a day longer, he most likely could have obtained him for significantly less than 3 cheap major leaguers and 2 minor leaguers. Two days after Fast Eddie threw money at Lyons (and no, I don’t believe that some other team offered him 2 years at 3.5 mill/year), the list of non-tenders was revealed.

Let’s take a look at that there list and see if Eddie could have gotten someone just as good and a WHOLE lot cheaper:

– Jose Arrendondo, RH RP, age 25, Angels: fabulous 08, horrific 09 – worth at least a minor league contract
– Brian Bass, RH RP, age 28, Orioles: 90 ERA+ over 2 years, 4.87 ERA/ 1.59 WHIP – NRI at most
– Lance Broadway, rhp, Mets (good looking MAN, bad looking pitcher)
– Matt Capps, RH RP, age 25, Pirates; was their closer for 3 years – had a  TERRIBLE year last year, increase in H/9 IP from 8.1 from 06-08, to 12.2 last year. Increased BB/9 a bit as well as HR/9. Maybe he was hurt – with the Pirates, youneverknow. DEFINITELY worth a try.
– D.J. Carrasco, RH RP, age 32, White Sox: looks a HECK of a lot better than Lyons: last 2 years with Sox, 3.82 ERA/1.36 WHIP – a real horse of a RP – pitched 93 innings over 49 games with only 1 start.
– Clay Condrey, RH RP, age 33, from Beaumont, Phillies: do you need to know anything more? Hows about 6 years, 6 mill a year? Cheap at the price. The guy’s a WINNAH with a RINGGG!!!!!
– Neal Cotts, LH RP, age 29, C*bs: he’s the guy who killed us in 05, but he rapidly detiorated – 11 terrible innings last year.
– Mark DiFelice, RHRP, age 33, Brewers: GET THIS GUY!!! we should sign him to a ML contract – he was extremely effective, pitching 51 innings of 110 ERA+ ball with a 3.66 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 8.4 H/9, 1 HR/9, 2.3 BB/9, 8 K/9. No idea why the Crew is letting him go (oh yeah, he DID shut the Astros DOWN every time he faced us) and keeping Carlos Villanueve instead…
– Phil Dumatrait, LH SP/RP, age 28, Pirates: first rounder from the RedSox B.T. (before Theo) relieved in 13 ineffective innings last year. Walks too many, strikes out too few, gives up too many hits.  
– Seth McClung, RH SP/RP, age 28, Brewers: 4.04 ERA (105 ERA+) 1.41 WHIP was his career high in 08. Meh.
– Adam Miller, RH SP, age 25, Indians 1st rounder in 03, never made it out of AAA with good reason. But someone will give this guy a minor league contract because he used to be a prospect.
– Dustin Moseley, RH SP, age 28, Angels: Cincy’s 1st rounder in 2000, traded to LAA for Ramon Ortiz (remember how he was supposed to be the next Pedro Martinez? Ummm, no.) 168 ML innings over 4 years, 5.41 ERA, 1.554 WHIP.

My, we sure have a lot of failed first rounders, don’t we? Where was I? Oh yeah…

– Jackson Quezada, RH RP, age 23, Padres: not sure what an A ball pitcher is doing on this list, but he had a 2.12 ERA over 63.2 IP with 27 saves with a 0.958 ERA and a 11.2 K/9. Heck, I’d give him a try and I don’t CARE if he is “too old” for A ball. He fits right in with the Astros, anyway.
– Tim Redding, RH SP/RP, age 31, Mets: no thanks
– Anthony Reyes, RH SP/RP, age 28, Indians (ex-Card, on TLR’s poopoo list because he is too limp or something) but his numbers are all over the place and they were terrible last year – of course, he was hurt. I’d give him a minor league tryout. Just to, uh, irritate TLR… 
– Jose Veras, RH RP, age 29, Indians: below average reliever with 4.42 ERA/1.38 WHIP, 99 ERA+ over past 4 years/128 innings. Pass
– Chien-Ming Wang, RH SP, age 29, Yankees: has had very serious injuries, and will probably sign some sort of deal with the Yanks anyway. Most pitches with seriouship injuries don’t come back anyway…

I’d definitely prefer Carrasco to Lyons and I’d grab Matt Capps, as well.

But truth is that I’m tired of the Astros just signing cromulent players because they have some sort of ML resume. I’d rather see more Wesley Wrights, seeing as how this team really has no more chance of being any better than last year’s.

And my mother, and many more people are trying to tell the front office this by refusing to re-up their season tickets, but seems as if the front office prefers the casual fan to the loyal one.

UPDATE 11 AM:   Arredondo is having TJ surgery and DiFelice is having shoulder labrum surgery. So they are out.

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15 Responses to “12/14/09: Ed Wade Killed My Mother……….’s Love Of The Astros”

  1. Congratulations on the old-new blog and the fresh start, Lisa!

    As to your Hometown Nine, it could be worse… y’all could have that goof running the Royals as your GM, yes?

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    trouble is that i’m not seeing real too much difference between ed wade and whatshisname in terms of stupid contracts

    but yeah, lyons appears to be a better deal than kyle farnsworth

  3. jwb says:

    Stay with the brick red. It’s butt ugly but it’s Official MLB/Houston Astros Butt Ugly®.

    It’s bad luck to feature a current player in your header. At this very moment, somebody in Toronto is cutting a Roy Halladay pic and pasting in, um, Vernon Wells?

    Mark DiFelice, 12/7/2009, Labrum, rotator cuff surgery
    Jose Arredondo, will have TJ surgery in January. Why is he waiting a month? Because he wants to play whiffle ball with his kids on Christmas or something?

    No love for the Casey Daigle signing? It pretty much guarantees that the lovely Ms. Jenny Finch will be making appearances in Houston. Ok, Round Rock or Corpus or. . .

    Have fun with yout new blog home. It looks great!

  4. Lisa Gray says:


    it is bad enough that i have to look at those hideous brick red unis and the brick and cream decorated Box, but it is NOT gonna show up here on my very own blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    casey daigle played at round rock. i think. too bad they can’t sign miss finch, as she’d most likely be a MUCH better baseball player than anyone else on that AAA roster…

  5. Steve Schramm says:

    A vote for a player to put up there is Terry Puhl. He was totally unappreciated, but he just kept getting on base. And he was fast. And he played defense. And had a good arm. And he was clutch — check out his hitting in that awesome playoff series against the Phils. Besides, he’s left handed and from Canada. What’s not to like? With him and Cruz, it was a fun team to watch.

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    yeh, terry puhl WAS good – covered ground in that huge Dome OF

    funny how much i still like those late 80s teams i first knew. even when they were awful, i didn’t care

    which is what is great about being a kid

  7. Vincent says:

    As a Nationals fan, I feel your pain (simply substitute “Jim Bowden” and “Reds” for “Ed Wade” and “Phillies”). It’s too bad, because I think Houston is a good baseball town and Minute Maid looks to be a fun place to watch a ballgame (though I understand your nostalgia for the Astrodome).

    Best wishes with your new blog.

  8. Lisa Gray says:


    yeh, i don’t understand the obsession some managers and GMs have with their former club’s minor and major leaguers

    see phil garner and ex-tigers

    see jim tracy and ex-dodgers


    and actually, minute maid is a good place to watach a ballgame. i think the Dome was more magical because it was where i went when i was a kid.

  9. Paul says:

    “it is bad enough that i have to look at those hideous brick red unis and the brick and cream decorated Box”

    I must respectfully disagree, I like our uniforms!

    Anyhow, I’m sure you’ve read this in some context already, but just in case – there’s a report out that Drayton almost sold the team after the ’08 season. So close, yet so far..

  10. Downtown Bookie says:

    “i don’t understand the obsession some managers and GMs have with their former club’s minor and major leaguers”

    It’s not just players from their former clubs. Sometimes managers and GMs obsess over players from teams that have some other connection to their past.

    Consider the 1990 Cleveland Indians, with four members of the 1986 New York Mets (Keith Hernandez, Rafael Santana, Jesse Orosco and Stan Jefferson) on their roster. The connection? That 1990 Cleveland team was managed by John McNamara, the same man who had managed the Boston Red Sox against the New York Mets in the 1986 World Series.


  11. AstrosFanInNC says:

    I’m glad you are continuing the blog and appreciate DanZ providing the link.

    I’m with you 100% on the colors…I still have my ‘rainbow’ Astros shirt, jacket and Orange Hat among my most prized possessions!

    I like TerryPuhl a lot, too…but my favorites are Billy Doran and Dickie Thon {oh to have seen Thon’s career without that beaning!}.

    Sadly, I share your angst over this knucklehead Wade…There are so many good men (and women!) we could a had…

  12. Lisa Gray says:



    you can like whatever unis you want. the great thing is that the astros figured out that LOTS of us love the old ones and so i have an astros t-shirt in the rainbow colors.


    you are right.

    and also, managers/GMs go get players who have beaten their current team in the past a LOT without considering the fact that they played with a DIFFERENT team and are older now, anyway

    AF in NC,


    until drayton faces reality, we are just gonna have a long series of ed wades. and a LOT of failure.

    will be interesting to see what happens this year with ticket sales

  13. jim c says:

    I am glad that you have decided to endeavor to persevere.
    You might check out the difficulty level of changing the former player on your banner. I like the Wynn, Puhl, Doran, Thon suggestions but would add JR, CC, Cheo, Sambito, and Larry D.
    It would be fun if you could do it on say a monthly basis and have your readers vote on who they want to see, you nominate four or five and we vote.
    The color scheme could also be changed at your whim at that time.
    Again thanks for hanging in there.

  14. Lisa Gray says:

    jim c

    yeah, it would be fun to find players in the old unis…

    but change my color scheme?

    NO BRICK RED!!!!!

  15. marmer says:

    Another long-time fan here with a big thumbs up for the rainbow color scheme. I know what they are trying to do with the brick red, but still. Heritage rocks!

    And I like the idea of seeing my old favorites up there, too. Easy for me to say, I know, since it’s not me doin’ the work.