Astros 2007 Arbitration Cases All Settled

The three remaining arbitration eligible players have signed contracts:

Jason Lane – 1.05 mill (up from 454K last year.) Amazing that a player can perform so badly and yet receive double his salary. Of course, if he is cut in ST, he will only receive a small pro-rated portion of the salary.

Adam Everett – 2.8 mill (up from 1.9 mill last year. He can’t make much for being a defensive genius – the bucks come from the bat, and Adam is not on the field for his bat.) He can also earn another 150K in incentives.

Morgan Ensberg – 4.35 mill (up from 3.95 mill last year. I guess he must feel pretty guilty about not being honest about his injured shoulder last year, as he didn’t ask for much of a raise.)

It is, what, a dozen years since an Astros player last went to arbitration. This is a very good thing, because all arbitration accomplishes is really establishing bad feelings between team and player. Compromise is a MUCH better solution.

In other news, yet another ex-Tiger, (yeah, uh-oh) Brian Moehler, has been signed to a minor league deal, and Phil is saying that he has a chance to make the starting rotation out of Spring Training. That, my friends, is, to put it mildly, not a very good thing.
Let’s take a look at his stats. He was a Houston Astro in 2003 line with Houston, but spent most of the time on the DL, then had elbow surgery after the season..

According to, last year he had negative 2 winshares. They project his line to be:
6-10 with a 5.57 ERA over 126 IP – 17 HR, 41 BB, 74 K and a 1.59 WHIP.
He also has a 10.29 ERA at the Box – yes, over 7 IP, yes I know, small sample size…

I’d rather use Wandy.

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2 Responses to “Astros 2007 Arbitration Cases All Settled”

  1. Didi says:

    I wonder how many WS would these three total in 2007 compared to Carlos Lee. Do you think Jason Lane can be the defensive replacement for Lee? I hope he gets his bat back to go along with his walks.

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    carlos lee is all bat and no glove, but he IS a damn smart baserunner, i’ll give him that. jason lane is NOT a good defender. i had him as basically average, but he scored below average on most defensive scales. i gave him a little rope in 05 because of willy’s little problem in understanding that you have to communicate with your OF and because he and biggio had a few misunderstandings, but he wasn’t much better last year neither. not exactly sure what they’re gonna do for DR unless hidalgo makes the team. these days, he’s just arm – last i saw, he couldn’t run neither. he is supposed to hae been working on this stuff – flexibility. he’s one guy i really REALLY strongly suspect of using roids and i think it cost him his career.
    me i HOPE jason comes back because i just like him. he’s quiet and shy and i relate to THAT.