6/30/08: Roy Oswalt Pitches An Ace Game, Beats Dodgers

Roy had every one of his pitches working over the 6 innings he pitched. Of the 79 pitches Roy threw, 58 were strikes. Of those 58 strikes, 12 (21%) were swing and misses.

He threw 10 sliders, 7 for strikes, 3 balls. He threw 3 changeups – 2 strikes, 1 ball. He threw 13 curves – 10 strikes (8 swing and miss) and 3 balls.

He struck out 9 guys in 6 innings, walked none, gave up 6 hits and 2 HBP and 1 sac-fly. I guess Roy was following the advice of his pitching coach Lance Berkman, because he most definitely attacked the strike zone. The FB really had some awesome movement on it too.

He was standing on the mound at the beginning of the 7th, when he summoned the trainer and then he left with a “hip abductor strain.” Such a shame – I thought he’d get his first CG in 2 years.

Roy only got 4 runs of support, but that was all that he needed as Chris Sampson, Wesley Wright and Valverde finished up 3 scoreless innings.

Bourn and Pence were hitless, but fortunately, Lance, Miggy, Loretta and Ausmus got on base and drove in enough. Yes, 2 of the winning runs were driven in by The Hated Brad Ausmus. Miggy also seems to be doing a lot better in the 5-hole. He’s getting better ABs – his 8 pitch beauty against Aardsma yesterday was a classic. Today, he went 2/3 with 2 doubles and an IBB. Heres hoping he picks it back up. Lance hit one of those famous Crawford Box 335′ popups, walked twice and came around to score on one of those walks. Loretta went 1/4, drove in a run (right after Miggy IBB) and scored one. Wiggy, as usual, left all kinds of guys on base.

Wiggy hasn’t done as well as you might expect from a guy with a .823 OPS – he’s had 186 PA, has driven in ONLY 13 runs, same as Brad Ausmus, who has only 126 PA and a .541 OPS. Interesting. With runners on, he’s hitting .182, with RISP, he’s hitting .118.

Let me translate – he’s had 66 AB with runners on – he’s walked 11 times and he’s only driven in 8 – all his 5 homers were solo homers. So he has driven in 14% of baserunners – the same as Michael Bourn, who has very little power. Not good. Interesting that no one has noticed – I guess because his average is 270. And that is what fans notice.

Tomorrow, it’s the Wand-Man vs Clayton Kershaw, LHP, a 20 year old from Dallas who was the Dodgers’ 1st round pick in 06. He was called up at the end of May (to give the Dodgers control over him for 6 2/3 years, instead of 6) and is 0-2 in 7 GS over 33 IP – 33 H, 3 HR, 22 BB, 29 K – 4.36 ERA, 1.67 WHIP and a .267 BAA.
Go Wandy, GO GO GO
Wandy B Good!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to “6/30/08: Roy Oswalt Pitches An Ace Game, Beats Dodgers”

  1. Travis says:

    it would defiantley require some excellent scounting on postioning for the hitter at the plate…

  2. Travis says:

    I had noticed that Wiggy is ice with RISP, several times he has looked awful in clutch RBI opps.
    Here is an idea, i have been talking about for a while and i guess its just insane or too radical for anyone to imagine a retort. Why not move Lee to third base? would his D there be any more costly than in the outfield? then you can start Erstad more often… i know its never going to happen….
    Roy IS looking better, more like himself and then he tweeks the hip… im praying this wont slow his progress back to ACE status. man he was dealing last night, getting out of jams, killing rallys. Made me remember how awesome it is to watch a pitcher of his caliber.

  3. glennbo says:

    Moving lardass Lee to 3rd might work, I dont know how his defense would be but anytime he’s on the field its bad and plus Wiggs is no Camaniti with the glove himself. Could you imagine the grimacing from the fans when that first hotshot to his L-R comes to 3rd and Lee doesnt move or barely tries…Who knows it might work, it might not, problem is… the Astros would never do it. That would require thinking outside the box and taking chances and thats something they just dont do.

  4. Steve Schramm says:

    Um, Lisa, Berkman most definitely did not hit a Crawford popup. He CRUSHED that ball — the bricks are probably loose from where it crashed way above the boxes. Go back and look at it — Lance SMOKED it. That ball goes out of every ballpark in the Majors and into the upper deck of some of them.
    As for Wiggy, he came up TWICE with a runner on third and less that two out and neither runner scored. Yikes.

  5. Steve Schramm says:

    “I quit trying to pitch for contact,” Oswalt said. “I tried to use the power part of the game. The biggest problem I had the first month was fastballs up. When you don’t spot your fastball, your other pitches aren’t too good. The last month seemed like I was down in the zone more — ground balls, get some punchouts, get some guys looking.”
    YAY! He quit pitching to contact! Whose stupid idea was that, anyway?

  6. wags says:

    I was unaware of the swing-and-miss stat. I gather from your description that 12 for 58, or 21% is durn good. Who’s tops in that category? What’s tops in that category?
    I agree, Roy was smoking last night. It would be great if we could get a string of complete games and give “Brokey” (sorry) and “Big Potato” a rest.
    By the way, it’s fun to read everyone’s positive comments (especially in the Chron) on Wandy and Moehler (wonder how he likes his nickname), after the very same posters had them assigned to the dung heap last year.

  7. Lisa Gray says:

    clank at third? he can barely handle left. he moves like an elephant with sore feet – he sin’t going to get any ball that isn’t hit right to him and at third, the balls come at you VERY fast.
    you are right – i thought it was one of those high pops that come down just on the other side of the yellow line and fall to the ground. the replay didn’t show where the ball went very well and i had to watch it a few times before i caught it right.
    i believe that the pitch to contact stuff was dave wallace’s idea.
    seems lance is a MUCH better pitching coach.
    some pay site probably has the swing and miss numbers. i believe that the more misses, the more movement on the baseball – and if i was able to do all kinds of fun stuff with the pitch f/x data on some computer program, i could probably prove it. i haven’t seen roy get swing and misses like that in quite a while. especially on pitches that are not strike 3.
    one of his problems this year is that a lot of hitters have been fouling off the pitches and running up his count. he’d go to 0-2 and not finish em off.
    as for wandy,
    well, you STILL getting complaints that he is not an ace. sigh. or that he isn’t going 7 innings every time. sigh. or that his away numbers are a little worse than his home numbers. sigh. but really, even the loudest of the anti-wandy crowd shuts up unless he gets pulled after 5 or if he gives up 3 runs. then it is – i TOLD you he was no good.
    moehler really WAS terrible the first half of last year and i was one of the ones thought he should be released. but he straightened himself out in the second half and i did say something about that.
    and i thought he should be back in the pen at the beginning of the year, and he himself said he didn’t think he had the stamina to start any more – guess he does. youneverknow. his last few years as a starter were, um, bad. he’s having a career year and i’ll go for that.