6/29/08:Astros Win Last 2 Series To End 2008 Interleague at 7-11

I don’t understand why it takes so much longer to play AL teams in an NL park even when the scores are low – 3 1/2 hours today for a 3-2, 8 1/2 inning game. The opposition managed 9 hits, 2 runs, both on solo homers, 6 walks; the Astros managed 10 hits, 1 walk and 3 runs. I guess they must be using those 3 minute commercials so popular during national broadcasts.

But it doesn’t matter so much because of the wonderfulness of mlb.com which allowed me to see all 3 games from this weekend over the past couple hours. Excluding all the gloating over the bandwagoners stuffing Unca Drayton’s pockets. Then again, I hear tell that a lot of Astros season ticket holders made a killing selling their tickets to the visiting AL fans…


So the lowly lousy Astros took 4 of 6 from the 2 best teams in the supposed to be sooooooo superior (according to all the AL worshipping BBTN people) AL.

Which shows that when it comes to baseball, there is one sure thing – youneverknow.

To me, the most amazing thing is watching Brian Moehler, of ALL people, turning into the #2 guy – or at least sharing #2-hood, of you can call it that, with Wandy. He didn’t keep guys off base – he gave up 7 hits and 3 walks in 5.2 IP, but he kept em from scoring and gave up only 1 run on a solo homer to Dustin Pedroia (who reminds me of Biggio – size and all, about 1994 – 2002). Brocail and Valverde held it together this weekend, too, which, considering all the innings they’ve pitched, is great.

Backe yesterday really had only 1 bad inning – he gave up 4 runs in the 4th, but no home runs for the first time in 2 months. He should have been out of the 6th too, but Pence BADLY misplayed a fly ball he should have caught easily, which tipped off his glove, and went for a “triple.” Honestly, these scorers – there is NO way that was not an error. But unfortunately, Geoff Geary, who came in to relieve was rusty from disuse and gave up 4 runs while getting outs on a sac-fly and an out on a runner trying to advance an extra base. But fortunately, their pitchers gave up runs even faster than ours, so the Astros won there too.

Runelvys Hernandez pitched better than I expected him to, given his history, giving up 5 hits and 3 walks in 5 innings – and unfortunately giving up a 3 run homer on a night when the Astros hitters couldn’t do a thing with Matsuzaka. Sampson and Wright gave up a couple of runs, too, but it didn’t matter. Props to Reggie Abercrombie for hitting a homer offn the tracks to ensure that at least the Astros didn’t get shut out.

I don’t know, of course, exactly what went down in that clubhouse after the fallout of the Shawn Chacon debacle, but I do know that Coop shook up the lineup after Friday’s game, which, in my opinion, was a good idea, given the fact that Tejada had not been hitting like a #3 guy in a month. He bumped Pence to the 2-hole, moved Lance, the team’s best hitter to the 3-hole, Carlos to cleanup, Miggy to 5th, whoever played second base to 6th, then Wiggy, Quintero, pitcher. Seems to have worked.

Looks as if he’s going to shuffle different guys at second until Matsui comes back – seems to be working just fine.

And interesting, by the way, that Derek Jeter came out and said he hoped that Chacon could get another chance, that he’s a good guy and this must have been a one time thing. Ian Snell said that he was a good clubhouse guy and mentor, last year. Whatever else you can say about Chacon, seems his teammates in other clubhouses, not just this one, seem to have liked him. If a guy really is a jerk, you don’t hear stuff like that. I never heard stuff like that about, say, Shea Hillenbrand…

Anyway, the Dodgers come in tomorrow for a 4 game series. Their reporters are all bitterly complaining that the team is filled with young guys Who Don’t Know How To Kiss Veteran Ass Especially Theirs, so I’m hoping that maybe Smith/Wade can convince Colletti to trade Proven Veteran RBI man Carlos Lee for one of their uppity young pitchers.

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9 Responses to “6/29/08:Astros Win Last 2 Series To End 2008 Interleague at 7-11”

  1. Daniel says:

    Great to see the team get over its funk and win the last three interleague series. Hopefully going 6-3 against the stronger league rectently will help against the supposed weaker league.
    I’m worried about Miggy. His hitting .340 is a distant memory. My theory is that the whole “Miguel Tejada is actually 33, what are the Astros going to do about this crime” story fired him up to show up the writers, and he was on fire, but that weared off after a while, and the .280 guy since is the guy were really gonna get. Anyway I would say that trade is about even, or on the Astros side. Patton and Albers have gotten hurt, while Sarfarte and Scott are doing good.

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    winning 4 of 6 from the 2 best AL teams was kewl.
    i never believed that hype that a, um, vit B-12 (ahem) free miggy would hit like he did 4 years ago, even here at the Box. as you know. i would have bet that i personally would play baseball on a ML team before miggy hit any 50 homers this year.
    i don’t think the trade is even at all. we have to pay 26 mill for 2 years of miggy, who, by the way, is an average SS with the glove and is not exactly creating a lot of runs. meanwhile, luke scott has the 10th best OPS in the AL east – and that is facing all those ace AL east pitchers, too AND he’s dirt cheap this year and next. we certainly would have been better off with him and pence than pence and bourn.
    notice i haven’t even mentioned the pitchers. i don’t know if either albers or patton will come back, but if they do, either one alone is worth more than miggy.
    but drayton has wanted miggy ever since the HRD in 04, and like the old saying goes – you better watch what you wish for.
    but the fact is that the price paid was ludicrous. especially considering that we were bout the only team in the running.

  3. Mark says:

    I don’t understand why no one seemed to notice that Moehler had a pretty decent ERA last season even though he was hardly ever used. I was watching his performance in spring training and thinking that he deserved some consideration for a spot in the rotation. I’m glad he’s been doing well. He seems to be a good guy.
    When two guys like Ed Wade and Shawn Chacon have a mini-brawl, management makes it sound like Chacon is a bully and Wade is a victim. Now there are quotes from former team mates saying that Chacon is a good guy. There are also plenty of articles from Philly writers saying that Wade is a jerk. Funny how the truth comes out.

  4. Lisa Gray says:

    i DID notice before the year started that moehler had a very good ERA after the ASB – 2.30, 1.13 WHIP over 27 IP (yeah, i reachecked it.)
    – i actually thought he was going to be the long reliever this year
    correctamundo about chacon/wade. of course, a lot of fans say (angrily) that teammates always stick together, which i think is GOOD, not bad, but when a guy is not liked by his teammates, you NEVER hear tem say anything like – i hope he gets another chance. remember mitch melusky? AND you sure as heck don’t hear stuff from former teammates like derek jeter.
    what bothers me most is how so many people really REALLY think that because baseball players are paid more, they should meekly tolerate any sort of behaviour whatsoever from manager/GM – behaviour that would get that manager/GM fired in any OTHER profession. too many people think, REALLY think that baseball players should be paid minor league wages and should have NO rights and should be owned, like slaves.
    some things never change

  5. Travis says:

    I was proud of my guys this weekend. They showed some good ole fashioned grit and determination that gives me hope that at least we wont end the season embarrassed and disgraced.
    Big MOE is starting to become one of my favorite Stros. Its like me or one of my homies is up there on the mound, no he aint Roger Clemens, he isnt going to throw gas right by you or a nasty lidge slider but he will get ya through an inning and doesnt rattle. (Maybe Wandy and Valverrde could learn something from him)
    Why the hope of trading El Caballo? I know his avg. is low this season and his Defense is average at best but he has become a vital piece to this ballclub in my opinion, keep Lee!!!

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    moehler is the guy who proves that it “it ain’t the speed it’s the motion.”
    people are obsessed with MPH. which is unfortunate
    because effective pitching is hitting your spots and effectively changing velocity. how many times have we heard that from guys who suddenly became effective when they were a lot older?

  7. Lisa Gray says:

    the hope of trading el caballo is that he earns 18.5 mill a year, provides around 8 RCAA a year and is the second worst LF in MLB, who actually costs the astros a GOOD 20 runs a year.
    i would prefer to replace him with someone who is even his equivalent, but cheaper, so that the extra money could be spent on the minor leagues.
    and drayton needs to remove his head from his ass and realize that you HAVE to have a good minor league system – you can’t just sign up older FA every year and actually expect to do more than break 500
    and everyone is talking about oh won’t it be great if we SIGN all the guys we drafted? how about we look at WHO was drafted – the first rounder was a guy who wasn’t belived to be even a third rounder by any scouting system and the supplemental pick is a HS guy who was evaluated as an 8-10th rounder.
    wade and company went out to get guys who would sign for cheap. and they hope that a couple might look good enough in the minors to use as trade bait.
    same old crap

  8. Daniel says:

    Well, Miggy for Scott/Albers/Patton is a better deal than the Miggy for Oswalt/Ensberg/Everett or whatever it was deal in 2006 that was almost made before Angelos had second thoughts, thank god.
    Also, I forget on which site it was, but an article about the whole Chacon vs. Wade thing, said that “It was surprising the Astros chose Wade as their new GM, since he never made the playoffs in his stint at Philadelphia.” I was laughing and thinking to myself that I know a couple of reasons they picked Wade, and I’m sure Good ‘Ol McLane knew them too.

  9. Lisa Gray says:

    wade was picked because he was the ONLY candidate who agreed to “work with” tal smith
    and i bet he was also the only one who did not seriously urge drayton to pick better draft picks and pay more for scouts and the minor league operation, too