6/26/08: Wandy Rodriguez Throws 8 innings Of 5 Hit 1 Run Ball To Beat Rangers

He simply ROOLZ!!!

Yes, I didn’t miss a pitch, me being the Wandy fangrrrrl I am. Man he was just outSTANDing. Ah LUUUUUUUUVVVVV that boy…

8 innings of 5 hit, 1 run 9 K, no walk 1 HBP, 1 GIDP, 105 pitches. That FB was moving, the curve was curving and the Rangers were swinging and missing left and right (hahahahaha.) And he succeeded in spite of an inconsistent strike zone, and in spite of having to throw an extra 9 pitches in the 7th because Miguel Tejada screwed up an easy 6-3 which would have been a DP ball except that it was a hit and run.

He tired in the 8th, leaving a curve up to David Murphy, who tripled into the gap, then gave up a RBI single to Kinsler. Dewey came out, Wandy told him he was fine, and sure enough, Wandy got a K and a GIDP. AND Wandy hit a single, scored a run, laid down a sac bunt, and flew into a DP because Quintero had a brain fart and didn’t bother to watch the ball to see if it fell in.

Should I mention that after the second inning, the Astros left men on base, including bases loaded every single inning except for the 7th?

And Oscar Villareal mopped up the 9th and only gave up one run and NO homers!!! Imagine that…

I guess that David Newhan, tonight’s starting second baseman, has got to be my third favorite Astro now – seeing as how he’s 5′6″ – you know how I got a thing for the little guy, and he’s hung around for 12 years now – he had a really great year with the Orioles a few years back, and he’s been up and down ever since. He’s a solid second baseman with the glove and he can play most positions, sort of like Bruntlett. Let’s hope he does a good job while he’s up here. If he does, they might could send Abercrombie down instead, seeing as how he doesn’t see to be a very good baserunner OR a very good hitter either.

By the way,
remember Jimmy Barthmaier? No? He was an Astros prospect who was waived in November and picked up by the Pirates, has pitched well in AAA and has been called up and will make his first ML start tomorrow. He was waived, in part, because the Astros Organization did not like his attitude, believed him to be “uncoachable” – hmmmmmmm, seems as if someone in the Pirates Organization managed to coach him – and that is an Organization which has been very hard on pitching prospects.

Chacon has been released, or at least, put on waivers to give him his unconditional release. I know a lot of folks think that no WAY will any team ever sign him, but hey, youneverknow. And at least he didn’t do steroids like that evil Barry Lamar. I would guess that whether or not he is picked up by some other club will not only have to do with that club’s desperation for pitching, but on how Ed Wade is perceived in the GM world, too.

Here’s an article about Ed Wade’s infamous bad temper during his Philly tenure, written by Randy Miller in phillyburbs.com (note – a direct link will not work, so when you click, go down to the last item on the page, which is the article, reprinted in its entirety.)

Wade, by the way, is denying that he either raised his voice or cursed at Chacon there in the lunchroom. I’m havin a REAL hard time believing that. Problem is that none of the players who witnessed the entire thing are talking to the media, so we can’t know for sure what really DID happen.

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10 Responses to “6/26/08: Wandy Rodriguez Throws 8 innings Of 5 Hit 1 Run Ball To Beat Rangers”

  1. charles cortines says:

    even in victory nothing but the negatives instead of the positives unless its one of your 3 or so pet favorites

  2. JDolla$ says:

    I’ve been vocal in my criticism of the Disastros, but to be fair I gotta give mad props to them for last night’s drubbing of Texas. They absolutely clobbered Millwood, a guy who has been consistently pretty good this year. And Wandy was untouchable. Texas is notoriously weak against lefties, and it showed again against Wandy. But this team beat up both CC and Bedard, so to one-hit them is a tremendous feat. I really think Wandy has turned the corner into an elite pitcher.
    And man I wish the Rangers could somehow pry him away from you guys.

  3. Lisa Gray says:

    where are all these negatives? or do you think i shouldn’t talk about how the astros have a nasty habit of leaving men on base with 0 or 1 outs?
    it is still amazing the number of anti-wandy astros fans still out there. there was a guy called into the 10th inning show 2 nights ago saying that wandy wasn’t a reliable pitcher and should be sent down – kinda shocked the heck outta tom franklin who pointed out that wandy had the best era BY OVER 2 RUNS, but the guy was adamant that wandy was not good…
    wandy actually would be a much better trading chip than roy, simply because he’s a lefty and he’s still cheap

  4. Kevin Bradshaw says:

    I love Wandy too. He’s grown on me. Whether he could repeat last year’s progress was one of the things that interested me most about this season, and there were alot of things. Like: was Tejada’s power drain a real trend (yes), Matsui’s defense (yes, errors notwithstanding), Bourn (yes, w/ some BA problems which should work itself out).
    Hopefully they realize Wandy is such a good asset b/c he’s good and free.
    It’s really rare for a player to stink up to the age of 27 and then suddenly be good.

  5. Travis says:

    I always thought Wandy had MAD potential but wasnt consistent, he is proving he can be this season. Lets hope we arent counting our chickens before the hatch…. but some consitency is better than none right?
    and hey Charlie… the astros leave more men on base than people who have gotten herpes from derek jeter, thank god it didnt cost us the game like it did the one before… any one of thos RISP would have at least tied the game if they had a chance to score.

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    for some reason, it is not that unusual that lefty pitchers take a bit longer to develop. but they also tend to last longer too
    there aren’t real too many pitchers who are so incredibly good that they don’t have to take a little time to adjust then re-adjust to ML pitching
    i had a feeling bout wandy last year because he was nails at home – and the Box is not exactly oakland or sandiego. i figured it had to be an emotions thing and he seems to have worked a lot of things out.
    so be it and shall it remain…

  7. Sam Malone says:

    Hey, ya son’s of b’s!
    We’re coming down to Houston to finish off interleague play with a 3-0 sweep!!! World Champion’s STYLE!!!!!
    We’ll leave you Mike Timlin and in return. We’d like a bag of balls!
    Good luck ‘Stros!!!!

  8. charles cortines says:

    why don!t you talk about how the astros staked wandy out with 7 runs in the first two innings. to listen to you we would think that wandy was all alone out there. well he wasn!t girl. and your glass is always half empty and never half full.

  9. charles cortines says:

    you don!t bother to mention that the offense staked wandy out early with 7 runs. you know i have always been a wandy fan but to hear you talk a person might think that he was out there all by himself. also quintero called and caught a fine game i might add.
    yea yea travis i know but we also had a bit of bad luck also on some well hit balls. but what the heck just like defense doesn!t matter i guess luck doesn!t either

  10. charles cortines says:

    you were right when a few weeks ago you said that matsui and tejada had gotten their hits for the year as it does look like they have pretty much shot their wad..I didn!t want to believe you, but oh well what the heck