/25/08: Breaking News – Chacon “Asks” For Trade, Gets Suspended

Well, I’m not even a little itsy bitsy bit surprised that Chacon, who made it MORE than clear he was NOT happy about being removed from the rotation, informed the media that he and his agent had demanded a trade, or if he couldn’t be traded, his release. Chacon is right that a whole lot of other teams need starters. Even #5 guys.

Chacon said that he specifically signed with the Astros for less money because he wanted to start. He thinks they are pulling a dirty trick (they are) by replacing him with Runelvys Hernandez, who, to put it mildly, has never been good, except for his first 74 innings which he threw as a 24 year old 6 years ago.

I would bet that Wade/Smith had planned to move him to the pen to up his trade value and he’s really handed it to them.

I bet a whole lot of fans are saying that he should just shut up and eat it and do whatever he’s told and be grateful. I don’t see it that way. Why should he “be grateful?” I actually admire the guy for sticking up for himself, I really do. He’s a FA, doesn’t need any more money, and would prefer to not be paid at all than be forced into a position he doesn’t want to be in. Actually, he’s not being paid while being suspended – will be interesting to see if the Astros insist on keeping him on the suspended list all year just to get even with him. I wonder if he could then retire and unretire. Will be interesting to see what happens…

Drayton McLane does NOT like being defied…

Stats question of the day:
1 – Name all the Astros hitters with a positive RCAA – I’ll give you one – Lance Berkman, who leads the NL with 47.

And speaking of people who Drayton McLane/Tal Smith don’t like…
2 – Which ballplayer has the highest OPS – Luke Scott, Carlos Lee or Hunter Pence? Which of those 3 has the highest pitches/PA? Who has the fewest K/PA and the greatest BB/PA? Which of the 3 has the highest RCAA? Who has the fewest GIDP?

What else???

Well, we all know that Barry Lamar Bonds is being blacklisted. His agent has said that Barry Lamar will pay for minimum salary and will, in fact, donate it all for tickets for children. His agent can’t get his phone calls returned…

And last but not least,
congrats to the Fresno State Bulldogs, the underest of underdogs of all time for winning the College World Series.

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28 Responses to “/25/08: Breaking News – Chacon “Asks” For Trade, Gets Suspended”

  1. Mark says:

    Chacon probably should have kept his mouth shut and just stuck with the “I’ll do whatever I can to help the team” line. If he isn’t happy, he shouldn’t be airing things publicly.
    However, if Wade really did talk to Chacon the way that Chacon says he did, I can’t blame him for grabbing the little weasel by the neck and throwing him to the floor.
    There are teams desparate for pitching. If there really is a team that wants Chacon, the Astros should trade him and at least get a prospect. Keeping Chacon on the suspended list isn’t going to help anyone.

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    so WHY should chacon have said that?
    and wade calling out chacon in front of his teammates and swearing about it is not a good thing. it is not a good example of a good executive. and we don’t know exactly what wade said to chacon – if he dissed his mother, well, wade got what was coming to him
    this is a bad thing for a team in which there is already trouble between the players and the manager and the pitching coach and the pitchers…

  3. Joel B. says:

    according to chacon he refused to meet and hae a conversation in private. he asked to be told whatever needed to be said in front of everyone. he then decides to assualt a man.
    you approve of his actions?
    read it form chacon’s point of view: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/bb/5856597.html
    you admire him for being violate and unremorsful.
    please don’t ever say a word about fans ignoring steroid us.

  4. charles cortines says:

    your a real piece of work lisa, you know that.
    i have to agree with marks first paragraph thou. chacon has shown me that he is definitely not a team person and that he is just another big cry baby , he got his chance to start and did fairly well at first but has really stunk as of late Hes getting paid what 2 mil to pitch and help the team win.but unlike sampson who was desappointed but went to the pen after being a starter without making a public outcry and help the team in whatever way he can, chacon is just another prima dona spoiled cry baby like so many of our ball players of this modern era are. i just love how you assume you know so much about what all these mgrs are thinking are you are so good at reading minds. and if chacon really did grab wade by the neck and throw him to the floor then is a really stupid, stupid idiot. YES STROS GET RID OF THIS GUY

  5. Mark says:

    He should have said that because that’s what baseball players are supposed to say–to the public at least. There wouldn’t have been anything wrong with him privately telling Cooper that he was mad at the demotion, and there isn’t anything wrong having his agent call Wade to ask for a trade.
    You just can’t badmouth your team in public.
    I don’t like Wade. I think he has the little man complex. I don’t really blame Chacon for what he did.

  6. Lisa Gray says:

    there are ways and ways of doing things. embarrassing/humiliating a man in front of his coworkers is not the way to deal with things in a clubhouse already full of trouble
    now exactly WHY is chacon supposed to go along with whatever? this i do NOT get. his situation is not like sampson’s. chacon was a FA who signed with houston – who turned down a LOT more money, to start. he made it more than clear that he did NOT want to be in the bullpen BEFORE he signed. it was most certainly discussed.
    the whole telling the media that he was being sent to the bullpen – without telling him first or even offering to try to trade him first is not cool. and given ed wade’s history of fascination with more and more relievers, i wouldn’t be surprised if he had it in mind to try to get chacon back in the pen by embarrassing him into it if he could – if chacon had any kind of rough patch.
    and cooper going up to him in front of teammates and telling him to come to the office – a BAD idea. and him running and getting wade to come in a swear at chacon? a BAD idea. especially with all the trouble there has been in that clubhouse. especially with cooper’s history of calling out players to the media. the players already feel like coop doesn’t have their backs.
    and if chacon said to cooper/wade – anything you can say to me you can say in front of my teammates, well, then you best believe that he was going to make VERY sure that coop and wade couldn’t run and tell the rest of the guys he said something he didn’t. there is ALREADY really really bad stuff going on.
    sure chacon should have kept his cool. it is easy for me to say. and you to say. of course, i wasn’t the one being insulted and humiliated in front of my teammates.
    and wade had no business screaming and swearing like that. it is even worse when the higher ups act like that
    and i am not understanding your steroid comment – are you saying you think chacon was using steroids and this was roid rage or roid withdrawal or something?
    sorry, but chacon was a FA and sampson was not. the situations are completely different. he is not getting paid 2 mill “to help the team win”, he is getting paid 2 mill to START.
    i am completely unclear as to why chacon is supposed to do whatever. that was not his position. these guys are not slaves you know. as for prima donna, no, he is not demanding any sort of special treatment. he is demanding that the astros keep their part of the deal.
    and you think that there weren’t all KINDS of prima donnas of every era? cmon. they weren’t all these docile little sheep saying yassuh massah sah at everything the owners said back then neither. heck, there were all KINDS of prima donnas back in the 19th century. read about king kelly sometime. or dan brouthers. or rogers hornsby.or cy young. or craig biggio for that matter

  7. Joel B. says:

    your always pointing out that astros fan ignore the fact that tejada is a roids user. i put that on par with supporting violence.
    i wasn’t defending cooper or wades actions. further more i wasn’t too concerned with chacon’s actions. (although it seems he was out of line) my concern lies with you supporting chacons actions.
    i hope you don’t teach your little ones to resort to violence.

  8. charles cortines says:

    lisa you are sick you know that, chacon was told he would get a chance to compete for the number 4 or 5 starter job. he never was given any guarantees and he would have to earn it . and what you just took is word that he was offered a lot more money from other teams, bull crap! get real lisa . chacon was way out of line and how any sensible person can condone his actions are truly beyond me. and what the stros owe him a starting job for the remainder of the year regardless of how bad he may be pitching. HE PLAINLY SUCKS AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE TEAM AT ALL JUST HIMSELF

  9. JDolla$ says:

    Great game tonight – did anyone watch it, or is everyone only concerned with what happens to Senor Chacon. LOL. It’s like Rangers fans worrying whether Sid Ponson will perform well with the Yanks. I was most impressed with Max Ramirez’s at bats against Oswalt and Mendoza’s relief innings, where he threw some nasty stuff. David Murphy is the poor man’s Hunter Pence. In fact, Murphy’s got better numbers across the board. You guys missed out on Hamilton & Bradley – maybe next time. When the GM is scrapping with players, you know you gots problems in da clubhouse.

  10. charles cortines says:

    i thought that everybody gets paid primerely to help the team win. in other words it didn!t matter at all whether the team wins or loses as long as he gets to start. ump! unbelieveable

  11. Joel B. says:

    by the way when someone is paying me to work i do what i’m told. if i don’t like it i quit.
    if he didn’t want to quit. then he had to play by the rules. which don’t say he has to start. it was an expectation of his. and maybe he was told that but they have the right to make adjustments as they see fit. both sides gambled. but you have to make your moves when you think its time.
    in the end they both lose. chacon made some bad choices that will likely cost him more than wade.
    cursing and yelling is not proffesional but i didn’t act like a titty baby when my coaches did that to me growing up as a kid. its part of sports. don’t be a sissy.

  12. JDolla$ says:

    This franchise is in shambles, period. The sooner you guys see that the better. It’s gonna be years before this mess of a franchise is sorted out and set back on the right path.
    Cause? Drayton, pure and simple. And Ed Wade isn’t gonna help you guys get anywhere, either.

  13. Lisa Gray says:

    i am NOT advocating punching out your boss.
    however, you know very well that there are definitely conditions under which you could find that you would not continue to work for your boss any further
    fact is that if you are one of the best parts managers as you say, you could and would find another job.
    my own husband quit his job a few years back because he could NOT work for that manager – and his reasons were VERY good ones. of course, he didn’t punch out the guy neither, although i have to say the guy deserved it even more than ed wade did.
    really bad managers do NOT last long, unless the are the owners son. and if people – GOOD people keep quitting because of the manager, eventually the higherups wise up and the manager is the one who goes.
    i am doing a little bit of reading here and i am finding out that wade had serious temper problems when he was in philly, too.
    you remember that old cartoon about the kid in the zoo poking the lion in his cage? sooner or later, the kid pays…
    it is a VERY bad idea to provoke a much larger man who is known to have a very bad temper, you know what i’m saying.
    chacon was dumb to allow himself to respond to being provoked. but the fact is that wade comes off MUCH worse here
    and, by the way, i would say that one of the reasons you are successful at your job is that you don’t do really stupid stuff like wade did.
    steve schramm is a manager, too, at some big companies. you best believe that he does NOT scream at employees, curse at employees and publically humiliate them.
    because it is stupid and self defeating. and piss poor management.
    now me, i’ve never been in management. i’m the person who cleans the floors, the person who washes the dishes, the person who asks you if you want fries with that at burger king.
    i’m the one who quits the minute the boss wants me to stay late with just him, the one who quits when the boss wants me to work overtime without overtime pay – against the rules, the one who quits when the boss pulls a wade. theres millions more just like me, i’m easily replaceable.
    baseball players are NOT fungible, like me.

  14. Ashley says:

    The Houston Astros have thousands of fans all over the world. Here, I may consider myself as one of the big fans of this wonderful team. Whenever I

  15. Mark says:

    I did watch the game tonight, and I’m mad as hell. Oswalt and Sampson both did a good job, but the hitters went O-fer with RISP. Tejada’s AB in the 9th was crap. This was a game that the Astros should have won.
    I agree that the condition of the Astros isn’t good, but I can’t blame it on Drayton–at least not all of it. The Astros were horrible–I mean way worse than now–when he bought the team. He has had more success than any other owner that the Astros have had. I also agree that Ed Wade isn’t the guy that will turn things around (and his little episode with Chacon is just another piece of evidence that he isn’t very good at what he does.)

  16. Glennbo says:

    I want to know how this is going to relate to the free agents in MLB and with the trade deadline coming up well we can kiss any possible help goodbye. Its not like we had any trading chips anyway. Will anyone want to step into this beehive of a mess we have in our clubhouse? If I was a free agent and had a choice, I would stay far away from Cooper, Wade and McLame – How do you think the new draft picks see this? Wow

  17. Lisa Gray says:

    – let me try to be clear here
    i am not advocating violence. but i DO understand snapping. and yes i do understand that some people use verbal assault, which can be even more problematic to the victim. and i know full well that those people who defend themselves will be subject to more verbal abuse.
    as for my kidz, well, i teach them not to START violence. but bullying is a real thing.
    let me leave you with this quote:
    “Civilization is based on a clearly defined and widely accepted yet often unarticulated hierarchy. Violence done by those higher on the hierarchy to those lower is nearly always invisible, that is, unnoticed. When it is noticed, it is fully rationalized. Violence done by those lower on the hierarchy to those higher is unthinkable, and when it does occur is regarded with shock, horror, and the fetishization of the victims.”
    – derrek jensen

  18. Martin says:

    Hey Lisa, I guess we don’t have to worry about who gets sent down Friday morning anymore, eh? 😉

  19. Kevin Bradshaw says:

    I understand Chacon’s reaction to his demotion, he has a career to look after. People think b/c a player is well-compensated he should just keep his mouth shut. That’s not realistic. Getting demoted- like getting fired or getting a failing grade or getting dumped- is an awful feeling. Even if they give you a 2 million dollar paid vacation. Your dignity takes a hit.
    But as far as assaulting someone, he better have a good excuse- like insulting his family or a racist remark. I want to know what Wade said.
    As for Wade, he really, really screwed up. If he was going to yell at Chacon he could’ve waited for a better time. He should have known a “do what I say when I say it” approach would’ve back-fired when done in front of other players. I wouldn’t let someone insult me like that in front of my peers ( I would not, however, resort to assault). And what is he doing yelling and cussing at another grown man anyways? His behavior was undignified.
    And of course McClane will hold Wade blameless. He shouldn’t tolerate insubordination from his players, but he damn well better demand professional behavior from his execs as well.

  20. Lisa Gray says:

    i am not “sick”
    i most definitely read quotes from chacon when he signed, explaining that he had picked the astros because of the starting question.
    you will notice that there was none of this trouble when he was moved back and forth from the bullpen in any other organization, right?
    i am not saying that people should go around cussing/punching each other out.
    i AM saying that there is a heck of lot more trouble underneath the surface of this ballclub than even the little we can obviously see…
    if you have trouble with your boss in your job, YOU can just quit and go somewhere else and work.
    – i am trying to find out if there is a specific rule in the CBA about a ballplayer “retiring” and then unretiring to sign with another team in the same season

  21. Kevin Bradshaw says:

    This is 100% true.

  22. Lisa Gray says:

    correctamundo this is gonna look VERY bad to FA. just like i think that FA are going to avoid JR ricciardi in toronto – gibbons had a really really bad rep – fighting with ballplayers, lots of backstabbing – and now ricciardi with the adam dunn thing?
    thre is an old expression about chickens coming home to roost – and reaping what you sew
    and stuff that drayton mclane started after the 04 season is starting to really hit hard

  23. Travis says:

    Glennbo: McLAME… good one dude!
    About Chacon: inapropriate. period. You cant throw your boss to the ground regardless of anything he did short of assulting YOU…
    Wade: Grow UP. this is YOUR team YOU put together man, dont swear at players because they are making you look bad. You’ll be in the Majors a little longer than Chacon but not much….
    Joel B: Thats a cheap shot at Lisa’s family, if it was my blog you would be banned. It was a low blow and hypocritical.
    Lisa: I disagree about your thoughts on Chacons expectations to start, you can come to a team promised to start but if you dont perform every big leager knows you dont keep your job.
    Cooper: What are you doing letting your team fall into disaray like this?? Then losing the way we did last night?! Unacceptable. It wouldnt surprise me if “Mclame” cleans house again this offseason.
    Tejada: Dude what were you doing last night in the 9th? every astro batter besides bourn swung at the first pitch and every one was a slider around the ankles. Clutch up man, get a hit! Get defensive up there, start fouling pitches off till he gets tired and makes a mistake, or even throws a wild pitch, ANYTHING besides getting down in the count early then taking a bad swing at a bad pitch. disgraceful. Sometimes you dont get the hit because you get robbed, ok, it happens, but dont give them the game like that.
    I have never been as disapointed and ashamed of the astros as i was after the game ended last night. I turned the TV off and sat there in silence for 5 minutes, my wife was cringing waiting for the tirade but it didnt come i dont have the energy to waste on a team that doesnt care besides a few guys.
    As a matter of fact what am I doing wasting my time right now??!!!

  24. Steve Schramm says:

    Ya’ll are fascinated with what you think you know about this episode, but I promise you two things:
    1) You don’t *really* know what happened and what exactly was said (and the full details will be oh-so-much-more entertaining), and
    2) I promise you that the events leading up to this explosion are even more juicy, lurid and steamy than what you think you already know.

  25. Kevin Bradshaw says:

    Mr. Schramm,
    Yeah, all of our comments should be conditioned on the caveat that we don’t know what really happened.
    Be that as it may, Wade and Cooper- especially the exec- have to exhibit the utmost caution and professionalism. Seriously, a good GM would NEVER (if he did etc) confront a player like that.

  26. charles cortines says:

    lisa , i don!t care you just don!t go punch out your boss. I have been in the business world for almost fifty years and you think that is just that simple to quit your job and go find another if you get sideways with the boss, think again. I have a real good paying job as a parts director of 6 new car dealerships and i have gotten sideways with the boss much more than once. I!ve check around before and find out that i am one of the very best paid parts mamager in the whole south texas region. I have a wife and three young wonderful children at home depending on me to support them and then i get mad at the boss and assult him violently and get fired and no dealer wants any part of me and i can!t find a good paying job. What do you think may happen to my marriage and children, i would hate to think. SO join the real world lisa and don!t tell me its that easy to quit or punch out the boss and go easely find another job, get real! so if i punched out the boss with a family depending on me for their livelyhood how very irrespondsible and STUPID of me. i don!t like wade or coop either but chacon was so very STUPID and if he never pitches again in the majors it is own fault, peroid.

  27. Lisa Gray says:

    i’m sure you are right

  28. charles cortines says:

    ok lisa i suppose you are right about most of this. and i realize that i am completely over matched when i try to take you on about different issues. I would like to clear something up thou, I never stated i was one of the best parts managers, i believe i said i was one of the highest paid managers which there is a difference i doubt that i hardly was one of the best.
    i am not trying to be sarcastic but i can see you are much smarter and wiser than i and as one of my employees once told me charles you know what i like about you, is that you live for confrontations, you seem to be the only dept head that bucks the hierarchy and calls a spade a spade and tells them the way you see and not necessarily want they want to hear. So a apologize to you because i do sometimes see this as a game.