5/31/08: JR Towles’ Lone RBI Makes Sure Astros Are Not Shutout

I can’t believe I’m writing this again: I feel as if we’re back in 05. The hitters are not hitting, Matsui is slumping badly and again I’m starting to say, after the first hit, well, at least we won’t be no-hit.
However, I sure didn’t think, in the second inning, when JR Towles drove in Pence with a single to left, that the Astros would only get 2 more walks and 4 more hits for the remainder of the ballgame.

Parra is not that great a pitcher, just as Lohse isn’t that great a pitcher and the guys can’t afford to not hit mediocre pitchers.

Ah well – at least THIS time, Towles can’t take all the blame for the lack of hits.
And Backe can NOT be giving up 3 homers a game.

Ah well…


6 Responses to “5/31/08: JR Towles’ Lone RBI Makes Sure Astros Are Not Shutout”

  1. Bruce says:

    OK, JR, build on that one.

  2. mark2 says:

    No sweat, this lineup is not ’05, nowhere close. We will hit again and score runs again. It’s a tough stretch and we just need to win two or three more games on the roadie to make it successful, 4-5 would be fine. Oh, wait, Sheets is pitching today, we’re hosed!

  3. David Hannes says:

    Parra is a pretty decent pitcher when he’s on…surprised Yost yanked him after 6 innings, but glad that it worked out.

  4. Mark says:

    Mark2 is correct.
    Moehler pitched pretty well today, but no one could get to Sheets. Too bad they ran themselves out of game with 3 CS’s. Why is Fat Boy (Wigginton)trying to steal a bag? That’s something that should never happen.
    Tomorrow we have Chacon. We should be able to salvage at least one game.

  5. wags says:

    At least they’re also not hitting very good pitchers.
    Equal opportunity,